T.I. - No matter what

T.I.'s new song - No Matter what

T.I. has a couple of good songs and now he has a new one called "No Matter What."  It's alright but its pretty serious and it's too slow. 

We need some summer jams people.  Come on! 

I do like the way T.I. has so much attitude when he sings like he's the shit.  Confidence is what makes people sexy even if they really aren't.  Fake it till you make it and he has made it..

T.I. was born Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., on Sept. 25th 1980.  He has had 6 albums and his new one is called "Paper Trail" and that will be released on Aug. 12th 2008.  He has also been in "American Gansta" playing Denzel Washington's little brother.  That was such a great movie.

I hope you like his new song and his new video.


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