Beautiful Nightmare-Beyonce

Not a nightmare

I am not a fan of Beyonce showing her arm pits in every picture, but besides that, the girl has that star quality. She is so talented and her voice is like an angels.

I do recommended that her mom stop dressing her and she get a new stylist, but most stick to what got them famous in the first place. Beyonce's new song, "Beautiful Nightmare" has been stuck in my head since 7:55 this morning when I was listening to my iPod on the way to work.

You have the whole weekend to listen to this hot new track. Have a good weekend..

[audio:Beautiful nightmare.mp3]

Beyonce\'s arm pit

I saw "Sex and the city", and it was sensational

What a fantastic night

What can I say besides.. "Yes, Yes, Yes." "Sex and the city" was fabulous. It had it's hilarious parts where I laughed out loud, and I am the type of person that doesn't laugh out loud.

The movie theatre was packed and my friend and I got there 15 minutes before the previews started and the only seats that were left were the ones with the purses on them, that means reserved apparetly. When the movie came on I kept looking around for those reserved people to come back in time for the movie, and way in the back ( a perfect spot) were these 3 magical seats, screaming... "Leslie, Leslie" so we grabbed them. I even had a chair to put my purse which had my puppy in it.. hehehe.

Everyone in the theater was a woman except for three men. All the audience clapped, laughed and cried together.

There were some suprising twists in the movie and the fashion fix was amazing. Clothes galore! I have to say that everyone did a fantastic job. When I heard that Jennifer Hudson was going to be Carrie's assistant, I wasn't looking forward to that. I thought she was going to be corny but she did a great job as well and I even cried a few times with what she said..

Holy.. waterworks.. I honestly kept tearing up and I was trying to hide it.

We had gone for martini's and cosmos before we went to the movie. My boyfriend picked us up and dropped us off and made me feel like a princess. What a magical night.. The best movie I have seen in a very long time.

It was everything I wanted it to be. And now it's over... so sad..

Wish I had the whole night to do over... Oh and the soundtrack was awesome.

Hope you had a great night too,

Leslie Star

kleenex box

Julianne Hough is the next big, hot thing!

Only 19

If you are a fan of "Dancing with the Stars" like I am, you probably remember Julianne Hough. She is the really cute little blonde girl that is such a great dancer with such great hair. She looks like a clean version of Christina Aguilera. Her brother Derek Hough has also been on that series.

I guess dancing runs in the family.

Now she has come out with a new album that has sold over 67,000 copies in her first week of sales. She ranked 3rd on the top 200 charts. Wow... way to go Julianne!

She was born on July 20 1988. She is just 19 years old. She has won many awards for ballroom dancing and she is also the youngest professional dancer to compete and win "Dancing with the stars" twice.

She is a total knock out and she just released her new self-titled CD, Julianne Hough. It features songs, "Will you dance with me" and "That song in my head." Both songs are great and she's going to have a long lasting career in front of her.

Julianne Hough

If you would like to see her video for "That song in my head" ... please click here

Angie and Brad's babies have arrived!!

More girls

Angelina Jolie gave birth to twin girls in France today.  Their names are Isla Marcheline and Amelie Jane.  They named Isla after Angie's mom and Amelia after Brad's mom.  How cute!  Congrats to them, but I am so disappointed that it wasn't a boy.  Now the couple has 6 children.  Yikes.. Thankfully they have millions so that their children are spoiled for the rest of their lives.

Get Angelina preggers again Brad as soon as you can so your fineness will live on in your son.

Angelina Jolie pregnant

 Update:  There are speculations that Angelina has not given birth now.. It was all a lie.  Entertainment tonight first reported that the twin girls had arrived but now MSNBC is saying that they haven't.  The French Tabloids are reporting that she had a caesarean with the help of her doctor from Los Angeles. 

I guess we will soon find out what the real truth is.... Stay tuned..

Canuck loses his life

Young man dies in motorcycle crash

I regret to inform everyone that Luc Bourdon, the defense man of the Vancouver Canucks, unfortunately lost his life today in a motorcycle accident. This young man was only 21 and was just getting started with a career playing hockey with the NHL. His motorcycle lost control and hit a tractor trailer in between Shippagan and Lameque near his hometown.

His life was just getting started.

He scored 2 points this year with the Canucks out of 27 games and was the 10th pick for the draft in 2005.

I have so much sympathy for his family. All my prayers are with you at this time. I am so sorry for your loss.

Image taken from

Hot new Usher Song

He's still got it

The song is called "This aint sex." It's a really good summer song and Usher sounds so sexy in it. It doesn't sound like anything Usher has sang before. His new album, "Here I stand" is pretty good. You can tell he's getting older and his own style is really coming through. Overall the CD is pretty good.



