Lose Weight - Gain Sex Drive?

Do Skinny People Have Better Sex Lives???

Have you ever been over weight and just felt so self conscious and not sexy at all?

Does the mention of sex make your skin crawl because you couldn't imagine what your partner would think if you took your clothes off?

Is the dark your best friend?

Many people think this way.  You are not alone.  No one can feel good about someone else touching them if they aren't happy with themselves.

It is time to take control of your own body and whip your ass into shape if you want a better sex life.

Once you are comfortable in your own skin you will see others start to n0tice you in a different light.

Lots of over weight couples have trouble in the sex department.

It's hard to get turned on when you have a roll that's in the way. :)

How about going to the gym together and that way you have someone to relate too and someone to support you along the way?  If you experience it together perhaps you will realize that you are sexy no matter what size you or your partner are.


Start walking and stop bringing home chocolate bars and chips.  Find something new to do when you are both bored instead of sitting in front of the TV or movie night at home every night.

It's time to get active and stay active if you want a successful sex life.

It will not only bring more spice into the bedroom but the overall feel of your relationship will change.  Bare in mind that it's not just sex that makes the partnership better it's the romance too.

Not just women need to be given roses and love cards but so do men.  If men feel like they are doing all the work they  won't have the same gusto doing it and it won't mean as much to either of you.

Try and be friendly to your partner always and treat them the best you could ever treat anyone.  Let them know that you love them no matter what.  It helps to hear that when you are down.

While your in the grocery store.. buy a cook book.. pick a page you would like to cook from that is healthy and buy the ingredients and make the dinner together.  That is a whole night that you get to spend quality time together.

Finally.. Do most skinny people have better sex lives?  In my experience they do.

More energy, less weight so more positions and you are probably more flexible.  You feel better about yourself and when you do you look sexier and willing to experience more new things.

This is not to say that all over weight people have terrible sex livesThis is not true.  I am just talking the majority or the people who are overweight that are experiencing this.

Do thin people experience more fun because usually there are the ones who are more noticed?  I don't think so.

There is someone for everyone no matter what you look like on the outside or act on the inside.  There are millions of skinny people that are just as lonely as people who have a bit more meat on their bones.

Confidence is what sells so always be confident in yourself no matter what current state you are in.

If your not confident in your property who would want to buy it.. ?

Hope these tips helped ya.. :)

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Rogers SUCKS!

Rogers Phone Company Is the WORST

I have been with Rogers Mobility for about 5 or 6 years now and I haven't actually been happy with them once.

They rope you into staying with the company with their stupid contracts just because either you lost your phone or you want to upgrade it and it is before your contract is up.


They charge me for text messages almost every month even though I have unlimited. 

If you are with Rogers make sure you check your monthly bill because it is an automatic system so most always there are mistakes and if you don't check you will never know that they charged you an extra 20$ that you don't have.

I know life is never simple but you should be able to rely on something that you pay for every month. 

I lost my phone on July 15th of this year and do you think that someone could have turned it in?  NO... It was an awesome phone too.. N95..

I have been waiting for a new phone for over a month now.  I ordered the new iPhone 3Gs.  When I originally ordered it they said it would be 2 weeks.  I know that iPhone's are great but I am beginning to think that I should have ordered something else. 

Rogers is saying that Apple is keeping them in the dark to when their back orders will be delivered but personally I think that is a load of sh*t. 

Both Apple and Rogers are huge companies.. GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER FOLKS!

Now I am still without a phone and very agitated.  When I phone every week and ask what the status of my phone is they cannot come up with an answer, but they do offer to take some money off my bill.  But that still does not give me a phone.

I called them yesterday and they said to go to a Rogers Plus store which means that they give out loaner phones to those people who are waiting for one.  I called them.. and guess what.. They don't know what the people at Rogers are saying.  They only give out phones to those who have a broken one.

Rogers.com has been voted the number 1 worst phone company in the world by many websites along with this one..

I feel like they are taking advantage of the customers and just assume that we are going to sit back and be quiet and wait for the phone fairy to come along.  I will not wait any longer!!!

I miss my phone. :(

How to tell if they really are your friends

Are You Really My Friend?

Do you often wonder if the people you are hanging around with really are your friends?  I quite often do. 

I try and evaluate the situation right when I meet the person.  Usually I can tell right away if they are going to mesh well with me, if they are fake, or just plain ol' bitches. 

It is very easy to tell whether or not people really are who they say there are.  It is called human intuition and more often then not people chose to ignore it.

I will let you in on how I find out whether they are friends are not.

