Keri Hilson - Energy

Keri Hilson's new song - Energy

First of all I want to say how much I love this song!  The beat is great and she looks so hot in this video.  Perfect song and perfect video for it.  

This song is about a girl being angry because her relationship is taking over her life and not for the better.  She is trying to fix it but realizes that it is probably too late. 

Keri was born on October 27th 1982 in Atlanta, Georgia and she has been writing music for a while now and is also the hot chick that is Usher's love interest in his video for "In Da Club."

Keri Hilson is the girl that sings in Timbaland's song "Scream" and that song is really good too.  Not sure about that video though because Nicole from the Pussy Cat Dolls puts on this weird black face mask thing that you rob banks with and tries to make it look sexy which I personally think they never pulled off. 

Keri Hilson looked a little hard in that video and they should have softened her up a bit more because she is naturally beautiful.

Keri Hilson has been writing songs for different artists since 2001.  Some artists that she wrote for are.. Britney Spears (Gimme More, Break the Ice, Perfect Lover and Outta This world), Usher (Red Light), J. Lo (Wrong When Your Gone) and Omarion (Ice Box).. just to name a few. 

She has an upcoming album called "In A Perfect World" that will be realeased in the fall of 2008.

This song is great and the video is very refreshing to me..

Great job Keri.. 

If you wanna check out her own webiste it is..

You likey?

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