Can you stay friends post Break Up?

I have been through lots of relationships and they all didn't work except for the one I am in now..

It's been almost 5 years.. I can honestly say that I believe we could be friends if we ever broke up.. I think it's because we have known each other since we were 13 years old and were friends first.  I know that we couldn't "hang out" or anything right away, but we could talk on the phone once and a while.

I guess it really depends on why you broke up.  If it's because of one cheating on the other than it will never work.

If you break up and even as soon as a month later meet up for coffee to try and start a friendship it ain't gonna work.  There will still be lovey feelings and then you are going to want to get back together and it isn't going to work.  You will end up sleeping together and wreck everything..


If you really truly want to be friends than try it slowly and don't jump into things.  More often than not, once you break up it's over..

You have to get over the fact that you probably will never see them again.

Overall... Relationships don't work for a reason.. It's because both of your personalities don't mesh well and you being friends isn't going to be any different than when you were in that rocky relationship.

So stop crying over the fact that you guys broke up and find someone new to cuddle up next to.

Love isn't suppose to make you upset..

Drawing done by Sean C.  :)

Olympics in Vancouver. Worth it?

I went to work with the whole city transformed into an OLYMPIC VILLAGE which seemed like it happened overnight.  I don't mind that everything is covered in Olympic stuff so much.. What bugs me is that they spend so much money on things that no one will even remember about coming to Vancouver.  For example putting up posters everywhere.. I MEAN EVERYWHERE.  It's not a secret that Vancouver is hosting the Olympics this years so why exactly do they have to advertise it so much.... ???

I know why.. cause no one is going to come.. It's not snowing and it certainly isn't cold enough to snow right now..

If you live in Vancouver.. What do you think about it?

It seems like a huge opportunity for the city to become better and more tourists buying more and more things.. but it seems like the games are going to be a big bust.  Unless everyone starts booking now.. kinda last minute but stranger things have happened.

It seems we won't make the money back that we spend to make this city "perfect" before the games begin.

Do you think it's a waste of money?

I think that we could have been spending those details that no one ever remembers on taking care of the mentally ill that are on the streets because they have no where to go.. I think we should be spending those dollars on better cleanliness of hospitals.  If you haven't been to the hospital recently than you wouldn't know that they are atrocious.  My mom was in the hospital recently and she had to unstack the chairs in the shower and the shower floor was so slimy and fithy that my Dad had to take bleach up and clean it himself.. This is a place that is suppose to be somewhere people can get better in and not sicker.. YUCK!

Do you even have Olympic tickets?  I don't.. I could watch it for free and closer on TV.  I think that most of the residents of Vancouver aren't going because most of us can't afford to go.

I think its an excellent opportunity for the athletes though and it's fun for them but it seems like with every event we put on it has to get bigger and better each time no matter what the expense is..

Overall.. What do you think about the Olympics?  Do you wish it had been somewhere else so we wouldn't have to deal with the headache of it all.. We wouldn't have to deal with that article that came out in paper that tells Vancouver how to be great hosts for our city.. BULLSH*T is what that is..

$16.6 million was spent on upgrading Cypress Mountain alone.. I bet those hungry people would like some of that money... cause I know I want my tax money back :(

How to tell if your lover is sleeping with your friend

Do you have the gut feeling that your friend and girlfriend/boyfriend are sleeping together.. ?  I hope this isn't happening to you because I know from experience how much this sucks..

However, I wanted to tell you the hints on how I found out that my boyfriend was sleeping around on me so that if it was happening to you.. that you could figure it out..

Don't be the last to know!

Who's That Star?

I love celebrities.  I can't get enough of the gossip and the who's who of Hollywood.  So I have decided to make an ongoing article about people you may not be familiar with but you should be..

Today's Who's That Star is ......


Nicole Polizzi aka "Snookie", stars on the hit MTV Reality Show "Jersey Shore" which is about greasy "Guidos/Guidettes" trying to find the love of their lives (or just some one night stands) on the Jersey Shores.

Snookie is a self proclaimed Guidette (meaning Italian-American stereotypes who are greasy and tanned and wear too much make up) looking for an exact male version of her.  There is also talks of her starring in "Snooking for love" where she will try and find her very own greasy tanned man.

Nicole is originally from Marlboro, New York which has a population of about 3,000 so I am sure her home town knows everything about her.  There is a bit of controversy surrounding Snookie because she got her face punched by a New York gym teacher that was at the same bar as her.  The best part of it was... it was all caught on film :)  Shortly after she hit the floor police came and arrested the jerk.

Now Snookie has appeared on WPIX, a weather channel in New York City where she was the weather girl for the morning.. well kind of..

