Mariah Carey is engaged finally!!!!

Mariah Carey is finally taken

I guess Nick Cannon has a lot of diva patience to put up with Mariah Carey's demands. Nick is 27 and she is 38. Guess where this marriage is going to be posted next on my site..?? Another one bites the dust section thats where.. How could they think that is marriage could last? She is old enough to be his aunt and I think she has way too much of a woman for him to stand it for long.

This will be her 2nd marriage and his first. He did propose to Victoria Secret model Selita Ebanks after 3 weeks of being together and they lasted for 5 months. I don't think the name Mariah Cannon has a ring to it but then again she wouldn't have to change her initials. Maybe they can do a great duet together and make a #1 hit but I'm afraid that's all the success they'll have.

But good luck to her because she's getting old and the more days that go by the more facial hair she gets.

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Snoop Dogg new song "Cool"???

Snoop Dogg's new cd, "Ego Trippin" is amazing but it is slower than previous albums. You can still turn up the base and it will still dog pound. Way to go snoop!!

One that I really liked is called "Cool". It makes me think of disco or the 80's like one of Prince's old songs. I defiantly shook my ass when I first heard it. It makes me want to go out and buy leg warmers and just party all night long... :P This isn't a proper video for it but by the time a proper video comes out they will have played it so much you won't want to listen to it anymore anyways.

So here it goes..

So what if Miley Cyrus posed with a just a sheet on?

What's the big deal about Miley Cyrus???

I really like Miley Cyrus and I think she is a talented young woman.. But come on.. All this commotion about her posing nude. First of all.. It's a tasteful shot and she looks beautiful and she wasn't nude. She had a satin sheet on and probably jeans and a tube top underneath.

I don't understand what is such a big deal. It's not like she's Christina Aguilera coming out with ass less chaps or Britney Spears with a skimpy bra and booty shorts. Every tv channel lately has had that picture on it. Annie Leibovitz took that photo and now Miley Cyrus has publicly apologized for it. I personally think she looks a bit sexy but come on.. She is now searched more than Britney Spears. You can drive down the road or go to elementary schools and see little girls showing more skin than this. I am sure when she did it she didn't realize that it would be such a big deal. Or did she? I thought it was weirder when she posed laying down with her dad.

Would you lay with your dad like that... ??? I wouldn't.

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How to get over a break up

How to get yourself back

  1. It all takes time to get over someone.  How much time you ask?  It takes about half the time you went out with the person.  If you were dating for 4 years it will probably take 2 years to fully get over them.  I know that it sounds like a long time but you won't be crying the whole time.  It takes a while for your heart to heal and fully recover.

  2. Don't burn or rip up the pictures that you have of the other person.  I have never done that before.  I like to look at what we use to be sometimes.  If you rip up everything you will have nothing left.  Just keep all your break up stuff in a box in your closet or something because you might want to take it out and look at them all one day. 

  3. Watch some sad romantic movies.  That always helps me.  I find that if you get out all the tears and sadness right at the beginning it gets nothing but easier after.

  4. If you are going through a intense break up it helps to have friends and family to cry on.  That's why it is so important to not sell out your friends when you were in that relationship. 

  5. Have a girls night and listen to some good music or maybe go out and watch some strippers for a laugh or go to a club and get bombed.  For every break up you need one of those.  That's what friends are for. :)

  6. If you are a boy in this break up situation.. Go out with the boys and cruise the town or go and watch woman strip and get wasted.  The cure is pretty much the same no matter what gender you are.  You really need to party your sorrows away.

  7. Discover yourself.  When you were in that relationship you probably lost yourself and started liking everything that your partner once liked.  You should find out what you are good at now and take up a dance class or start going to the gym or pottery classes.  You need something that you can call your own.

  8. Make a really good cd for yourself to listen to when you are sad.  Put songs that make you happy and song that you can dance too.  Exercise to it so that if you do see your ex, you will look so fine that they will want you back but you won't want them.. That's the best feeling.

  9. Write some poems about how sad you are.  You don't have to show them to the world or anything but it should make you feel better to write down what you are feeling.  That really helps me.

  10. Go for walks.  Take time and think about things that you never had time to do before because you were going to his or her house.  I find it relaxing to go for walks with my iPod and just think about how to get your life back in order and take control of it.

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Jennifer Sanchez on

Wow.. She was on America's got talent and got voted off quite quickly. :(  She is only 12 years old and she just blew me away with this version of "I'm telling you".  Check it out!  She has a lot of songs that she has put up on   Everyone of them is pretty good so if you have some time, listen to them all.

Amy Winehouse... a cheater???