The image “” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Image taken from

Original Talent on Youtube

Original Song

I found these two on  This is an song called "It took losing you" and it's quite good.  It's by Shanna Gilfix and Richard Adoradio.  They really get into it.  Hope ya like it:)


Sex and the City.. Not so sexy

I cant wait to see it, even if it sucks

I heard that the Sex and the City movie was horrible.  But I don't care.  I'm seeing it tomorrow with a friend from work.  We plan to go for cocktails before hand and get dressed up all pretty, with fake Luis and D&G.  I hope there is happy hour somewhere.. :P  I have watched many episodes of the series but not until they announced that their show was cancelled. 

I had just gotten into watching the hilarious show when, BANG!!! It's over. 

I love the shoes, the clothes, hairstyles and everything else.  I know that I have heard its going to be horrible, but if I can still get a fix for my shopping addiction then it will all be worth it.  Those 4 women are so lucky that they get to wear those beautiful clothes. 

I will write a review about it tomorrow and I hope it won't be as bad as they make it seem.


Leslie Star

Christina Ricci was awkward.. Now a hottie!!!

Who would have known?

Christina Ricci use to be so.. weird.. now she is the hottest little thing. She got in really good shape for the movie "Black Snake Moan" where she played a sexually abused woman that despised herself so much she no longer cared about covering herself up or being beaten to a bloody pulp. She lost a ton of weight for the movie. It is quite a huge difference from her lesbian character in "Monster."

Christina was born on February 12, 1980 in Santa Monica California. She struggled with maturing as a young woman and began cutting herself not long after her parents divorced in 1993. She has not spoken to her father since then.

She has had popular roles in "Casper", "Now and Then" and "Sleepy Hollow." She has certainly blossomed into a fashionista and she is such a beautiful, outspoken and unique woman.

The beautiful Christina Ricci

Weed lost in airport security

It was some persons lucky day

An airport security test in Tokyo, Japan today went horribly wrong .. or perfectly right.. depending on who you are in this story. A customs agent from Narita airport put 142g of marijuana in a suitcase to see if the sniffer dogs could detect it. But when the dog couldn't sniff out the bag, the officer lost track of the original bag, which means that he lost all the weed.

Isn't that bad that he put the bag of dope in some random persons bags?

He was suppose to use a training bag, but he was quoted as saying, "I knew that using passengers' bags is prohibited, but I did it because I wanted to improve the sniffer dog's ability,". Apparently the dogs have always been able to find it before and he was over confident that they would find it this time.

The person who found the dope in their bag is asked to contact the airport immediately.

Yeah .. right.. good luck with that one.

Sniffer Dog at airport

Lindsay Lohan is a Lesbo

DJ Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan are an Item?

I would have never guessed that Lindsay was into that sort of thing but apparently her and DJ Samantha (her Best friend forever) are moving in together and Lindsay has recently been spotted wearing an engagement ring on her left hand in Cannes last week. Her and Samantha were photographed embracing each other on Diddy's yacht.  They claim to be just friends but I can't say I have ever cuddled, kissed or held my friends like that.   Lindsay's MySpace page was hacked and they found a love note written by Lindsay saying.. 

 "Babe, if I don't have you in my life then I should just go die.  I want to marry you and have children with you.  Go to bed babe. I love you. Lindsay Ronson."

Of course Dina Lohan is telling everyone that her DJ friend is such a good influence on her and she is such a sweetheart for sticking by Lindsay during her rough times in rehab.  Maybe it was all just a plan to get into Lindsay's fire crotch pants..


Lindsay & Samantha Get Cozy on Diddy's Yacht in Cannes | Lindsay Lohan, Samantha Ronson


Leslie Star on Youtube again

Leslie Star singing

I thought I would take the risk and put up this song by Amy Winehouse called "To know him is to love him". I hope I did it justice.

Talent on Youtube

Toanna singing "Apologize"

This is Toanna and she is on She has a very pretty voice and I thought I would post it since I haven't found very many good people singing lately. Check her out!

Leslie Star's Video Review

Snoop Dogg-Candy

Snoop Dogg released this song a year ago from his album "The Blue Carpet Treatment" but I just now saw the video. This video is very colorful which I love and it makes me wanna dance. There are very pretty girls in this video and I love Snoop,so anything he puts out is good.

He's so Ghetto Fab..


I give this video, 3 Leslie Stars out of 4

New G-Unit video

Go Fifty, Go Fifty, Go Fifty, Go!!!

I have adored 50 cent since he came out with the song "In Da Club" and it says "It's your birthday". He released it just a couple of days before my birthday one year and we blast it in the limo that we had all night long. This new video is called "I like the way she do it" and I love the beat in the back ground. 50 cent hasn't disappointed me so far with his music and seems to put out nothing but hits.

Hottie of the Day!!!

