Drew and Justin are no longer

Drew Barrymore and Justin Long are over

I always thought that she could do way better and she was better looking them him but then I always said.. "Well maybe he's nice to her."  But now I don't have to worry cause they are done.  I am actually surprised that they broke up because it looked as if they were so in love.  But once you make your relationship public when your famous it's pretty much guarenteed that you only have a couple of months before the relationship goes kaput. 

I am sad for Drew because she's single again and how many boyfriends has she had anyways?  She will find someone really great one day.  Someone who treats her right and admires her for the hottie she really is.  I have always thought that Drew was the prettiest girl in the world. 

She's just so cute.

Now she's single for the summer and that is the best time for find a really great guy and see him without his shirt on the beach..

Good luck Drew and enjoy the single life :) 

Drew and Justin

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