Body found in airplane bathroom

Woman died in airplane bathroom

A body was found on Delta Airlines bathroom in Atlanta, Georgia Wednesday morning.  The flight was coming from Los Angeles and it landed in Atlanta at 5:51 am. 

They do know who the 61-year-old woman is but the name has not been released.  When they were flying into LA they noticed that the Occupied sign was still on.  The body has been taken to Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

How bad would that be if you lived your whole life and you died in an airplane bathroom by yourself..

That would be horrible.

Surprisingly, airports get calls a couple times of year to go and retrieve dead bodies off airplanes.


  1. They should have signs accross from the toilets that say "Warning, Someone May Have Died Doing What Your Doing Right Now!"

    Its not 'funny' I know. Wait... yes it is.

  2. I can't help it. I come on and check your site after an 18 hour shift when my sarcastic-morbid sense of humor is at its peak.

  3. Good to hear you come on my site all the time though..

    Thanks for the support:)