Lindsay Cokehan - Addicted?

Addictive Personality?

Do certain people have addictive personalities?  Of course they do..

Lindsay "coke bloat" Lohan is certainly one of them.

If she's not doing a tone of blow like she has in the "past"... then she's smoking up a storm, sipping Red Bull, drinking alcohol, prescription drugs, partying or her favorite drug.. CRANKTWITTER!

How does she post so much a day?  Doesn't she get sick of telling the world how dumb she is ?

"CHANEL... Can you decorate my SCRAM bracelet to take the attention away from my disastrous life?"  What were you thinking?

Do you really think that CHANEL is that low class that they would support you, Z-Lister?

Here she is posing with her SCRAM accessory for photographer Tyler Shields.  I hate to say it but she does look hot.

I know that the bracelet is because she's a hot mess, but the girl does know how to work it.

Listen.. I use to feel sorry for Lindsay and even though she had crazy amounts of money, she still looks lonely in life.. much like other young stars, but come on..

Get your life together already!

I wasn't an angel at her age either, but when the whole world is watching be more careful of your addictive personality coming out and ruining your whole career.

Your a great actress Lindsay... If you get your whole life in order then you won't have to regret anything when you look back.

Everyone is rooting for you!

Do you have an addictive personality?  What are you addicted to? if you want to share..

Need a restaurant Reviewed?

Restaurant Reviews

Do you love eating out at restaurants but don't know if they are good or not?

Have no fear because I'm going to start reviewing restaurants in and around Vancouver BC.

I love going out to eat and trying new things.  If the restaurant sux I will be the one to let you know.

I am not one to sit back and except bad service.

I will be reviewing everything about the restaurant.. The service, ambiance, taste of the food and the price.

Wish me luck and let me know which restaurants you want me to review.

Leslie Star on Youtube again!

"Need you now" - Lady Antebellum

I love this song... 

When I sing it I can't get it out of my head for days....

I know that a lot of people have been drunk at 1:00 am and want to be with their partners or at least get them to answer the damn phone.

I know I have experienced it,  so I thought I would give it a try and sing it.

Leave a comment and tell me if you like it!


He doesn't even look the same

50 Cent is a skinny ass now

5o cent has always been one of my favorite rappers.  Ever since "In da club" came out on my birthday, he has held a special place in my heart.

He always looked so strong and the fact that he lived through 9 bullets tells me that he is hard core.

But now, I could probably take him....

He has recently lost 54 pounds to play a football player who was diagnosed with cancer in the new movie "Things fall apart."  He was only drinking liquids and working out 3 hours a day for 9 weeks straight.

Now he weighs only 160 pounds.
"I was starving." Now he's back on tour and says, "I've been eating. I'll be back in shape in no time!"

So your saying that all I have to do is not eat and drink only liquids while working out all day long..

No problem.. NOT!!!!

Trouble is on to Lindsay Cokehan

Lindsay Lohan - Coke Binge?

With all the controversy that surrounds Lindsay Lohan you think she would lay low for a while.  But no!

She recently came back from Cannes because she was "promoting"  her new movie that hasn't even started filming yet and missed her court date because her passport was "stolen."   She didn't even have a return flight booked so it couldn't have been her main priority.

She blames her father for stealing her passport which is really bizarre considering he was in USA all along.

In Cannes she claims that she went to a hotel room because a fan asked to take a picture with her.  She posed for the picture and right beside her were lines of cocaine in the photo below, which she is saying was a set up.

I recently saw a couple of pictures of her and I noticed that she has been very bloated even though she is so skinny.

She is bloated in her face which is puzzling.

I first thought it was due to too much drinking or perscription drugs because they make you retain water and you turn out looking swollen.  I then looked up the effects of cocaine and found that there is a term "coke bloat" and it refers to your skin being swollen because of snorting coke.

I searched "coke bloat" in Google and Urban Dictionary popped up with this which I thought was hilarious.

1.coke bloat

When a regular cocaine sniffer experiences a puffy and bloated appearence in the face, especially the cheeks.

Tom: lyndsey used to be so hot but she's got all fat in the face.