She also appeared on the Jay Leno Show.

Here is some old footage of her before she became famous..

It's pretty funny that she is getting all this fame because her lights got punched out.

All the more power to you Snookie!

What NOT to do on a first date

Going on a first date with someone makes most people very nervous and they do things that they normally wouldn't do because they are terrified..

However there are certain things you don't do on a first date weather your nervous or not..

These are the Top Ten No No's On A First Date

  1. Do not talk about your ex's.  This is so important because you are trying to start a new relationship and you are over your ex (Hopefully).  It is time to start fresh and you can't do that by talking about your ex lover.. So not attractive

  2. Talking about sex.. Unless you both are slutty and you can sense it .. I wouldn't talk about sex your first date.  It will probably make your date very uncomfortable and it will turn them off completely or turn them on if they are horny.

  3. Don't get drunk!  There is nothing wrong with having a couple cocktails or a glass of wine with dinner but don't order shots or drink like a fish all night.. I am sure that you are nervous but you will look like a complete mess by the end of the date and you will probably embarrass yourself or sleep with them and I guarantee you won't get a second date..

  4. Don't grill the other person.  You probably have a million questions to ask them, but don't ask so many that it seems like they are in the interrogation room with the police.  Leave some mystery for the second date.

  5. Do not bring your friends along.  A date is shared between two people.. If you bring friends a long it is soooo high school and your date will drop you like a hot potato.

  6. If your a woman do not wear a short dress or skirt on your first date.  It will give the wrong impression and they will only want to sleep with you.  Wear some dark jeans with a nice blouse or a skirt that is just above the knees.

  7. Turn off your damn phone.  Before you go out make sure you cell phone, Blackberry and other electronic devices are turned off.  Your date wants to feel like they are the most important person of the evening.

  8. Don't go to a location where you know a lot of people.  You don't want your friends coming up to the table all night striking up a conversation.  Pick a quiet but fun place for the date and not your regular hang out.

  9. Take cash out before your date.  If your a guy.. then you will be paying for the dinner and everything else for the evening.  If you don't pay then you are in fact a loser and she should get up and leave the table if you don't.  Don't pull this.. "I forgot my wallet at home.. or should we split this" bullsh*t.  YOUR PAYING so take some money out before in case they only take cash.

  10. Don't talk the whole time.  I talk a fair amount when I'm nervous but try not to.. The night is about the other person so give them a chance to talk about themselves.  Don't be a name dropper either if you know a lot of people.. That is so unattractive and it looks like your trying too hard.  Be yourself because that is what will get you a new love interest. :)

Susan Boyle Youtube Video

Why is it that Susan Boyle is still on top of the charts?

I realize that Boyle's Youtube video was viewed about 4 million times but is she really that good?

I think her story is amazing but can she really sing?

Susan is a 47 year old Scottish woman who took care of her mother for a long time,  has never been kissed and has been poor all her life.  Sure it's a great success story but usually these things die down in the media by now.  Why is it that she is still in the news practically every day?

Susan Boyle's Youtube video is still very popular and her new CD is still topping the charts.  Her album had the largest pre-order in the Amazon's history.

What is it that keeps her in the headlines?

Everyone craves a success story.  Many people's lives are filled with unhappiness and sorrow and to see someone with a similar fate turn it all around keeps fans watching.

I have watched Boyle's Youtube video so many times and each time it warms my heart to see Simon Cowell smile at her.  It makes me happy that the audience was booing and laughing at her but as soon as she started singing they were clapping and crying for her.

An unpolished gem is what Susan Boyle is.  She is known as "The Scot heard around the world" which is true thanks to Boyle Youtube video.

Have you watched her video?  If not click here and be prepared to be amazed :)

Comment what you think down below!

Where to meet the love of your life


I have a lot of single friends... hell.. I've been single for long periods of time before.  At first when your freshly single you couldn't be more excited about it.  Your FREE!  You can do whatever you want, hang out with whoever and just be yourself.. However that new car smell fades quickly and you start to get lonely and want someone to share great times with..


  1. Do something that you wouldn't ordinarily do.. Go ice skating by yourself or take a pottery class.  Do something where it won't only be women (if your a woman unless your into that sort of thing) and only men (if your a man unless your into that sort of thing).  Put yourself out on a limb and see who comes  a knockin'.

