Jennifer Aniston is expensive

But John Mayer will leave me

Jennifer Aniston as you probably know is dating John Mayer.. He is 30 and she is 39 and she is apparently scared that he might leave her for a younger woman (he would be so stupid if he did) so she is spending insane amounts of money on herself to look her best. 

Her body is in perfect shape but still she spends $1,000 bucks a month on anti-cellulite spa sculpting treatments even though she has no cellulite.  

She also spends 2,000 dollars a month on a personal chef and 1,500 a month on seaweed and oxygen facials and 600 bucks on her hair every month. 

You better believe if I was as rich as her I could spend a lot more than that a month keeping myself hot.. :)

I'm not really a fan of them being together because I think she could do much better and she is way hotter but if she's happy that's great because Brad Pitt really did a number on her. 

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

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