Antoinette Kristensen is the BEST!!!

On top of the world right now

So I checked my youtube account this morning and saw that Antoinette wrote back to me.  Wow!!! How cool is she??  I love the fact that she is so approachable and that will end up making her much more famous because she is relatable and I can tell you that first hand. 

Once she does become a celebrity and people start talking smack about her I will kick their asses cause she's so nice!!

I hope all of you had a wonderful day yesterday.  I came home from work, relaxed a little bit and watched TV, talked on the phone for a bit to friends and then started making the video response for the "Back and Forth" video.  Usually it takes me like 40 takes but it only took 6 this time around:)

I am just so excited that she responded that it is the only thing I can think about right now.. hehehe.. I will talk to you all soon and please comment on my site or tell me things that I need to improve on.

Love you all xxoo

Leslie Star

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