A bit about my day

Today was a long day.  It seemed like the hours dragged on forever.  I was at work till 5:30 which was awful in itself.  I love my job don't get me wrong, but sometimes the time just passes so slowly.  I think that happens at every job you work at.

I went to the mall on my lunch break and tried to find the game "Fear" at EB Games but no success.  Apparently it has been discontinued..  I just bought a Play Station 3 and I can't tell you how much I love it.  I have Wii, Super Nintendo, Nintendo and a DS Lite too  but nothing compares to the graphics and the power of the PS3.

The games seem to be a little hard core if a prissy girl were to play it because of all the blood in most of the games but I personally enjoy all that.  I grew up with two boys being my best friends and they were both very much into video games and computers.

The mall was still insane.  I can't believe people are still going to the malls to get "Deals"... WHaTT DealS?  I went on Boxing Day too and nothing caught my eye.  Everything seemed the same price as it has been all year.  When I was little I remember it being like Black Friday.. Now it's  really pathetic.

I looked a lot of new shoes.. There were a pair at Feet First I really liked for 169$ and they were Hush Puppies.  They were so comfortable.  I think I am going back tomorrow to buy them.  I HAVE TO HAVE THEM.. You know when you don't buy something and you think about it all night and until you end up buying them.  Sometimes you wait too long and they don't carry them anymore and you regret it forever... Well I am not having that happen to me this time.

After I came home from work I ate some BBQ spare ribs... I have been a vegetarian for 9 months and last weekend I caved.  The first thing I at was Jimmy Dean Sausages.. I tried my damnedest to keep it that way but I noticed a lot of bad stuff about being a vegetarian as well.    I started to get black circles around my eyes and I gained more weight because I couldn't get full off of veggies.  I'm gonna try and not eat a lot of meat because I really feel bad about the animals dying horrible deaths.  I will work on buying meat that is cruelty free.

I have been surfing the net for most of the night... Once I get started playing those damn Facebook games I can't get off them.  My favorite would have to be Farmville for sure..

Add me if you want  to because I need more neighbors :)

I have to start work at 10:30 tomorrow morning so I get to sleep in a bit :)  I love sleep!

Top Relationship Busts of 2009

There were so many cute couples this year but there were more couples that broke up this year and made headlines.  These are the top couples that broke up in no particular order cause they were all pretty bad.

  • Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhol - They were such a cute couple and dated for quite a while.  Jake and Maggie's parents broke up on Christmas Eve this year as well so Jake probably had a horrible Christmas.  I thought they were perfect for each other.  I thought that about Reese and Ryan too and look where that went.

  • Jon and Kate - What a horrible public break up this was.  It was the most shocking for me this year.  I feel mostly sorry for the kids.  Turns out Jon was a real sleaze bag.  How could women even find this piece of trash attractive?  Turns out a whole whack of them do.  Ewww!

  • Tiger Woods and Elin Nordegren - This was just as shocking as Jon and Kate.  Tiger was suppose to be an upstanding father and husband that kicked ass in golf.  It turns out that he was voted Leslie Star's Top sleaziest man of 2009.  Keep your pecker in your pants Tiger for crying out loud.  I feel so sorry for Elin as it must have been so embarrassing for her.  There are rumors that Tiger is getting facial reconstructive surgery because Elin hit him in the face with a golf club.   Good one Elin!

  • Charlie Sheen and Brooke Mueller - I guess Santa didn't bring Charlie anything for the Christmas.  That bastard pulled a knife out on his wife Brooke on Christmas.  Why did she marry him anyways after his history with his other wives?  Some women think they can change the baddest man.. Lesson learned?

  • Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins - This was quite surprising for me as well because they had been together for 23 years happily unmarried.  There was always talk about how Tim was the younger man but they seemed to make it work.  That is until now... They were never really a power couple so I thought they had a chance.  I guess you can never be sure.  Rumor is that she is on to an even younger guy.  Remember Susan.. it is always greener on the other side.

  • Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil - These two were always a disaster made in drug heaven.  I never thought they had a chance.  They got divorced and are now back together and planning on getting married again.  Horrible timing for the come back of Amy Winehouse.  Blake got some woman pregnant too while they were broken up.. Oh the life of the rich and famous.

  • Katie Price and Peter Andre's - These two were always a weird couple.  I never thought that he was attractive.  He seemed so scrawny.  Well they have since divorced but before it was finalized Katie moved on to a cross dressing cage fighter Alex Reid.  Now they have broken up as well.  Perhaps Katie should wait before the divorce is final and look for a good ol' chap that doesn't like to wear your nylons.

  • Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner -  This couple was beyond cute.  The went out for 3 months and decided to call it quits 'cause there was too much hype about them and no chemistry.  I think they would have made better friends but I guess its too late now isn't it.. Next time pick a mate with a different name than yours.

  • Rihanna and Chris Brown - This relationship made headlines all over the world.  At first it seemed that they were made for each other but soon Chris "Beat her down" wrecked his career and Rihanna's face.  This relationship apparently went through many hard times but now Rihanna cleared up all the rumors with an interview with Diane Sawyer.  It always helps to get the truth out there before the other gets to it first.  Hopefully that will be the end of Chris Brown's career..  Bastard!

  • Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo - It didn't ever seem like Tony was ever really fond of Jessica.  There were always rumors that she was way too serious and too clingy for him.  That's how most women are.  Now he is apparently engaged to Candice Crawford, the former Miss Missouri.  Jessica must be so pissed!

  • Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer - I always saw him as a scum bag.  I thought she was better than him and seemed so much older and wiser that John.  I am glad they broke up.  I think he smoked too much weed for her liking.  Although Brad Pitt smokes a lot of weed too.  Now John is best friends with Samantha Ronson which is totally weird. I think John is totally gay anyway because he made out with Perez Hilton!  I'm pretty sure that makes you gay.

  • Leann Rimes and Dean Sheremet -  I thought they were so cute together but I always had the suspicion that he was hiding something in his closet.  Turns out that he's gay but Leann cheated on Dean with Eddie Cibrian.  Going from a gay boy to a total sleaze seems a bit odd for me.  Perhaps she is rebelling after all the gay action she had in her marriage for so long.  A twist to it all was that Eddie was married as well.  Leann and Ed got caught on camera making out and tried to deny it all.  When will famous people learn to do it behind locked doors?

  • Kate Hudson and Alex Rodriguez (A-Rod) - I totally saw this one coming.  The only reason why they were together was so Kate Hudson could get more camera time at his baseball games.  They were horrible together.  Kate is known as a manslinger because she gets men in her trap and they can't get out.  Alex managed to escape with no damage to his career.  Kate needs to slow down the relationship wheel and focus on her children.  It was obvious they weren't going to last because A-Rod just finished getting it on with Madonna.  I am sure you need time to yourself after that woman.

  • Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri - When Michael Jackson died Janet needed some support but apparently Jermaine doesn't like funerals so he didn't go with her.  Also people have said that she wanted to get more serious after dating for 7 years and he just wasn't into it.  He always reminded me of a little troll anyway.  Janet needs someone that is taller and better looking anyways.

  • Ivana Trump and Rossano Rubicondi - Seems like Ivana has gone a titch crazy calling little kids on the plane that she was in "Little F*ckers."  Some says it is probably that she is getting divorced from Rossano after only a little more than a year of marriage and she is getting really stressed about it.  That is now husband #4.  Wowzers... She must be crazy!  Either that or they all have hair like Donald Trump's. :)

Worst Women Celeb Fashion Victims 2009

These 10 famous women made it to the top of ....

"Leslie Star's Fashion Victims of 2009"


10 Tyra Banks- I'm sorry Tyra.. I know that you are a great role model for women to try to improve their self confidence, but I think you may have too much confidence.  Just because you are Tyra Banks does not mean that you can leave the house looking like you do.  Most of the time on "The Tyra Banks Show" you look a lot heavier than you are... Also you look better with less makeup.  In HD you can definitely see that it's piled on.   You are a beautiful woman so please get a new stylist.  Sometimes you teeter on looking like a drag queen too.. Keep the makeup to a minimum and if you do dress up don't make it so grand looking otherwise you look like a drag that is impersonating you.

Tyra Banks

9. Lindsay Lohan- The reason she isn't in the top five is because I think she gets her fashion right sometimes.  Perhaps her fashion isn't like others and she is kind of a head in fashion like Mary-Kate and Ashley or Lady Gaga.  Lindsay mixes and matches kind of weird.. But when Lindsay wants to look good she can look good and she tries.  She has had some major fashion mishaps as well and that is why she is on my bad fashion list of 2009. Lindsay.. If you are reading this.. please stop using the self tanner on yourself and your face.  You always look so dirrrrty.  Also stop taking Adderall cause it's making you look like your 170 years old..

