Brooke Hogan and Linda not speaking

Poor Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan and her mother are not on speaking terms right now.  She is so upset with who her mother is dating (which is totally understandable.. ew.. gross).  Her mother is dating a 19 year old boy that isn't even cute.. Yucky!!! 

She tells Chelsea Handler(comedian and talk show host on the E! network).. “The more time that goes on now that she doesn’t call, she doesn’t confront me, she doesn’t tell me the truth, I’m like, all right, it’s just time that’s pulling us apart.”

Damn you Linda.. get your head out of your ass and call your freakin' daughter.  Can't you see that she is going through a rough time because of the divorce and you can't get out of the sack with your little boy for 5 minutes to call her?

She must be busy changing his poopy diapers..

Oh and by the way.. Brooke is also talking with Playboy to possibly pose for the magazine..

Would you buy it.. ???

Brooke Hogan

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