Snoop Dogg's new song "Those Gurlz"

Leslie Star's video review on Snoop Dogg

I freakin' love Snoop Dogg and he always puts out kick ass songs. This song is nothing short of amazing. He always has videos with beautiful woman dancing around him and I would have expected nothing less in this one. He is in a mansion probably getting it on with all these woman who are half naked and just want to be spoiled by him and live off his money.

He flat out says in this song "Those gurlz don't mean a thing to me" and that he is just playing the game. I like this video a lot because it makes me want to get dressed up and just party and that is exactly what Snoop does in this video.

This song gets 5 Leslie Star's out of 5. Great song for the summer!!!! *****

This is my video review of "Those Gurlz" on youtube


  1. Good review.. I like the "Girls will Like because... Guys will like because..." part. However I am curious to know what you are distracted by at 1:26 in the video. MSN or something?

  2. I was watching the video at the same time and I got distracted.
    Glad you liked the review..

  3. Oh yes I forgot to mention... I'm going to start calling women "dimes" now! hah

    By "women" I mean my fiancé ;)

  4. UM.. not too sure if shed be happy if you did that.. :)

  5. I know she smacked me when she read it. Then I called her my dime. Aawwww muffin.