Dark Knight: Any Good?

Dark Knight - Batman Movie

I have read many reviews on the new movie "Dark Knight" starring Heath Ledger, Christian Bale and Michael Caine and all of them seem to be amazed by the work that all the actors put into it but especially Heath Leger.  People have said that they left the theatre shaking because he was so good at portraying Joker. 

The movie is 2hrs and 32 minutes and most viewers say they were entertained the whole movie except for a few that say the movie was too long but Heath's character kept them watching.

It is such a shame that Heath will not see the reviews from his movie or get the feed back from the fans.  There has even been Oscar talk for the late Heath for his part in the movie. 

I hope he gets it cause he deserves it!!

I am so excited to see it but not as excited as my boyfriend is.  I hope it's everything that people say it is and not like most movies where it's not as good as all the hype.

Has anyone seen it yet?  If so.. Leave a comment :)

Dark Knight

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  1. Dark Knight was fabulous, although I must admit my favourite of the Batman movies is still Batman Begins, well because Batman is a Ninja. Pure Awesomeness.

    Heath did a fantastic job, the movie wouldn't have been nearly as good without his stellar performance (the tongue thing he does still creeps the hell out of me!).

    I also think Maggie G(howeverthehellyouspellit) did better than Miss Katie-I-Only-Talk-Out-Of-One-Side-Of-My-Mouth holmes did.

    Lastly, the set up of Two Face for the next role was pretty intense, although came across in the appearance a little 'Mummy-esque'. I think Chris Nolan is doing a wicked job of taking the batman comic movies from cheesemo to badass and I'm going to be guessing for the next who knows how long at who the next villian will be.

    [wow, I can't believe my longest comment post is about Batman...]

  2. I am glad that you liked the movie so much. I still haven't seen the movie cause my weekend was so busy and now I work late nights so I guess it wont be until this weekend that I will get to go.. Thanks for leaving such a long comment.. Really great! Thanks N..