Warning!!!! Shemar Moore Naked

Shemar Moore is such a babe!  He was photographed last year on a nude beach and everyone saw his weenie.  But he has such nice arms.. Whoah.. and his abs.. Oh my gosh.. I have liked him from the very first time I saw him on "The Young and then Restless".  He was also the host of "Soul Train".  What a hunk.  I have heard that he's a player though.. But he is sure nice to look at .. 

If you havent seen him in his birthday suit and you would like to, please click here..


Image from

Tip of the day

How to keep your nail polish from not bubbling

Have you ever painted your nails and they get bubbles on them from the polish? Well it's because you probably shake your nail polish. It usually separates a little if you haven't used the polish in a while, so instead of shaking it just roll it in your hands a couple times like dough and it should be good to use again and it won't have those obnoxious bubbles.

I also keep my nail polish in the fridge so it will last longer and it is easier to apply.

Taylor Swift's great performance

I have loved this girl for quite sometime.  She looks so innocent and cute and I just want to capture her in a bottle and carry her around in my pocket all day.  Her name is Taylor Swift and she's only 19.  She gave an excellent performance at the American Country Music Awards.  Her vocals were a little shaky at the beginning but overall her perfomance was awesome. 

Way to go Taylor..

Lou Pearlman's Mug shot


I guess N'Sync, O'Town and The Backstreet Boys were not wanting any part of Lou Pearlman.  He just got 25 years in federal prison for using a fictitious accounting firm and phony financial statements to secure bank loans.  Lying bastard.  I'm glad he got 25 years to rot and think about how he ripped 300 million dollars off of people.

The judge told him that for every 1 million dollars that he puts back in the pockets of those people that he stole from, he would get one less year prison.  Mr. Pearlman has a 300-month sentence and if he comes up with 300 million dollars he can avoid jail time completely. It sure sounds like a pretty good deal to me :)  In the court room all Lou could say is "I'm truly sorry, your honor, to all the people who have been hurt by my actions." He swindled people out of millions and some lost their homes and everything they owned and all he could say was that?? He doesn't seem to be remorseful at all..

Did he honestly think he could get away with it all?


Image taken from

Amy and Pete again

So this video was banned when I tried to get it before.  So I wanted to put it up now before it got taken down again.  It's Amy and Pete playing with those innocent little animals again..

Poor little creatures. 

And here is the remixed version.. Which I love!!!

New couple alert!!!

Jesse McCartney is getting some:)

Jesse McCartney was seen recently making out with the singer from Danity Kane, Aubrey O'Day.  She is 24 and he is just 21.  Cradle robber.  He just recently grew out of his zit phase.  He is a cutie though and she is drop dead gorgeous.  Rumour has it she's a skank though.. but if that is true, let him have fun while it lasts, right?  Yesterday they were seen going out to a restaurant and before then they were seen sucking faces at Z100s Zootopia event.  I think they make kind of a cute couple but she might be way too out there for him.  I guess time will tell...  Isn't she Jenna Jameson's friend?  Maybe Aubrey can teach him a few things in the sack.

Image from


Image taken from

Mutt is a cheating bastard

Marie Ann Thiebaud is a tramp

Well we all thought that they just grew apart but apparently Mutt Lange has been cheating on Shania Twain with their secretary/manager, Marie Ann ThiĆ©baud.  Mutt and Marie left their significant other for each other.. SICK!!! Of course he is denying the whole thing.. I was suprised that Shania fell in love this his ugly mugg anyways.. but to think that another woman was attracted to him as well .. makes me seriously ill.  EW!!! Marie Ann isn't a looker either.  She is an old hag.  They deserve each other. 

How could he cheat on Shania.. She is such a beautiful woman and it seems that she has her sh*t together.  I feel so sorry for their son Eja.  He must be having such a hard time with it all. 

Hopefully her and Eja will be alright without that bastard. 


New Sheryl Crow song "Now that your gone"

I was at my friend's house tonight and I saw Sheryl Crow's new video called "Now that your gone" and I really love it. It's a chill song and she does it very well. Here it the video. Hope you enjoy!

Leslie Star is on now!!!

My first video ever

I am finally on!!! That was the first video I have ever posted on the internet. It was fun but kind of scary because I did so many takes cause I kept screwing up. I hope it will help people find my site because I love blogging and it makes me so thrilled when I see people have visited and leave comments too. It wasn't that long ago that no one came to my site and now it's up to more than 1,500. Thank you so much for coming and I will post videos up whenever I can.

Ashlee and Pete are married and with child

They didn't fool me

Pete Wentz and Ashlee Simpson-Wentz got married on Saturday at the Simpson's house. They also told everyone at their wedding that they were in fact pregnant.. As I said earlier in my posts.

I am happy for them and I hope they last for a long time but odds are against them. I wonder how Joe Simpson reacted when his little girl told him that she was pregnant?

