Mystery solved in severed foot case

For all of you that don't know about the feet that have been washing a shore along the Coast of B.C, I will give you a bit of informaion on it before I go rambling on about what was discovered lately.

  • It all started about a year ago, when a foot was found in a running shoe on Aug. 20th 2007 on Jedidah Island by an American man and his daughter who was 12 years old.

  • On Aug. 26th 2007 another floating foot was found in a Reebok sneaker in Gabriola Island.

  • The 3rd foot  was found on the East side of Valdez Island from two forestry workers on Feb. 2nd 2008.  This one was the right foot.

  • The 4th foot was found on June 16th 2008 on Westham Islands.  This foot was a left foot and it matched the same foot that was previously found at Valdez Island.

  • The 5th foot that has been recovered was found on May 22nd on Kirkland Island and that was DNA tested and discovered that it was the first female foot to be found. 

  • There was a 6th foot found in Campbell River but it turned out to b a hoax and it was just an animal paw shoved into a running shoe.

  • 5 months previous to all of this, a man was washed ashore by a hiker at Orcas Island.  He was missing his feet and one shoe was found not far from the body but police couldn't link the foot to the skeleton.

The recent discovery was that the RCMP have finally linked one of the feet to a man that went missing a year ago and his family said that he was really depressed.  They have asked the media not to realease his name.  It is being said however that the foot is not from a fellow that fell overboard in the Straight of Georgia or is not the feet of Doug and Trevor De Cock who died in a plane crash over Campbell River 3 years ago.

Five feet have been discovered in less than a year with all of the shoes still attached.  Two of the feet discovered so far were both size 12.

243 missing men could be linked to these feet there are unaccounted for.  159 women could also be a the owners of these feet.

Police are saying that no tool marks were found on the feet and that they were because they decomposed naturally and not cut off.

Let's hope they solve all these mysteries and hope that none of them are foul play.

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