Lindsay Lohan

8. Kristen Stewart - I know you are a huge star right now so you think you don't really have to try very hard.. BUT COME ON AND PLEASE TAKE A SHOWER ONCE AND A WHILE!!!  Your outfits are less than impressive.  Take note from your friend Dakota Fanning.  I know your are Tom Boy and your kinda grungy too but do it with a touch of girl sometimes.  Again.. Please wash your hair!  Same goes for you R. Pattinson!

7. Mischa Barton - You just got out of rehab and you are having a tough time and the last thing you want to see is your name on Leslie Star's Top Ten List of Worst Fashion of the Year but come on.. It's not the 70's anymore.. and even if it were your 70s fashion sense sucks.  I think you are a beautiful girl when you aren't cranked on something and I love the accent.  Get a new stylist or calm down your fashion a little and just have your special key pieces that you love to wear.


6. Jessica Simpson - I love her personally.. However loving her and loving her fashion sense is quite different.  She always looks like a train wreck from her neck down to her toes but her hair always looks beautiful.  She needs a new stylist or someone to tell her that the way she dresses doesn't go together.  Just because others can pull it off doesn't mean she can.  She looks like a bad dressed porn star half the time and the other half she looks frumpy and dumpy.

Jessica Simpson Frumpy

5. Tara Reid - I am sure that she has topped many fashion gone wrong lists, however she is number 5 on mine.  She always looks greasy (pre-rehab days) and always looks like she is headed for the beach or to a slut party.  She rarely looks classy.. Actually I have to correct myself there because I don't think I have witnessed her ever looking classy.  I am proud of her for getting her life back in order.  Go Tara!  Go Tara! Go Tara Go!!

Trashy Tara Reid

4. Pamela Anderson - Doesn't she know it isn't acceptable to leave the house without pants or without washing your makeup off from the night before or not combing your hair...??  Pamela Anderson commits these crimes often.  I am pretty sure that she still thinks she is the hottest sh_t on earth..  She looks like she is always drunk or on something.. This girl needs a makeover .. and fast!

3. Britney Spears -This is the year that she was suppose to come back and be brill ant! :( I have to tell you that I use to love Ms. Spears.  Ever since I attended her Circus tour and it disappointed me so much, I have drifted apart from her being my idol as sad as that once was.  I wasn't shocked about the lip syncing part, but she could have at least danced a little harder.. Anyways.. Back to her fashion.  It looks like she just stepped out of the trailer park doors all the time.  She is a multi-millionaire and she looks like she was dumpster diving for her wardrobe.. PS... chop off those ugly ass greasy extensions why don't you.  So gross and repulsive.  She would look so much better with a short bob or something.  If you don't want short hair then wear real hair wigs for Christ sakes.. You always look good in your videos with wigs so get the hint already.   Your assistant looks richer than you...

Britney Spears bad weave

2.  Courtney Love -  It is probably a given that she shows up on my fashion victim's list of 2009.  She has been a drugged up mess since the early 90's except for a couple months there where she was "sober" for awhile when she was acting in a few films.  She has had so much plastic surgery that her face looks like someone ran over it with a truck and they had to rearrange it.  Her fashion looks like she is a poor gypsy mixed with a lot of crazy.  I feel really sorry for Francis Bean now that she had to put a restraining order against her own mother.  COURTNEY..... Get your sh*t together and get over the fact that your husband killed himself.. or that you killed him.. I still can't figure out what happened there..

1.  Amy Winehouse - Are you surprised... Really?  Amy Winehouse has been a mess for a number of years but this year and last year had to be the worst.  When she was in St. Lucia to get "clean" it seems like she never took a bath with that 'fro of hers.  She always looks so frickin' filthy.. Her finger nails are always full of dirt which has a lot to do with the good ol' crack smoke.  Her Beehive, and I used a capital "B" because it definitely has a mind of it's own, is always so ratty and gross.. GET RID OF YOUR BALLET FLATS!!!!  Amy needs clothes that are much classier than herself to make her look classier.  She needs shirts that also do up so she can not show off her terrible boob job.  I liked her style before the crack attack came but now her style is more wacky and tacky then classy.  Come back Amy cause you are so talented!!!!!

Things To Do When Your Bored

Are you bored?

I find that I get bored really easily with everything.. So I am always looking up things to do when your bored on Google so I decided to make my own top 20 list..

1.  Go Shopping.  It really depends if you have a lot of cash flow or not let's say you do... Shopping can take up the whole day if you go with your friends and eat at the food court and everything.