She wore an laced ivory wedding gown on Saturday night by Monique Lhuillier.

I hope the pictures are released soon.

Image taken from


Update:  Pictures were released..

Ashlee Simpson and Pete Wentz Wedding Photo


Ashlee Simpson-Wentz on her wedding day

Love, Love, Love this song

Miss Amy Winehouse is the greatest singer that has ever been and here is a song that the Teddy Bears sang way back when called "To know him is to love him". It isn't a proper video but I liked it because it shows what a beautiful girl Amy use to be. The first time I heard this song I cried like a baby for some reason. I feel so bad for her. You can hear how much she loves this song when she sings it too.

Amy and Pete are at it again

Miss Amy Crackhouse and her "friend" Pete Dopeface are at it again with their drug videos. Why can't they see that they are so f&cked up because the whole world sees it. In these videos they play with these strange little baby animals and they are on some sort of drug trip. Who knows what drugs they are on this time..

Amy is just wearing a little bra, half on and some booty shorts and probably those stupid ugly ballet flats again. I would say "Doesn't she have enough money to buy some new shoes?" but I guess she spends it all on crack. Such a shame because she has such an amazing voice and a great personality too. Pete on the other hand.. He's a waste of space and he's not helping the Amy drug situation. But I guess he's in the same place as her.. famous with all the money in the world but lost just like her.

How does she still manage to do up her beehive since she can hardly speak? She use to be such a pretty girl. So sad. Please get help Amy... All your fans want you to get clean so you can make sweet soulful music again.

Does Amy think that the whole world is stupid when she invites her friends over for a "party" and then does drugs all night? Do they honestly believe that everyone thinks they are just having good wholesome fun? I call bullshit..



Maroon 5 and Rhianna

The new video by Maroon 5 and Rhianna is really good.. She once again looks amazing and any video she is in gets 5 Leslie Star thumbs up... Hope you all like it.. It's called "If I never see your face again". I really like it but I had to listen to it a couple of times...

"I'll just try it once"

Through A Blue Lens Documentary

If this documentary doesn't make you not ever want to do drugs nothing will. This is about drug addicts in Vancouver, Canada. It shows them in their every day lives and shows their struggle to get clean and some don't ever get that chance. I hope kids that are going to school who are peer pressured watch this before they try drugs and maybe it will change their minds.

Be warned.. Some parts are very disturbing...

It's finally sunny

Good Morning to you all,

It is a beautiful morning today.  Lots of sun and it's so hot outside already and its only 9:30.  Yesterday I walked home from work again.  I am noticing a difference in the way my pants are fitting.  I don't want to walk home today because it's going to be so hot but I have to.  I have all these clothes that are a size 8 and I want desperately to fit into those again.  I WILL FIT IN TO THOSE AGAIN!!!  Not that there is anything wrong with being a size 12 but I just don't feel as confident as I use to feel.  I have been going to this salad place everyday.  They have the freshest produce to make your own salad and it might be 7$ for a salad but you can put anything you want in it and I am actually full when it's done. 

No plans for today really... Just going to my boyfriend's house and maybe playing a little GTA 4 again.  I love that game so much and I haven't played it for 2 weeks now.  Hope everyone is having a good Friday and I will update a bit later.. :)

Ashanti and Nelly?

Gross, gross, gross..

Is Ashanti on something?  How could she possibly be going out with Nelly, you know the one with the Band-Aid and the grillz.. They have been dating for years but never came out of the sleazy closet.  They even want kids together.. How sick.  They have a new collaboration with Akon called "Body on Me".  They have had other duets like "Switch" which was a flop.  I think that they are a really strange couple but if they love each other I guess that's all that matters.  At least they are posing for the paparazzi making out.


Image taken from

Elisha Cuthbert

My boyfriend's crush

On the beautiful morning of November 30th 1982 in Calgary, Alberta, Miss Elisha Cuthbert was born.  My boyfriend loves her, and Jessica Biel.  He even makes me watch "Popular Mechanics for kids" sometimes, which is this little kids show from wayyy back when that she was in when she was like 12 years old.  She has grown up to be a little hottie.  I haven't seen her in anything lately but she played a reoccurring role in the TV series 24 and she was the star of "The Girl Next Door".  I do think she's pretty but it makes me wonder when she is friends with Paris Hilton.  Grossssssss!!!  But she still gets a space on Leslie Star's Hottie of the Day. 


Image taken from

Angelina and Brad are having twins

Two more beautiful creations by Brad Pitt!!

Angelina Jolie is due with twins in just a few short weeks!!  Please God.. let one of them be a boy that looks just like their daddy cause he's getting kinda old.  Still hot.. but old.. 

