Hayden Panettiere - Wake up call

Hayden's new song -"Wake Up Call" Review

I can certainly say that Hayden's song is way better than the other tweens such as Vanessa Hudgens singing "Sneaker Night" or Ashley Tisdale with her horrible songs.  Sure this song does sound a lot like Paris Hilton's song "Stars are Blind" but there are a lot of songs that sound similar.  I actually like this song and I know that a lot of people hate it but that's ok too.  Hayden has done a lot for the environment and I think that helps me think that this song isn't half bad as well.

This video is cute and she looks really pretty in it.  I like this song cause boys do need to wake up and treat their girlfriends better. 

Why are guys so lame now a days???  Whatever happened to them treating us like princesses??

The things I don't like about this song is that she does rap in it which shouldn't have taken place and also it seems she is trying to be a little too sexy for how old she is (19).  They should have picked someone hotter to play the guy that she is interested in.  I don't know why people don't pick hot guys when they make these videos.  Maybe they don't want the guy to be hotter than the singer?

What do you think?


  1. If Ashley Simpson, Avril Lavigne and Christina Aguilara had a baby, this lil lady would be it.

    Yawn, been there done that, go back to saving Dolphins.