2.  Go to a part of the city that you have never been before and google it before you go and see what there is to do there.  You could always just pack a light lunch and get in your car and drive somewhere you've never been before and don't prepare at all.  It's always exciting with the possibility of you getting lost.. You have GPS though right? 

3.  Get a new hobby.  Check out your local community centers or places around your house that offer free or really cheap hobby events.  Perhaps there will be something very interesting that you never thought of before.  Who knows.. You may be awesome at it.

4.  Play solitare or some sort of card game.  It takes up a lot of time and it's fun to play and it wastes a fair bit of time

5.  Read a novel or a "How To Do It" book that you recently found interesting.  Spend a couple hours in your nearest Chapters with a Starbucks and get cozy on one of their chairs and look up stuff that you have been meaning to for a while.  You always want to learn new things.. right?

6.  Go to a movie with your friends/family member.  There is usually a movie out that you want to see.  It is expensive to go to a movie these days if you want to get popcorn and everything but grab a bite before you head in.

7.  Go to a concert or play with your friends or alone if you really want to get into it.  Plays are usually inexpensive and that will kill a couple of hours.  Plus you get to dress up.

8.  Pack a picnic depending on how cold it is and set out to a park you've never been before.  Don't forget a sheet so you don't get grass stains.

9.  Write a letter or phone a relative that you haven't talked to in a while.  They usually talk about anything and everything and talk your ear off.   Wait... you want fun things to do.. that's right :)

10.  Listen to your favorite CD, watch your favorite movie or TV.   TV can be a great babysitter, even for adults.. :p

11.  Exercise!  If you have a pet that likes to go for a walk, pack your mp3 player and some doggie poop bags and your set for a while.  Go to the community gym or go swimming.

12.  Catch up on some chores.. ???  Come on I'm trying to think of things..

13.  Organize your paper work.  I know that I am not the only one in the world that piles it up in that dreaded drawer.. do do do..

14.  Start pulling out clothes from your closet that either don't fit you or are ugly and you don't know why you bought them in the first place.  Give them to charity.

15.  Make a Youtube video with a web cam.   Web cams are generally not expensive so stop off at an office store and pick one up.  Make a video of you being bored.. :)

16.  Make some crafts.  You must have some arts and crafts at home.  If you don't then go to your nearest dollar store and pick some up.  You can even make crafts with your friends.  If you add some alcohol in the mix then you are going to have a great and messy time.

17.  Do something nice for your significant other.  Plan something great for them that requires a lot of thought.  Not only will it cure your boredom but it will make you some brownie points.

18.  Get your friends together for a party.  Last minute parties are usally the best.  Buy some appetizers and lots of booze.  Make up some fun games to play and listen to great music.  Put on a great movie in the background too on mute for something to watch when you start to slur ;)

19.  Go on Facebook for a while.  I betcha I could waste all day playing those games and uploading pics.

20.  Surf the net.  Nothing in my life takes up more time then that.  I can't pull myself away from the computer sometimes.

I hope my ideas helped your boredom and if you have any more suggestions please leave a comment or email Me.

Facebook - Do I have to add them?

This is my explanation on how to politely decline adding someone on Facebook that you just don't like and you don't know how to tell them.

It is your account on Facebook after all and you should be able to add who you want to and delete who you want to.

However it is extremely difficult to ignore certain people.

I was so against Facebook when it started because I thought.. "If I haven't talked to this person for this long that why in the hell would I want to add them now?"  But the fact is there is no getting around it.  After a while I liked the fact of reconnecting with long lost high school folks.

If someone adds you then you pretty much have to add them back otherwise you look like a jerk.  If you don't care about looking like one then go ahead and press the ignore button or completely block them if you want to make damn sure they can't wiggle their way back into your life.

What about people that you once liked but don't anymore? How do you get rid of them?  My suggestion to you is block them.  Unless you want to spy on them through Facebook and see what is new with their lives like a creepo :)

Steven M. at my work is having this problem with someone on Facebook that he doesn't really even know.  She wants to add him but he doesn't want anything to do with her.  My suggestion to him was to just add her but he only has to see her for a couple more months..

In cases such as these, I would procrastinate and not add them.  Don't publish anything on your account so they can't see you have been active for a while.  Try not to play Farm Ville etc. that would give yourself away once you have found a cow in your pasture.. hahaha

Perhaps they will just think that you don't log on very often and in turn did not see their friend request.

It is after all possible that people don't check the right side of the Facebook screen where it has all the pokes and notifications.

When you get right down to this.. IT IS YOUR ACCOUNT.. Screw what everyone else thinks.  Do what you want to do and add who you want to add.

