Jamie Lynn's Baby Photo

Maddie Briann's Baby Photo

Jamie Lynn Spears gave birth to her baby girl on June 19th.  Apparently the little girl named Maddie Briann Aldridge looks more like her father, Casey Aldrige than Jamie and she says Casey reminds her of that everyday. 

Jamie Lynn first told OK! Magazine that she was pregnant so of course she would pose with Maddie on their cover.  If you would like to see the picture of the precious mother and new daughter please CLICK HERE!!

Casey and Jamie Lynn have not set a date for their wedding yet but say that they are getting closer everyday to one another. Jamie says that when she saw Casey hold Maddie for the first time it made her the happiest she has ever been. 

Aww.. How cute!

Congrats you guys!!!

Jaime Lynn Spears pregnant and engaged

Image taken from http://www.babble.com/CS/blogs/famecrawler/2008/03/23-End/jamie-lynn-spears-baby-bump-engaged.jpg

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