Jack Black accidently revealed that they were having twins at the Cannes Film Festival in France. Angelina said that her due date was not until Aug 19th which is not true because she is due in a couple of weeks.  She has said that she wants the twins to be born in France since her family has all started to speak the language.  

This will be Jolie and Pitt's 5th and 6th child.  Their 4 other children are Maddox, Pax Thien, Zahara and Shiloh.

Shania and her Mutt broke up

Shania Twain and her husband, Robert "Mutt" Lang are calling it quits after 14 years of marriage. That's a lot of mornings to wake up to Mutt's face. I'm just saying.. 

They both wrote the album "Come on over" which was the best selling record for a female artist in Canada .. ever.  All 3 of her records went double diamond and she has sold over 65 million albums worldwide.  Mutt has produced many hit albums for Def Leopard, ACDC, Bryan Adams and many more.  Now that she's a big time star I guess she can dump him?? I do feel sad when people divorce because that's a lot of  heart ache, especially for the children. But the big question is...What's going to happen with Shania's music now that he wrote everything?

They currently live in Switzerland.  I wonder if she'll move back to Canada now with her son Eja now that her marriage is in the dumpster.

"Come On Over" to Canada Shania!!!

Image from

Yoga for beginners

My friend told me about this girl on  Her name is Tara Stiles and she is a Ford model.  She is really cute and has 567 videos up on youtube.  YIKES!!!!  She makes Yoga fun and she makes me actually want to do it with her.  I need to lose some weight so I can fit into the bridesmaid dress so maybe.. just maybe I will work out with her..

Belated birthdays.. If you spoil them they're ok with it

My friend had a birthday 10 days ago.. and since I have been so poor with managing my money I spent all my money first and got her a present 10 days later. She loved her belated gifts and she understands me shopping because she has a bit of a shopping habit herself :) We had a nice afternoon after work was finished. We love going to dollar stores so we did that.. I also bought a new pair of comfort shoes for work and after that we went to a restaurant.

My chicken wasn't cooked in my club salad and either was my chicken wings... I was so grossed out. I hope I don't have raging food poisoning in the morning cause I will still go to work and that totally sucks. The manager took it off my bill but we gave a good tip because it wasn't the waiters fault... I came home and watched a bit of boxing. I walked home by the way.. My feet are killing me from walking all day but I have to look pretty in my bridesmaid dresses.. so it's time to say goodbye to those Purdy's chocolate dipped bars and McDonald's fries.. :( RIP good food..

Hope everyone has a great day at work tomorrow.. and if you have the day off enjoy it while you can.

Leslie Star

What I did today

A week of laziness so far

I haven't written in my diary lately because nothing really exciting happened to me. I went to a party on Saturday which was really fun but not so fun come Sunday morning when I felt like puking from too many coolers. On Sunday it was Mother's Day and I went with my family to my sister's house and then to my boyfriend's family dinner where we had Greek food.. Yummy.. I had the prawn souvlaki, but the prawns were wayyyyyy too salty which ruined it all for me.

On Monday I went to work and then came home and slept from 6pm till the morning when I had to go to work again. Wow.. I had planned to go for a walk with my Grandpa and my Dad and watch "Without A Paddle" again but I was too tired as usual. Today was my puppy's 2nd birthday. She got to have lots of spare ribs for her birthday and her fair share of treats. She went to bed with her tummy full, that's for sure. Other than that.. not much is new this week. I've just been taking it easy.

My boyfriend will be here soon so I better sign off now. Hope that your weekend was as good as mine and take care.

peace sign

Terrible Earthquake in China

What a horrible tragedy

A 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit western China on Friday in the early afternoon. It has killed just over 12,000 people so far and 7,800 people are missing, 26,000 are injured, and 9,400 people are trapped throughout China praying for themselves to be found. In Juyuan, it knocked over a school burying 900 people inside with over 50 dead and still teenagers screaming for help inside the destruction. Soldiers even had to go on the rescue mission on foot because the roads were so torn up no one could use them. People are being medically treated in huts and under tarps because there is no more room in the hospitals for them to go. Others are sleeping outside because they are too afraid to take shelter indoors with the thoughts of another quake hitting again.

30,000 helpers were sent out to help with the rescue mission. Thousands are homeless and most of the injuries of the survivors are broken bones and bruises. The USA contributed $500,000 to help with the relief efforts and they said that they are prepared to give more. People are running out of food, medical supplies, blankets and daily items that could really help but these things can't get there fast enough because bridges have collapsed. Survivors are lining up donating blood to help those who are more injured then themselves. Bridges, streets and buildings are ruined so they have to bring everything by foot.

If you can donate anything to help these poor people.. please donate to the Red Cross Society of China website: Thank you so much for donating whatever you can.

Images taken from and

Jessica Simpson is single once again.