Some Questions To Ask Yourself

  • Are they really happy for you if something great happens or are they jealous and kind of fake about it?

  • Have they stuck by you when everyone else just pushed you away?

  • If you called them at 4 in the morning because you needed help would they come and not bitch about it?

  • Do they call you often?  Do they surprise call you when you are not expecting them too?

  • Do they make you feel special and truly appreciate everything you probably do for them?

  • Do they go out of their way to do little things for you to make your life easier?

  • Do they easily mesh well with your old friends or are they awkward around them? 

  • Do your old friends like them?  Usually if your old friends don't like the new one it is for a reason so listen to their advice and then judge for yourself.

  • Do you feel weird about introducing them to your boyfriend/girlfriend and you don't know why?

  • Do they want to know more things about you and your past?  A good friend will want to know everything they can about you.

  • Are you easily annoyed with them or do they feel that way about you?

  • Can you spend a lot of time with them and you hardly ever fight?

  • Do they compliment you or put you down?

  • Are they reliable?

  • Are they honest?  Have you ever caught them in a lie no matter how small?

  • Do they cancel your plans often when you think they have something better to do?

  • Do they have a rocky past?  Usually when they have had trouble with keeping friends before it is for a good reason.  Maybe ask their old friend why they stopped being friends.. Only do this if you are courageous and you know them.

  • Ask your parents or family members whether they like them or not.  Usually your folks are a pretty good judge of who is out to get ya.

  • Do they ask for too many favors? 

  • Do they ask to borrow things all the time or borrow money and you have to ask for it back?

  • Do they have a drinking problem or drug addiction?  If they do they probably won't be very trust worthy.

  • Do you have a lot of money and they always name drop famous or rich people around you to make themselves look cool?

If you question whether or not this person is really your friend then they probably aren't. 

If you have 1 true friend in life then consider yourself to be very lucky as most people never find one. 

Most people are out to get the other and they just want to get ahead in life.  Once people find out that they can use you for something you bet your sweet ass they will until you stop it.

You will be treated badly if you let them.  Take control of your life and change it for the better.

If you have any questions or stories about evil ex-best friends email me at lesliestar@lesliestar.ca

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Comb Overs Are A NO NO

Do they think we can't tell?


What is with people.. but mostly men,  that have comb overs?

It usually isn't trashy looking people either that have them.

Usually they are well off older men that have this urge to grow their hair long on one side of their head and wrap it around the bald stop and slick it back.

Gross!  So not Sexy!

Does it make them feel like they still have hope?

If they can grow one side of their hair long, does it still mean that they aren't bald?

Is it denial or just plain weird?

I understand that it must be frightening and embarrassing to lose your hair but give it up...

Get a hair transplant or forget about it and who cares.  It's not like bald men aren't sexy..

There are lots of bald men and women that are completely sexy..


Demi Moore Demi Moore

vindiesel Vin Diesel

mena Mena Suvari

bruce_willis_smoking_a_cigar Bruce Willis

michael_jordan Michael Jordan

If you are bald and you do the comb over, listen to my advice when I say...

" STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!  You are totally embarrassing yourself.  You will not get laid"

Paula Abdul Quits on Youtube.com

What I think about Paula Quitting

I thought I would make a video and express to all of you how I feel about Paula Abdul not being on American Idol anymore..

What do you think?

Email me at lesliestar@lesliestar.ca and tell me your opinion

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Paula Abdul Is Not Returning To Idol!

Paula Abdul Quits!

No..  She doesn't quit abusing her narcotics or pills or whatever she was on ... HERE

Or this video..

She quit American Idol and will not be returning as a judge for next season.

Are you shocked?

I am and I'm not..

It has been circulating for so long that she will not be coming back to American Idol.  Everyone has been saying that she is moving on up to "So You Think You Can Dance."

What do you think about her choice to leave American Idol and Simon Cowell?

She put this on her twitter page about 2 hours ago..

Paula Abdul Quits American Idol

I personally think it's a good move for her career as American Idol is dying..

I am tired of watching the horrible singers at the beginning and who cares who wins that show any more.  The only ones that are really famous from that show are Kelly Clarkson, Jordin Sparks and Carrie Underwood..

Jennifer Hudson is really famous too but they didn't have enough brains to pick her too..  She won an Oscar.. Jeez..

It seems that she is leaving the show and that is what brought her back after her solo career as a singer and a dancer..  Sell Out?

What do you think about this whole thing?  If you were Paula would you quit the talent show American Idol and not return to sit in the middle of Randy and Simon?