Casey Marie Anthony - A killer

Casey Anthony accused of killing 2 year old daughter

There has been a sweet, innocent little girl that is just 2 years old missing since June 9th, her name is Caylee Anthony.  She is so precious but get this... her grandmother didn't report her granddaughter missing until a month later on July 16th after Casey Marie Anthony, 22 years old (the mother of the two year old) told her mother that she had Caylee the whole time and she was just bonding with her daughter.  

Casey told police that she had dropped her daughter off with her babysitter, Zenaida Gonzlez a month before and seemed to have lost contact with her and that was the last time she saw her.  Later the Orange County Police Department found out that there was no such babysitter and her story and the one that she told her mother did not match up. 

Casey also claimed that she investigated the disappearance of her daughter for weeks before she reported it to the police.

Casey is charged with..

  • Neglecting her child

  • Making false statements

  • Obstructing criminal investigation

On July 17th, Casey Marie Anthony was arrested and that is the same day that they seized a shovel that she had borrowed from her neighbor around the same time as her daughter's disapperance.  Police have also said that there was some abnormalities in the dirt around the grandmother's house and there was also dirt, a stain and Caylee's hair found in the trunk of Casey's car that had been towed from a check-cashing business where it had been parked for 4 days.  When police seized her car the "sniffer" dogs smelt decomposition and so did the police. 

Casey had told family and friends that she was an event organizer at the nearby theme park but in fact she was unemployeed.  She refuses to also tell the authorities who has her little girl. 

Anthony's lawyer, Jose Baez is saying that she is not withholding evidence and says that he knows why she didn't tell the truth on her questioning to the police and says that she would cooperate if they would drop her further charges..

She is up on $500,000 bail and her family is asking that it be reduced since they can't afford to make that. 

Anthony's mother (Caylee's grandmother) is saying that she is willing to forgive her daughter in any wrongdoing but says that she herself that she is very suspicious of whatever is going on.

How could anyone hurt this darling little girl???

What is this world coming to?

 Caylee Anthony

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