  2. Go grocery shopping.. I don't know about you but when I was single I use to see cute guys everywhere.. The problem was I was too damn sh*t scared to approach them.  You have to though... What is the worst that could happen.. Either they will say they are married (always check to see if there is a ring on the left finger first) or they will look awkward and turn around and walk away.  Either reaction doesn't matter because you will probably never see them again.  Suck up your pride and focus on you.  You are the great person that somebody would genuinely want.  Don't be afraid :)

  3. Take a class.  Go to your community college and see what they have to offer.  Take something that you have always wanted to take.  Buy some new schools supplies and some new clothes and look your hottest; that way if the class is boring than the hot guy or hot girl in class might be staring at you instead of the teacher.

  4. Go to parties.  When your friends have parties dress up and go have a blast. A person that smiles is attractive so if you are having fun and giving out positive vibes than for sure you will catch some one's eye.

  5. If you smoke.. Stop.  Nothing is more disgusting than thinking about kissing the mouth of a smoker.  Plus you stink and you have to spend way more money on the cigarettes than your signifacant other.  Get healthy.. It's time to start looking for your perfect mate.

  6. Start going for walks in your neighborhood.  If you have a dog take them out for walks as well and don't forget a bag to pick up the crap.. :)  Perhaps you have a hot neighbor that has a dog as well and you could start meeting them at the park.  Even if you don't find a mate doing this you could befriend them and they could have hot friends!

  7. Travel if you have money to.  Don't put out a lot of cash thinking that if you travel somewhere you will pick up a hottie.. The problem with travelling is that if you travel far then you will have to have a long distance relationships and those hardly ever pan out.  Just travel because you want to.  Many people's lives change for the better when they go on trips.  You will probably meet a lot of fun and interesting people and expand your horizons a little bit.

  8. Go to clubs, pubs and bars.  I don't usually recommend this because if guys go out to clubs they are more interested in getting some ass then finding the love of their life.  However you might meet someone great.  Bring a friend and have some drinks and dance the night away.  Don't have too many or you will be regretting it in the morning when you wake up to Mr. or Mrs. Ugly.. (Beer Goggles)

  9. Write down what you are attracted to.  If you are attracted to someone with money than start going to coffee shops where doctors hang out.  If you are attracted to people that are physically active and outdoorsy than join a hiking team or a co-ed sports team.

  10. Is it hard to meet the opposite sex?  Yes of course it is but online dating sites can help get you started.  It is important to meet the people that you are matched up with in a public place.  Most importantly... don't stress out about meeting someone.  If you look for someone too much they won't come around.. It's when your not really looking that they will start calling you :)


Top 10 Things To Do When It Rains

I live in Vancouver where it literally rains 90% of the time.  It's hard to find things to do when it's raining because Vancouver doesn't really have a very good night life and they aren't necessarily prepared for the rain as much as you may think.  If you are like me then you may get a little depressed when it is so dark and dreary outside for days and days. 

Here is my Top Ten Things to Do when it Rains.

  1. Go see a movie with friends or rent one and make some popcorn as it will be a whole lot cheaper and you can talk during the movie.

  2. Go to the mall and spend some cash.  Nothing passes the time for me better than shopping :)  Try not to spend too much money on things you don't really need like I do.

  3. Go to your nearest bookstore and pick up a book that you have been wanting to read.  Go home.. light a candle and relax with a warm throw blanket, your robe and the fireplace on.  If you don't have a fireplace then buy that video that looks a fireplace on your tv.

  4. Watch TV... I know you probably do this all the time and you want some different ideas but I had to throw this one in there.. Try watching a different station than you normally watch.

  5. Play an indoor sport with some friends like racquetball or table tennis.  Throw a few beers in the mix and you have hours to act goofy and have some fun.

  6. Play a board game or work on a puzzle.  Nothing says fun like a bit of Scrabble ;)

  7. Add yourself to some new sites.  If you've never gone on Ebay and seen what it was about.. Sign yourself up and do a little browsing.  You can also go on Facebook, Twitter, UStream, Youtube, MySpace or millions of others.  Try adding random people and maybe you might meet your new best friend..

  8. Just because it's raining doesn't mean you have to stay inside.. Put on some waterproof gear and bring your camera to take pictures of the creepy crawlies you don't see when it's sunny outside.. Bring a friend along and compare pics.

  9. Go on a hike if you like that sort of thing.  I personally don't... well it's not that I don't its just that I'm lazy.. :)  Pack a lunch and a friend and make sure to dress warm.  This way you don't get too hot and there won't be many people on the trail.

  10. Have a tent party!  Ask your friends to bring over their tents, sleeping bags, tarps, food and b.y.o.b and pitch your tents in your back yard if you have one.  If you don't then just make some blanket tents and lots of pillows.. You could play some bored games, video games, paint each other toe nails, play drinking games, watch scary movies or just talk about old times..

If you have any more suggestions on what you can do in the rain... Please email me or leave a comment below..