She will never be Mrs. Romo

Ok Jessica, it's time to get serious now because your starting to look like a fool. Tony Romo dumped your ass.. get it together.. Start practicing your singing first so you can actually put out a good CD besides your first one released, "Sweet Kisses" from way back in 1999.

Who really cares about Tony Romo anyways? He's not really that good looking and you are wayyyy more famous then he is.. So take advantage of it and say he has a little one and totally wreck his rep.. You are a sweet girl Jessica Simpson.. but get your shit together and find yourself first before jumping into another relationship. Learn how to cook, how to sing like you use to, and how to be yourself besides those dumb moments.. AND RELEASE A GOOD SONG DAMN IT!!!!!!!! Now you have lots of time to work on that.

Get over your broken heart girl, cause there are many more guys out there that would love to be yours... Start dressing sluttier, but not to look like a transvestite, and the boys will be lined up for your lovin'.

Image taken from

Mila Kunis hottie of the day!

Cute little girl has grown up to be one sexy lady

Mila Kunis was born on August 14th 1983 in the Ukraine.  She moved to the Los Angeles in 1990 with her parents so they could have a safer place for their children to grow up in.  Mila soon learned English and stated classes at the Beverly Hills Studio.  It was there that an entertainment manager, Susan Curtis saw her and started her in a Payless Shoes commercial. 

I just watched "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" and she set the screen on fire.  The movie wasn't extraordinary but she definitely made the movie for me.  She is a cute little actress who played Jackie Burkhart on "That 70's Show", and Meg Griffin on "Family Guy". 

She is absolutely beautiful and she doesn't seem too stuck up about it.  She was really pretty when she was younger but now she's a damn knock out.  She has won several awards and has been nominated for many more.  She also ranked #47 on Maxim's Sexiest women in 2006 and was the face of "Guess".

Image from

Leslie Star's favorite New Songs

Make A New CD With These


Mario - How do I breathe?                                 Lady Gaga - Just Dance (funky video)

Leonna Lewis - Take a bow                             Lil Mama & Chris Brown - Shawty get loose

Mario - Couldn't say no                                     Akon - Could you be the reason

Lyndsay Lohan - Bossy (its a little annoying.. overall it's a good listen once or twice)

Kelis & Sean Paul - Fire                                    Akon feat. T-Pain - I can't wait

Chris Brown - Forever                                        Tami Chynn - Frozen

Kardinal Offishall feat. Akon - Dangerous       Usher - Love In This Club

Ne-Yo - Closer                                                   Lil Mama - L.I.F.E

Danity Kane - Damaged                                    Mariah Carey - I'm That Chick  

Ashlee Simpson - Little Miss Obssesive           Cherish - I A'int Trippin'

Madonna - Candy Shop (feat Pharell)                    Lil' Wayne - Lollipop

Girlicious - Like Me                                         Tiffany Evans - I'm Grown

Webbie - I Miss you                                          Beyonce & Usher - Love In This Club Part II 

2 pistols feat. T-Pain - She Got It                C-Side feat Keyshia Cole - Boyfriend/Girlfriend

Lil Wayne - A Milli                                          Gavin Rossdale - Love Remains The Same

Official Girl - Cassie                                  Beyonce - Beautiful Nightmare

David Banner - Get Like Me        Too Short feat Snoop - Life Of Tha Party

Sean Garrett & Ludacris - Grippin On The Bed          Qwote Ft. Shaggy - Don't Wanna Fight

R City - Losing It                                       Three 6 Mafia - I'd Rather    

One Chance - U Can't                      Dem Franchize Boyz - Roll Ya Arms

Cherish ft Yung Joc - Killa      Snoop Dogg & Jonny Cash - My Medicine


Lady Gaga!

I am gaga over this chick. 

Lady Gaga is 20 years old and she's a songwriter, plays the piano and shes a very good dancer. She is original and she is stuck in the 90's which makes me so happy.  She's so retro and not scared to be herself, which i love.   That is why I made her song "Just Dance" the video of the day..

Dead Body Bong

What is this world coming to?

Some damn redneck teens in Texas on March 15th, decided to go and dig up and dead body from Humble cemetery, chop it's head off and then smoke some weed out of it like a bong. 

What the hell?  What is wrong with people these days?  How would they even have thought about that.  There's no way they could have been THAT stoned. 

Now Kevin Wade Jones, Matthew Richard Gonzalez and some juvenile whose name hasn't been released yet, has been charged with abuse of a corpse.  All of them were arrested on April 30th 2008 and another suspect is wanted for questioning.

They were first brought in because the police were investigating a car being broke into.  When the police started to question Jones he started telling police that him and his friends took a shovel and dug up a grave.  It turned out to be a 12-year-old kid that died in 1921.  They then used a garden tool to decapitate the head and two boys took it home to smoke out of.  

