How To Choose A Career

How To Choose A Career That's Best For You

Career Choice

Are you just out of high school and still have no idea what you want to be when you "grow up?" 

Well you are not the only one.  Millions of people just like you every year go through the stress of trying to find out what they want to be just out of school. 

How do you know what you want to be for the rest of your life?  A lot happens in a couple of years and it is so hard to tell whether or not you will even like the same type of stuff.

I am 27 years old and just now found out what I want to do.  I want to be an event planner and plan any party from Stagettes, Weddings, Birthdays and all. 

I never wanted to waste my money going to school and taking classes that I wasn't at all interested in. 

The most important part is DON'T PANIC!!!  Everything works itself out eventually. 

I am coming up on my 10 year reunion pretty soon and honestly, it scares the living sh*t out of me. 

To face all the people in high school again.. YIKES!!!!! 

I have been thinking about what I wanted to be since I was a little girl.  I wanted to be a cheerleader, singer, dancer, actress and finally now I want to plan amazing parties.  I would love to plan a birthday party for Britney Spears or some huge star.  That would be the ultimate for me.

My niece has also decided that she would like to pursue a career as an event planner as well so we are going to go to school together starting in September.

This is what you should do to help you decide

Career Planning Circle

1.  Write down on a piece of paper all the things that you are good at or that you really enjoy.

2.  Write down all the things you hate doing or you are horrible at.

3.  Ask friends and family what they think you are good at.  It always helps to have an outside view on things.

4.  Put yourself out there.  If you want to be a writer than email y0ur local newspaper and see if they need any assistance.  Even if you photocopy there you will get to see what the people's moods are like.. You will get to know their lifestyle and see if that is how you want to live.

5.  Take some classes.  I have considered going back to school for a long time but I didn't want to waste my money on a class that I would never use.  Research your local colleges or universites and see if they have classes that aren't too expensive or last a year or more.  This way you will get a feel for the class and who knows, you may end up hating it but if it's a short term just get through it and it won't waste your funds.  Also if you can easily teach yourself  then take an online course.  Make sure you do your homework though because it will catch up to you really fast if you don't.

6.  If a field interests you, learn as much as you can about it.  Look stuff up on the Internet or go to the library and do your own research in what kind of qualifications you need for this ideal job.

7.  Volunteer at different events around your city.  You will get to know more people and don't hesitate to ask them what their career is and ask if they like it and what kind of skills they have.

8.  Keep positive and know that everything will work out.  If you have a bad attitude it makes it awfully difficult to keep your eyes and ears open for new and exciting possibilities.

9.  Don't be stuck in a box.  Be open minded.  If you want to be a famous singer but you can't sing then don't rule it out.  If you like the flashy life style and your a good writer, consider writing lyrics for a famous singer.  That way you will get out there and everyone will know who you are for being such a great writer. 

10.  Don't give up.   I use to get down a lot because most of my friends had already picked their career and I was still in the dark about what I wanted to be.  Everything happens for a reason and maybe it's because you haven't had enough life experience yet to realize what you want t0 be.

I hope that these tips have helped you. 

Let me know how you picked your career at

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How To Find Out If Your Mate Is Cheating


Are You Cheating On Me?

I personally have been through a horrible situation in which I got massively cheated on .

So first hand know how bad it hurts to be lied to and treated like trash.

Cheating on someone is inexcusable.

It is the # 1 No No  in my books.

Cheating is cowardly and assholish and I don't understand why it is necessary.

Is it the thrill or just because you are so pathetic and you don't have enough balls to break up with your partner first?  I think that is what it is.

Looking back on that brutal situation I realize that there were so many warning signs but I kept putting them on mute.

I caught him

My Warning Signs I Should have listened to

One of the signs was that he was always on the phone.  All hours of the night he was talking to someone.  At first I thought he had a lot of friends but I realized later on that they weren't just friends....

When he suddenly buys a new pair of shoes.  Most guys wear their shoes into the ground before they buy new ones.  They get comfortable and don't want to change it if it ain't broken.  If a guy buys new shoes it means that they are trying to impress someone.  I don't care what guys say.. this one is true..

I also noticed that he was trying to keep me from my friends a little bit.  He would always say "oh.. how about me and you just hang out tonight" and it started to happen all the time and would almost make me try and feel bad for wanting to hang out with them.

He never looked my parents in the eye.  My mom and dad use to think that was so weird.

He  never wanted to talk about anything too deep cause I think it made him feel guilty of what he was doing behind my back.