Change your privacy settings so certain "friends" cannot see anything that you doing including your pictures.

I always just add them unless I don't know them at all.  Then it becomes a whole privacy issue.  You always need more friends right?

Hope I helped ya Steven M!


How to get your EX back!

Typically I would suggest that you don't try and rekindle your relationship with your ex boyfriend/girlfriend.  They are an EX for a reason.  However there are certain exceptions to the rule.
1.  If you feel like your have lost your heart and the only way to feel whole again is to rekindle your lost love then go right ahead and try.

2.  If you both moved away and you somehow lost touch..

3.  After years of missing each other and realizing your mistakes, you try and contact each other.

In my opinion these are the only reasons to start up the failed relationship again. 

Here is the How To Guide to Get Your EX Back:

  • Work on yourself after the breakup.  Join a gym or work on your fitness like Fergie says.

  • Get a makeover.  Nothing makes you feel more confident than a total new look.

  • Find a new hobby that is just for yourself.  Nothing is hotter than a person that has their sh*t together.

  • Be relentless in trying to get them back.  Don't be a stalker or anything but send them flowers frequently.  Try not to go all cheesy with teddy bears and all that cause it looks desperate even though you are. Even if you are desperate doesn't mean you want to look like you are.

  • Ask to meet for coffee.  As soon as they see you looking all hot and such they are going to want you back.

  • Send them a heart felt email.  Tell them how much you miss them in your life and it's not the same without them.

  • Try lavishing them with gifts if you have enough cash for that.  Sure you can't buy love with money but you can sure try. :)

  • Write them a song and record yourself singing it.  It could go really bad if you can't sing but let your friends listen to it first for their opinion so you don't look like a fool if it sounds terrible.

  • Send their parents a gift.  If they still live at home then most likely their parents have a little to do with telling them to forget about you.  Try to win them over and you will be set.

  • Be yourself but a better version.  Your relationship went down hill because you were probably comfortable and started to not try as hard.  Get your life back on track and your ex will definitely take notice.

  • Make your ex question them self.  Be so good to them that they question why you guys ever broke up in the first place.  I know it's bad to say this.. but if you have to put on a show to get them back then do it. 

  • Do some research on how to get your ex back.  Go to Chapters or some book store and go to the love/relationship section.  Read all you can about winning the love of your life back.

  • Heart Break

If all fails and you are still trying but nothing is working then I am sorry to break it to you, but give it up.  Desperation is not attractive and if they see that in you they are not going to be interested.

You don't want them anyways if you have tried everything and they still don't want to get back together. 

Use your energy to get someone new and you will be much happier.

Why do Women ask "Do I look FAT in this?"

There are a number of reasons why women ask this question.  It might be puzzling and plain dumb to men but that fact is there is actually several reasons why.  The most important tip that I can give to men is never say, "YES YOU DO LOOK FAT!"  

If they do chunky in the outfit try saying.. "How about you try on that blue shirt that I love so much with that skirt."

 Reasons why women ask "Do I look FAT in this?"

  1. They honestly want to know if they look frumpy or fat in the outfit.  If so they want to change into something else that their husband/boyfriend/friends would be attracted to.

  2. They want to know that you think they are pretty.

  3. Their self confidence is low and they want you to boost it up.  For example ... "Do I look fat in this?"... "Of course not honey you look fabulous."

  4. They want to be reassured that they look as hot as they feel.  Sometimes women ask this to test their mate to make sure they give the right answer.  If they do look fat then lie, lie and lie some more.

  5. They have recently lost weight and want to be told they look skinny.

  6. They just want to mess with you.  Sometimes women test men just because they can.  They know men squirm at the thought of this question being asked and they want to see how they react.

  7. They got a new outfit and they want to know what you think in case they need to take it back.

  8. Women always want to look and feel their best.  Sometimes they really just need a "friend" to tell them what they want to hear cause they haven't invented a mirror that does that yet.

Women always have tricks up their sleeves.  We can't help it .. It just comes second nature to us to torment the men in our lives :)  We never usually ask our friends if we look fat in an outfit because they would probably tell us the truth.

do-i-look-fat in this

Men have been trained for years to always say no to this question and never pause before they automatically answer NO.  It is important to have a relationship where you tell the truth but sometimes it is critical that they tell a little white lie. 

I hope I helped for next time you get asked this dreaded question. :)

Email lesliestar@lesliestar.ca if you have an interesting story of when you were asked "Does this outfit make me look fat"