This same thing happened not too long ago where an 18 year old, Nickolas Buckalew from Vermont, dug up a man's body and took his head, glasses and bow tie.  He then took the parts home and was going to dry the head out, bleach it and put a bong in it.  Nickolas got 1-7 years for pleading guilty to two counts of felony charges.  

What about the family of these poor victims...???

How horrible..

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Ideas for Mother's Day

I've left it till the last minute... What do I buy my mom???

First of all, DON'T PANIC.. There are much more like you that have either forgotten or procrastinated. Mom's are usually very simple and are proud of you so even if you wrote her a poem or made her a card she would be happy with that.. But if your not very crafty then I suggest you go out and try and buy her love:)

1. Mom's love to be spoiled. How about you put together a package of nail polish, nail files, lotion, foot scrub and some bubble bath.

2. If you just want to buy something quick but a little more expensive buy her a spa package or a facial, massage, pedicure or manicure.

3. Buy her flowers or get them sent to her house. Good websites if you live in the US are or if you live in Canada,

4. Take her to her favorite restaurant and a movie. Mother's Day is all about spending time with your mother so treat her to something nice and order desert too :)

5. Take your mom shopping to her favorite store so she can pick something that she genuinely likes.

6. Buy her a "#1 Mom" necklace. That way she can always wear it and think of you every time she looks at it.

7. If there is a play, concert, or opera in your area buy two tickets so that you and your mom can enjoy a night out and get to dressed up too.

8. Perfume. Every woman loves a new bottle.

9. Buy her a nice robe or a house coat and some fuzzy slippers.

10. An iPod if you have a bit more money and put all her favorite songs on it.

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Facebook Privacy

Crackbook ain't so private

If you have facebook, which you probably do because 100,000 people join it everyday, be careful what drunk pictures you post.  You might think that all the pictures you put up in your photo gallery only your friends can see, but you are wrong.  If you don't put privacy settings up, facebook can take YOUR pictures and put them wherever they want to.   Still with privacy settings, adding applications like "what kind of drink are you?", "Am I hot or not" could still take private information from you and distribute it wherever. 

If you wouldn't want your boss to see your pictures DO NOT POST THEM because most people that are on facebook are over 25 which probably means that your boss or your grandma could be looking at your shit faced, half naked pictures. 

After you have changed your privacy settings, look up your name on Google and then click on images and see if any of the pictures are of you dancing on the tables at some run down bar.


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Britney Spears gets to see her kids

Since Oct 1st Britney hasn't had custody

Britney Spears gets to see her kids again for longer vistation time.  The judge in LA grated her more time yesterday after Britney was praised for trying to get her life back together. 

Thankfully Britney isn't such a mess anymore and she is starting to look "clean" again and pretty but it was fun watching her crumble while it lasted. 

Her boys really need her now that she's not so psychotic anymore.  Every child needs their mother and I am happy that she gets to see her kids too so that she can move on with her life and start making sweet music again.  Being Bipolar is a very serious disease and I am glad that she now has it under control and she's able to be a role model now for her cute little boys. 


For awhile there KFed was the stable one.. and that's damn right scary!!


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Nine Inch Nails.. Free CD!!!

Sweet ass!!! Free Music!!!


Rock isnt usually my type of thing but NIN are kicking some serious ass lately!

They are giving their new CD, "Slip" for FREE on their website, 

The songs are completely legit and there are no fees or costs of anykind.  Way to go for giving away some free music!!  I think it's pretty awesome that they care that much about their fans to give away their hard work for free.  The site even lets you pick what quality of song you want and they just send you an email with the dl link.  Simple and easy.  Thanks for some free tunes!!!! 


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Ryan Gosling.. Hottie for Tuesday

God Bless his Mother for making him

This beautiful boy was born November, 12th 1980 which makes him 28 and that is just the right age for us to get married.. I love him to bits.  Especially when he played in "The Notebook" and he was so romantic and downright scrumptious.    He is an incredible actor and seems like he has a heart of gold. 

He is Canadian, which means that when we get married I won't have to move very far :P  He has been in over 25 movies and has won several awards and was nominated for and Oscar for his role in "Half Nelson". 

Congrats to you Ryan, because now you have won a LESLIE STAR award!

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Scarlett and Ryan getting married..

I guess it's that time of year

Everyone in hollywood is either pregnant or getting married. Scarlett Johansson, 23 and Ryan Renolds, 31 are engaged. They haven't set a date yet though. They met about a year ago, not long after Ryan was engaged to Alanis Morissette back in February.


But they are a cute couple. She is smoking hot except for her singing voice kind of turns me off and hes pretty hot too when he's not a hairy faced like in the picture below. Hopefully she doesn't have a bun in the oven and that is why they are getting married.

I guess we will soon find out.

Identify Yourself

Stephanie Kay the next big thing!!!