Whenever he cheated he would buy me a present.   I think he would feel bad and realize that he was a complete jerk so he thought he could buy gifts for me to buy my love I guess.

Also if they are really secretive.  If they won't tell passwords or won't show their phone to you or anything.  Some passwords are good not to share but silly ones just made me wonder.

Staying late at work is a huge sign.  That is not to say that they wouldn't have to stay overtime sometimes but when you feel like something is up it probably is.

If they also act completely different or buy new smelling cologne/perfume.  Also if they start to style their hair differently or shower more or start to keep an extremely neat house all the time.

If they are annoyed when you are around and it feels like they really don't want to be around you at all.

I know some of these signs might sound wack but believe me they are true.

Men/Women are usually pretty easy to figure out.

Trust what the inner you tells you and don't try and make it go away.

Which path do I take

Think about yourself in this world and most importantly look after you.  But try and listen to your friends and family because they are the ones that see it from an outside perspective.

They only want the best for you.

Trust them if they think something is up because 99% of the time they are most certainly correct!

The Way You Might Feel IF You Find Out

It always seems as if you are the last to know that you are cheated on.  It is very embarrassing and you wonder how you never knew.

You are totally going to feel completely like shit.  You might feel like shit for a long time and feel like your heart is litterly broken but trust me it will get better.

There is no feeling like being lied to and taken for a fool.

Don't let this ruin your life though.  Once you have spent a couple of days in bed crying your little broken heart out get up and see it for what it was and move on.  Pick yourself up and go get your hair cut or go to the mall with your friends.

Get yourself back!!!

Broken Heart

Sometimes love can be very blinding but by no means try and blame yourself.  Nothing you could have ever done would make someone else cheat on you.

They cheat because they want to and not because you did anything wrong.

Respect yourself enough to not put up with it.  If they will cheat once they will do it again.  Don't let yourself be treated that way.

There is someone for everyone and that someone would not do this to you.

You will only feel stronger once you break it off and don't go back.  They will not respect you if you take them back.

If you are going through this situation and need to talk, email me at

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How to tell your mate - "I Need Space!"

I Might Explode - I Need Some Space

I need some space

When your first in a relationship you tend to want to spend every waking moment with them and you want to get to know everything you possibly can about them. 

After a few months the "new car smell" fades and you now cannot get rid of them. 

How do you tell them?

It's not that you don't want to hang out with them anymore but you just need some space and some time to gather your thoughts.  You need time to get some things done that you have been putting off for waaaay too long.

Now if you are a woman saying this to a guy then you probably can just politely say that you need some space cause they don't tend to take things so personally.

If you are a guy however you may want to approach it a little differently. 

Perhaps tell her that you haven't seen your friends in a while and if she wouldn't mind if you went out with your buddies this weekend.  I believe that she will be more than happy to make her own plans. 

You have to approach women completely different then men.  Women are sensitive and mostly a pain in the rear.

You can also go about it that you need to get some chores done and praise her and tell her that she is amazing for letting you get your chores done without complaining. 

There is nothing wrong with wanting some alone time. 

Most guys want way more alone time then girls.

Women usually want to be surrounded with their boyfriends 24/7 and although they have good intentions the man probably feels smothered and unable to breathe and once they get past this point they seem to get all distant and then it totally wrecks the relationship.

Men enjoy the chase.  Once the chase is over they usually mentally quit and get bored and they want to break up or just turn into complete assholes. 

My advice to you is just be honest but try and sugar coat it as much as possible.  You can usually sense what is going to work on them. 

The best relationships need space and it is also very important to keep your friends close and not ignore them once you get a boyfriend/girlfriend. 

Friends are very important too and if you cast them aside and then you break up with your mate you will not have anyone because tossed them like garbage. 

You need those friends to help you get through the boyfriend/girlfriend breakup depression after you tell them you need more space.. Just kidding :)

If your mate is smothering and they don't seem to get the hint that you do need some breathing space then they probably not the best for you. 

It is important to spend some time away from the other to have an opportunity to miss them.  When you miss someone you appreciate them more and tend to love them more.

So ... Just approach it softly and tell me how it goes.. :)  Hope I helped!

Need Some Space?


How to Apply a Smokey Eye

Smokey Eye Makeup

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to put out a video on how to apply a smokey eye as many people have requested it.  

I wanted to do a plum version of a smokey eye as I am blonde and didn't want to go too dark.

Hope you all like it!

My Makeup Routine

I have had lots of requests to do a daily makeup routine so here it is.

Hope you like it!