I have missed you all

Where is my phone????

Sorry I haven't been able to write new posts for a couple of days. My site has been down due to a server problem.. How have you all been doing? I lost my phone yesterday which really sucks cause I had so many pictures on there of friends and family and old sweet text messages from my boyfriend.

So sad.. :(

Nothing is new with me really. It's been a pretty lazy day today just watching TV all day. It is a beautiful day outside but I am so sad about my phone that I just want to stay in bed all day. I know that might seem weird, but that phone meant the world to me.

Let's see what happened while I was away for two days..

Andy Dick got arrested for feeling up a 17 year old girl and having pot and Xanax in his pocket.

Steven Page from the Bare Naked Ladies (whom I have met before) got busted for shoving coke up his nostrils.

Brian Bonsall, the little boy from "Family Ties" that played Andy Keaten is going to be facing jail time because he beat his girlfriend last year and now broke his probation.

If you have any interesting stories that happened to you in the past couple of days post them in the comments and share them with me.

Missed you all,

Leslie Star


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