I would like to present to all of you, Stephanie Kay. She was 16 years old when she did this song and now she's 21. I am putting her song on my site in the hopes that all of you will fall in love with the song just like I did when I first heard it.

It's called "Identify Yourself" and it's about a girl that wants real love like all girls want. Hope you love it..


Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV... A hit or a miss???

I played Grand Theft Auto IV for about 7 hours straight yesterday and 3 hours today. I really like it. The story line is good and you can do a lot with the character. You can buy guns, clothes, and even hookers in the game. The graphics are outstanding. I like that when it's raining the players get wet and you can swim, steal boats, bikes and there is a good variety of cars too. When you crash in the game you actually wreck the cars, not like other games where its not realistic and you can drive forever no matter how crashed up you or your car gets.

If you run out in front of a car you will get your ass owned. I threw myself accidentally out of a moving car several times at first before I knew all the right buttons to press.

There are a lot of different places you can go in "Liberty City". There are strip joints, burger places and you even have your own apartment where you go and rest, watch TV or even change your clothes. You can save your game there too. You can listen to different radio stations in the cars that you steal too and the music has actual songs that are out now like Kanye West or Ne-Yo.

The killing is realistic and there are a lot of different weapons to play around with just like in the other Grand Theft Auto games. The missions are great too once you know your way around and you have learned the right buttons to press because some missions you have to move fast.

The controlling is a little difficult for someone that doesn't play games that often because you have to control your own camera angle while you are trying to fight people or just walking around, but the game is worth the money.

The bad things that I have found are when you are loading a saved game, sometimes it freezes on you but just sign off the internet and it should be fine after that. Also, each time you restart the game you have to watch this stupid introduction with the themed music in the back ground every time and you cant press any buttons to get around it.

Overall, Grand Theft Auto IV kicks some serious ass!!!

New Fergie Ferg and Nelly

Where my party people at???


This is the new song by Fergalicious and Nelly.  It's called "Party People" and I kind of like it.  I have had to listen to it a couple of times, like most of Fergies songs before I like them, but she looks pretty in this video and doesn't look like a ex-meth head.  They repeat "where my party people at" a little too much I'm afraid but it's a good come back song for Nelly. 

Where has he been anyways?

Video of the Day!

This video is from Cherish and it's called Killa.  It's from the soundtrack "Step up 2" which i have never seen. The video is kind of fuzzy, but I like the song so here it is..

Scarlett Johansson kinda sucks

I know you can do better than this..

I patiently waited for this song to come out by Miss Scarlett Johansson, but unfortunately it is a big flop. I like her and found her outstanding in "Lost in Translation" but her singing voice is really weird. I knew that her CD was probably going to be a bit eclectic and relaxing, but this song is defiantly not calming to me. It's called "Falling Down" and the suck is just yuck! Even the music video kinda blows.

It's nice to see a day in Scarlett's life and all, but its a music video not a movie.. Wake us up a bit.. David Bowie does the background vocals and it just sounds like a bad karaoke song.

I am sure that she is better than this song and I hope that she proves it in her upcoming CD, Anywhere I lay my head.

Well Mariah and Nick tricked us all

Mariah and Nick tied the Knot tight..

Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon got secretly married yesterday. Those little sneaky brats tricked us all. Speaking of brats.. The biggest brat of all was at ceremony, Da Brat. She was one of the not so many people that were invited to the small wedding on a private island. I guess she decided not to make a big deal out of the wedding like the last one she had to Tommy Mattola in 1998 where she 7 years later decided to recycle the dress in "We belong together" video.

Oh and by the way.. They didn't have a pre-nup. Holy this situation is headed for a brick wall at high speed..


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Good 'ol woman beater, Dennis Rodman

Did he think he could get away with this?

This "man" should seriously think about jumping off a cliff to save human kind. Dennis Rodman was arrested on Wednesday at the Century City Hotel for beating his girlfriend, Gigi. He says it's because he has been stressed out from his recent divorce and he hasn't been able to see his kids. I feel sorry for his two kids that they have to call him Dad.

He's been drinking excessively for about 2 months now, according to Prince, and that's the reason he grabbed his current girlfriend by the arm after an altercation and left a bruise on it.

Yeah right.. He probably beat the shit out of her... I don't think he just would have been arrested for grabbing her arm. Poor girl... That is the reason Carmen Electra left him when he was arrested for assaulting her in Miami on November 5th 1999. Then he was charged with a DUI in December of 1999 and given 3 years probation after he pled guilty.

He was released early this morning at 4:16 am for 50,000 dollars. He should have been shot not released.


Dennis Rodman's Old Mugshot from 1999.

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Update:  Dennis Rodman checked into a Rehab facility on May 5th 2008.  Hopefully the retard gets better so he doesn't really hurt someone or himself.