Ted: Nar man, she's just got a bad case of coke bloat.

Tom: Arr right, she needs to get off the blow.
2.coke bloat

The bloating that occurs from consuming either too much soda or too much cocaine.

Coke Bloat: "Wow, Lindsay Lohan sure looks bloated these days. I highly doubt it's from drinking soda."

3.coke bloat

The bloating that occurs from consuming either too much soda or too much cocaine.

Coke Bloat: "Wow, Lindsay Lohan sure looks bloated these days. I highly doubt it's from drinking soda."

Will Linday Lohan ever get rid of her tarnished image?

Can she make a come back?

Ouch, my heart hurts..

Is it possible to love someone too much?

Of course it is..

I have had it happen to me tons of times before.

I put my heart out there and it gets stomped on before I can pull it away.  It always breaks.. every time.

You think I would learn to protect it a bit better, but nope.

It's not our fault that love zaps us in the ass and before we know it we are completely memorized by the other person.  You start to think of only that person all the time.

Their life consumes you until you have no live left of your own and you constantly wonder how and when you will get to see them again.

Sure it is important to think about the other frequently and tell them that you do, however to lose yourself is not ok.

Be strong and don't forget that you love to go out with your friends, love to play sports and eat chicken wings ( unless your a vegetarian ;) ).  Remember that you love to sit at home and read a book, watch your fav TV show and bury your head in the basement with your video games until the sun comes up..

It's easy to love someone but don't love them so much that you engulf yourself in them because that pushes your partner away.

They want to know that you have your own life and you are secure in who you are.

I have been in bad relationships before and always wondered if they would ever change.  Truth is, they won't.  You can love them too much and stay because you want it for what it could be and not what it is.

Join a class or something to occupy your time if every two seconds you "need" to call them.

Let them call you because your worth it.

Let them find out what it's like to love someone too much.

Have you ever loved someone too much?

Who's that Star?

Tila Tequila's Story

I am sure that you have heard of the crazy Tila Tequila.  Her real name is Thien Thanh Thi Nguyen and got the name Tila Tequila from a night of partying till she almost died of tequila because she was allergic to alcohol.

She is the most popular person on Myspace and that is how she started to get famous.

Tila was born in Vietnam and came over to the USA when she was about 1 year old.  She lived in a gated community in Houston Texas until she was 8.  She soon became aggressive so she went to boarding school, got caught up with the wrong crowd and joined a gang and started doing drugs.  Soon after she fled to New York where she became pregnant and soon after had a miscarriage.

At 18 she was scouted by Playboy and has stared on many magazine covers since.  She has had a fashion line called, a dating website , a record company called SEX, a reality series called "A Shot At Love With Tila Tequila", and several attempts to launch various blogs.  Her recent site is called where she blabs about celeb gossip. 

Not just any celebrities but the ones that have screwed her in the past that she wants to get back at. 

Tila has been linked to many famous celebrities but recently she announced that she was engaged to heiress Casey Johnson  (Johnson & Johnson) but soon after Casey passed away from diabetic ketoacidosis.  There are many people that have said it was all a publicity stunt but Tila says otherwise. 

Soon after Casey died, Tila announced that she would be the surrogate mother to her brothers child.  Soon after she had a miscarrage (speculation that was a publicity stunt as well).

In January of 2010 Tila announced that she was once again pregnant with The Games child but he soon denied it.  She still says he is lying but she has once again claimed that she lost the baby.

This girl needs to keep her legs closed and her mouth shut.

She has an album coming out soon called "Welcome to the Dark Side".  It will apparently be all ballads and no more nasty songs like "I Fucked The DJ" which is her latest single.

Tila is also a huge fan of Chris Brown's which makes me puke because Tila was in a domestic dispute with her ex boyfriend, Shawne Merriman who choked her on Sept 6th 2009.  I would think that she would stand up for woman who were abused but on her website to say that Rihanna has herpes and she pretty much deserved what Chris Brown gave her.

Tila seems like a lonely girl who is really confused and craves attention... Visit her website at and tell me what you think of her....