Fashion Trends for Summer 2011

Summer Fashion Pieces for 2011

Here in Vancouver it seems as if summer is a beautiful place far far away.  It's the end of May and it's still raining but I have dreams of putting on that summer dress for the first time and not freezing my ass off.

These are my MUST HAVE Fashion Pieces

Wood jewelry - mix wood jewelry with colorful bangles.  Try to give off the earthy but stylish vibe.

Maxi Dresses -  I love long dresses that you can stay covered up in to protect you from the sun but still look sexy but stay comfortable.

Braided purses, belts or accessories with "leather".  Only wear one at a time though.

Huge sunglasses are always a must have to block out the rays.  The bigger the better this summer.

The hippie look is in more than ever so buy a whole bunch of long necklaces and wear them all at once.  Peace signs, hearts, feathers... The 70's is all coming back in.

Hair jewelry..Anything from feathers to bows.  The bigger and crazier the better it seems thanks to Lady Gaga :)


Platforms heels are hot.  Pair them with some hip hugging bell-bottoms and a floral print colorful shirt and your set to go shopping during the day or party at night.

Flowing tops.  Get light airy material blouses.  The off the shoulder loose fitting shirts are back in.

Side braids are hot as well.  Get some cheap clip on extensions and braid them with your hair to get the best effect.  Think Ke$ha but not as dirty looking...

Wear lots of silver bracelets and turquoise.

Bright nails and eye-shadow makes your outfit pop.

Hobo bags are back too but don't get ones that look brand new.  Worn and used and abused look is in.

Add me at and tell me about your favorite summer fashion pieces.

How to Save Money This Summer

30 Things To Do In The Summer For Free/Cheap

    Save Your Money with These Cheap Ideas
  1. Go to the beach.
  2. Take your dog to the park.
  3. Play some Frisbee with friends.
  4. Lay out in your back/front yard with a stereo, sunblock, water spritzer, and a towel or sheet.
  5. Pack a lunch and go on a hike with your best friends. Pick somewhere that you have never been before but make sure it's safe and that you tell an outsider exactly where you’re going just in case anything happens.
  6. Do some gardening and if you don't have garden space try growing a cool plant near your window.
  7. Wash your car/bike.
  8. Wash your house and get that slime from winter off your front stairs.
  9. Go window shopping with your best friend.
  10. Buy a blow up pool and relax in it in the sun with big hat and a wine cooler. Get your stereo out or a good book and work on your healthy tan.
  11. Pick berries at your local U-Pick farm or do some careful researching on local berries and go in the bushes with a huge basket and pick your own.
  12. Go and watch the sunset at a park. You might meet some nice new people to hang out with.
  13. Give yourself a pedicure/manicure outside while reading the gossip magazines.
  14. Watch some of those movies that you bought from the sale bin at Walmart that you've never seen.
  15. Call one of your relatives that you haven’t spoken to in a while.
  16. Go for a bike ride around your neighborhood.
  17. With your newly manicured nails write some poetry or start a diary.
  18. Clean your house.
  19. Get rid of some belongings. Those jeans that don’t fit you anymore that you have been keeping will never fit and by the time they do they will be out of style. Get rid of anything you haven’t used in the last two years.
  20. Start a scrap book of your favorite clippings from magazines and family photos.
  21. Play sports with your friends. Tennis and volleyball are excellent ways to get fit and look hot in that bikini/board shorts.
  22. Go to the local gym. Work out in the air conditioned room for a while watching TV and getting fit at the same time.
  23. Sign up to and make a video about yourself and what you have done this summer. You need to have a web cam but you can buy them relatively cheap at Staples.
  24. Start to write your life story. I know it seems like an outrageous task now but once you get started you may really enjoy it.
  25. Make a friendship bracelet with yarn or beads and send it to your best friend.
  26. Hang out with your parents/relatives.
  27. Have a pot-luck party to save some money and try new things. Ask your guests to bring copies of the recipes to distribute to your guests. Buy some cheap note pads so that they can make their own new recipe books.
  28. Start planning a cocktail party. Ask each friend that you invite to bring over a different kind of alcohol/juice/pop to make new drinks. Print out some drink recipes and test them out.
  29. Throw a wine and cheese party. To keep the cost low as everyone to bring their favorite wine and cheese. Supply the appetizers and get some plates/cutlery from the dollar store.
  30. Go to garage sales. There are tons of goodies that you can buy. Buy some piece of furniture that needs some extra TLC and refinish it. It could be your summer project!
Summer Drink for Cheap

Top 10 Ways To Ace An Interview

Top 10 Ways On How to Succeed At Any Job Interview

Have you gone through hoops and now it is time for that final interview that will get you the job or make you once again jobless? I will tell you what I have learned to ace an interview so you can get the job you want and not just a job that you have to take!

1. Take a shower and look your best! Make sure your cuticles are pushed back and if your a girl make sure you have clear nail polish. You want to look as clean and as put together as possible.

2. Go and buy a nice suit. I am not talking about a suit that all together cost about 50$. I am talking about a nice suit. Put it on your credit card if you have to. It doesn't have to be Hugo Boss or anything but get something that will last you a life time. Get something that looks rich and makes you look fierce. Get it tailored too for the little extra.

3. Get a hair cut so you look polished. The person that will be interviewing you will be examining your every move when you go into that boardroom or wherever it might be, so remember to always look pulled together.

4. Don't be too harsh on the make up. Look refreshed and don't pile on lipstick or blush or eye shadow. The point is to look well rested. Wear clear gloss and light eye shadow but you want to look pretty too but not trashy.. DO NOT WEAR PERFUME!!!!!

5. Buy new shoes or if you have black pumps or black or brown dress shoes make sure they are polished for the interview. It looks so bad when people focus all their energy into the suit but forget about wearing great shoes.

6. Bring a black or brown leather portfolio with you with a copy of your resume inside. It always looks professional to carry around a briefcase or portfolio. Turn off your phone when you are in the interview as well.

7. Don't wear too much jewelry. It's not a fashion show, it's an interview so don't get too unique with the way you present yourself. Still maintain who you are but don't go overboard and keep professional.

8. Go over some interview questions with your friends before you go. If you have to, look them up on the internet and rehearse them with your pet if there is no one else. Also go over your resume and make sure your know it front to back in case they quiz you on it.

9. Make sure you print out the map of where to go so your not late for the interview and you don't get lost. If you can... go the day before just to make sure you know exactly where you are going. Arrive at the interview 15 minutes early. Sometimes they can take you earlier. Some places actually expect you come that early. It's always good to be prepared for anything on the day of.

10. Always smile and look confident. If you don't know what they are talking about in the interview than fake it. You can always Google it later. But make sure you don't say yes to everything and because they might ask further questions about it and they you will look stupid. Just little white lies about things to make you look better is all. Also eye contact. When you are speaking they are looking for nervousness and eye contact. Try not to fidget if possible. Avoid words like um or ah when speaking. This is the day that you have been waiting for. Act like they need you in this job and they will hire you.