Rihanna's new video - Disturbia

Rihanna - Disturbia

So I posted on this video the day that it was first on the internet but then someone took the video down so I took my post down 'cause the video no longer worked. Well now they are back up and running again so I thought I would post again on how much I absolutely love the video. Rihanna's shoes, wardrobe and her makeup are just amazing in this video.

It kind of reminds me of Christina Aguilera's video "Fighter" but much better. It's dark and disturbing but Rihanna looks so hot in it. Let's face it, she would look good in anything she put on.

It's kind of weird however that she gets it on with a mannequin but who am I to judge.. hehehe..

I like the part where she is wearing white contacts too with that awesome blonde (or orange.. hard to tell) bob wig. I like the camera that they use too to make the video seem creepier.

Oh.. I made a special category for Rihanna a long time ago on the right hand side of my webpage but I spelt her name wrong and now I can't change it..

Oh well.. So sorry.. :)

Love the video.. Here it is...

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