Jesse McCartney's New Track

Is It Over???

I have to say that I have always like Jesse McCartney and that hasn't changed with his new song "It's Over."

If only I was 10 year younger.  Hehehe

I find his voice very soothing.  He has a great voice and a hot little boy body on him.

You can harsh tell he gets into his music and that is why I find him entertaining.

He seems innocent but you can see in his eyes that he has probably been around the block a few times which keeps him mysterious too.

Do you like his new song???

High discounts caused a death

Walmart Employee Killed

Black Friday is suppose to be a day in the USA where everyone is rejoicing because the sales are so awesome and everyone gets what they want for cheep.

That is not the case for a Long Island resident who was an employee of Walmart.  A 34-year-old New Yorker lost his life today.

He was trampled to death when he opened the doors in the morning to let the overly eager shoppers in the huge sales at Walmart.

Little did he know that when he opened the doors that all the crowd would stampede over him and crush him.

He was rushed to the near by hospital but died on the way there.

3 other people were injured at this Walmart location.  One woman was pregnant and she got pushed aside fell and had a miscarriage.

What is this world coming to that people would run people over just to get cheaper school supplies or more gifts for their children this holiday season.

Well this father can no longer give his family the presents that he wanted to give his family this holiday season.

I take public transit in the morning most of the time people push and shove and disregard everyone around them because they want to catch the earlier bus.  I saw a woman today that was blind with a walking stick and almost walked right off the edge of the skytrain platform and got hit by the train and no one even stopped to help her.

How can we make everyone snap back to what this world use to be when people respected each other we had value to human life?

Pinks New Video

Pink - Sober

Have I told you lately how much I love Pink?

She is just the sexiest little thing.  What makes her so attractive is her confidence and her hair and her makeup and just the fact that she is so punky.

She is like no other artist and her voice is killer.  Her new album "Fun House" is so good and I listen to this song and "Please Don't Leave Me" everyday when I am on my way to work.

I want to cut my hair that short but I am scared to.  Good on her..

Well her new video "Sober" is amazing.  It's all about her struggles with just being happy and not having to influence herself with any drugs or alcohol.

Her image is smashing and she shows it off in this video too. 

I hope you like it.

Austrailia Sucked!!

Movie Premier Review - Australia

I thought that I had the priviledge to go and see the movie premier of "Austrailia" for free with Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman.. but boy.. was I ever wrong. 

They should have payed me.

I love Nicole Kidman and all but this movie was a doozy.

Pretty much the movie sucked!

The acting was way over the top except sometimes you caught a little glimpse of Nicole's great acting but mostly it was harsh cheesy and I felt as if I got lost in the story most of the time.

They kept jumping from place to place at the very beginning and I found it pretty boring.  Sometimes there was some action but that faded pretty quickly.

Oh.. and Nicole definatly has had some face work done.  Her upper lip is swollen in the whole movie with silicon, which was so distracting. 

The movie was based on World War II time in Australia where Nicole Kidman plays Lady Sarah Ashley who is a British Aristocrat who falls in love with a cattle driver played by Hugh Jackman.

They join up and help to get the cattle across the land as they are under the threat of the nearby Darwin being bombed.

Lady Sarah Ashley finds an aboriginal boy named Nullah and decides to adopt him.  But everytime Nullah would leave her he would always say that he would sing to her (so she could hear him from far away) and she would say, "and I will here you." 

It was all so nauseating. 

I really don't recommend this movie to anyone.  Please spare 3 hours of your life and don't waste your money.

Perhaps rent it if it comes out on DVD if you really must see it but make sure you have your remote handy so you can fast forward pretty much the whole damn movie.

Oh.. and by the way.. Hugh is not the hottest man alive..


Beyonce - Single Ladies?

Shane Mercado - Single boy?

Do you like Beyonce's song Single Ladies? 

I do but I find it a little repetitive.  I think that she is a great singer/songwriter and she's super hot. 

A guy named Shane Mercado is now a huge youtube superstar because he memorized the dance from "Single Ladies" and put up a video of him dancing in sync with her video. 

Now he has appeared on "The View", "The Bonnie Hunt" show and many others and millions of people have watched his video on youtube.

I just think its great that someone can just dance with a video that they really love and boom they become famous and now everyone wants him to appear on their show.

Here are a couple of examples of what people's interpretations are of the video "Single Ladies."

Which one do you like the best?

Hot Flash of the Day!

Oh Amy!

You all must know how much I adore Amy Winehouse..

She's just a mes that's all.. Well I do have this fabulous pic of her in her famous ballet shoes.

Why on earth does she wear those ballet flats anyways because I was in ballet for 14 years and let me tell you.. walking on the pavement in those little flats does not feel like heaven.

But maybe with all the drugs shes on she feels like she is floating on crack heaven.

