Technical Difficulty

I don't know how to fix it

Hi everyone.

I am having some problems with my website and the list on the right side of the screen is not loading properly. My boyfriend usually deals with these minor details but he left the country today for a much needed vacation. I am sorry about the categories, the recent comments and the polls not working and I will try to fix them but I'm not very good with stuff like this so I might have to wait until he get's back which is in 3 days.

Since I'm here updating about my site I should also talk about what I got up to this weekend. On Friday my boyfriend, his family and I went camping for a night just to go somewhere and jump in the lake and just chill out for the night. The trip was great but I fell asleep at 1am which cut the camping short cause we had to leave really early in the morning so I could get back for my best friend's stagette on Saturday evening.

The stagette was absolutely amazing and we all had such a good time. We all rented a strip pole bus that took us to some dance pole and lap dancing lessons. The bus then took us to a bar and we had such a good time. There were 16 women on this bus and we were getting driven downtown and we yelled at this one guy "Take it off." Well he actually started taking off his pants and shirt and was left with his boxers on and his pants down around his ankles while his girlfriend was then telling him to put it back on.

So funny.

Another hairy man decided to take off his shirt as well. Good times. The bar was really great and the mother of the bride booked us a VIP table so we would all have a place to sit when we got tired of dancing. That came in handy cause we danced up a storm. From the club we took the bus back to the Bride's house and had appys and I fell asleep on the couch.

I remember when I was just a bit younger I could stay up and party forever but now I am always the first one to call it a night..

What a party pooper.

On Sunday I came home after I had spent the night over at her house and got ready for the baseball game that I went to for my work's summer BBQ. It was great and we had VIP section and everything. My parents came and my boyfriend too and we just spent some quality time together.

I had a great weekend and still dearly miss my phone..

Any comments on what phone I should get???

Leslie Star

Update: I fixed it y'all!!!

Leslie Star at the Stagette


  1. Damn I read that whole thing before I saw the update... grr

  2. If I were to get a phone right now I would look at something like the Samsung F700. I found this utube video with lesliestar appropriate music here...

    The iphone is nice too.. easier to come by. I just don't usually like what everyone else wants/has.

  3. I didnt fix my phone Ian, I fixed my website.. Thanks for the phone idea and the video on You always have such great comments and I look forward to hearing from you each time.:) I thought about getting the iphone but it costs so much a month and I am broke.. hehehe..