What do you think of this pretty picture?

Oh.. What is that hanging from her crotch??  Any Guesses??

Amy Winehouse's ballet flats also frequently have blood on them so the famous shoe designer, Repetto designed these shoes especially for Amy.  Aren't they pretty?

Here are some examples of how violent Amy can get when she's on da crack.

And Lastly.. just an awful Amy picture to seal the deal

Your Welcome!! :)


Thinsay Lohan & SaMANtha Ronson over?

Not in Lala Land anymore?

I didn't think that Lindsay Lohan's face could give a dirtier look than her usual happy self tanned orange face, but last night she sure proved me wrong.

Lindsay apparently left the club in London called Boujis where Sam was dj'ing and waited in her limo angrily for Samantha for 10 minutes.

They have been seen fighting a lot lately and one of the reasons is because Lohan hates it when Ronson's lady fans throw their dirty underwear at her on stage.

Sam hates it when Lindsay's ex lovers show up like what happened last night.

Her ex flame, Calum Best was at Boujis too last night and Lindsay refused to talk to him.

No wonder... He claims that he video taped Lindsay and himself having sex on his cellphone and posted it all over the internet.

He looks like a old scum bag anyways.. He's not even attractive.. Ew..

He also was caught doing lines of cocaine with some slutty looking girls in what looks to be a hotel.  Maybe that is what Lindsay and him use to do on Friday nights; Go see a movie and buy a little nose candy.

She quickly made an exit at 3:45 am just after Sam's show.

When they were finally in the limo together and they got driven to their hotel called Baglioni, Sam stormed off inside which looked as if they had been fighting all the way home.

Trouble in lezbo paradise ladies?

Calum Best with Lindsay b4 she hooked up with Sam

Calum caught sniffing blow and screwing undercover hookers


Gone to yet?

I am sure by now that all of you have heard Britney Spears's new CD out called "Circus" and you have all seen her commercials for her new Documentary that will be airing on November 30th.

I am so excited for that.  They keep showing promos for the documentary and each one gets juicier.

I am so proud of Britney!  She must feel so good to know that she has overcome all in her past and she still is one hot MILF.


If you want to get in on Britney's little secrets she has posted this on her website.  You can sign up by clicking the ad down below.  All you have to do is put your email address and either your zip code or your postal code.

I think she just wants my email so they can bombard me with junk mail but because it's Britney I am fine with that. :)

Live Your Life

Rihanna and T.I.

As you probably know I love this song and I was so excited to see that the video had come out on November 1st. 

It's called "Live Your Life" and it really kicks ass.

Unfortunately I was a little disappointed because Rihanna was only in the video for like 20 secounds and I wanted to see her the most.

I like her fashion sense and because she isn't in the video very much at all, she only wore one dress.

Sorry I'm posting it a little late but here it is.

New Britney Songs

Britney Spears's Circus

Hey everyone..  I have been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to work on this website business.  I love doing this website I just find it hard sometimes because Perez Hilton and other famous bloggers have access to the stars and it is hard to compete with them when I have to do the research myself and I do also have full time job.

Don't get me wrong though.. I love updating Leslie Star when there is fabulous gossip.

I decided to update today because Britney's new CD called "Circus" has leaked and there are some fabulous songs on this album that I think you all should hear.

Tell me which ones you like the best.




 "Kill The Lights"



"Out From Under"


"Unusual You"


"If You Seek Amy"





"Lace and Leather"


"My Baby"




"Shattered Glass"


"MMM Papi"



Hilary Duff's New Track

The Duffster is back

I have liked Hilary since she started singing in 2003 with her first CD called, "Metamorphosis"

I always thought she was a little wishy washy because of her pre-teen movies and t.v shows but she has grown up and she looks as if she is finally comfortable in own skin.

She was really skinny there for a while and she vaneers on her teeth and looked a bit like a horse but now she has gained a bit of weight and she looks much hotter.

Her new song is called "Reach Out" and I really like it.

The video is quite good too.  You can really tell she is growing up.

The only thing that I don't really like about the video is that she dresses up like Madonna and that has been done wayyy too many times.

She needs to get an original look and stick with it.

Do you like her wardrobe and her new song?


Which Hilary Duff picture do you think she looks the best in?

Paris For President

Um.... HUH?

I am all for a woman being independent and strong but Paris Hilton is taking it wayyyy to far. 

Who does she think she is anyways?

Does she think that the world thinks she's smart?

Cause we don't.

Paris's first video of John McCain using her name in a commercial without her permission was funny.  Her second video about running for president wasn't and this new song called "Paris For President" is not.

It's so awful.

She sounds like a dumb karaoke singer.

What do you guys think?

Instead of using all this money to make this video why didn't she put the money towards something useful.. Like a muzzle for her.