I knew that Amy Winehouse is an incredible singer and she has a horrible drug addiction but I thought she loved her husband Blake so much. She has Blake tattooed on her boob!!! He's been in jail for a long time now and she is cheating on him with her manager's assistant, Alex Haynes.

Amy Winehouse is 24 years old and Blake is 25, and he is spending time in Pentonville Prison in London. Amy and Blake have even been offered a 2 million dollar book deal to talk about their marriage. Since he has been in jail he overdosed on heroin and Amy has publically visited him many times. I think their relationship is a lot of drama but she should have got a divorced before she started sleeping with Alex. Amy went to the jail on Monday and told Blake that their marriage was over. Her new man is apparently a good boy and doesn't do any drugs. How could he find her still attractive after all, her face is rotting away.

Poor Amy.

Lucky her dad is helping her get better by trying to put her away in a mental hospital for awhile because rehab didn't work for her.

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Angie Everhart's DUI adventure

Sly Stallone's ex-wife Angie has recently been picked up on Thursday for drunk driving.. Talk about a Z-list celebrity. Maybe that's why she was so depressed and decided to drink her unfamous face off and drive home.  Like she can't afford a damn cab ride..

How are people so stupid to think that they will never get caught.  So now instead of paying like 30$ for a ride home she had to pay 15,000 bucks for bail.  Dumb ass..

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New Rihanna Video

This chick is so hot and she only sings hit songs. Here is her new video "Take a bow." Enjoy!!!

Amy Winehouse arrested!!!

In the early morning of Tuesday April 23rd, Amy Crackhouse was arrested because she apparently head butted a 38 year old man in a pub on Chalk Farm Road in London after he was nice enough to hail her a cab.. HOW RUDE!!!

She went to the police station on her own and answered questions about the incident. She supposedly smoked drugs on the street and punched some guy in the face as well. She sure is strong for being so strung out.

I feel really sorry for Amy. Money might buy her crack but it sure doesn't buy her happiness. She has such a beautiful voice and if she keeps this habit up, I can't imagine her lasting very much longer.. I think that her fate will end up like many of the major stars that died at such young ages. Poor Amy, go back to rehab darling.

Carmen Electra is getting married again

Miss Carmen Electra is getting married again for the 3rd time.  Hopefully they last longer than the other two.  She is marrying Rob Patterson, the drummer for "Korn".  Patterson proposed in their Las Vegas hotel room this weekend when they were celebrating her 36th birthday.  He gave her a beautiful ring with a black diamond surrounding white diamonds. 

Carmen seems really happy and says that they met 8 years ago and dated for a while and they just found each other again and have been together for a year now.  Carmen's first marriage was with NBA star Dennis Rodman in a Las Vegas wedding chapel for a beautiful 5 months of marriage.  How could she have not seen that coming???  I mean we have all gone out with weird or ugly ones that we were afraid to show our parents.. but come on.  She also recently got divorced from Dave Navaro, the guitarist from "Jane's Addiction."  They were together for 3 years and documented the wedding process on MTV's show "Till Death do us Part."  I wish Carmen nothing but the best and hopefully they can survive the media and out last everyone.



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Star Jones wants a divorce!

The former Television personality from "The View" has filed for Divorce from her husband, Al Reynolds after 3.5 years. I don't know how Al lasted that long. She seemed conceited after she had lost all that weight and lied when she said she lost it naturally when in fact she had weight loss surgery.  She doesn't seem to be the sweet person that she once was on "The View". She had 500 guests at her wedding which is a sign that nothing is ever as good after the wedding day is over if you hype it up so much. She had many sponsors for her wedding that she talked about on her ABC show that paid for her whole wedding pretty much.  I liked her much better when she use to wear wigs and lots of makeup.

In a statement that she made about her request for a divorce, Star said "Several years ago I made an error in judgment by inviting the media into the most intimate area of my life. A month ago I filed for divorce. The dissolution of a marriage is a difficult time in anyone's life that requires privacy with one's thoughts. I have committed myself to handling this situation with dignity and grace and look forward to emerging from this period as a stronger and wiser woman."  Well all the best to them both but especially him:)

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Tynisha Keli on

This girl has a hot body and she is a really good singer.  She has lots of original material.  She from New Bedford, MA.  If you like her please go to website.. .  Her name is Tynisha Keli and she is now signed to Warner Bros Records.  Good luck to her because she has had a hard life and set out for California on her own at 14 to make it big.. I hope her dreams come true. 

How to be in tune with your partner..


I realize that it might be hard sometimes for lovers to keep each other on the right track but here are some tips to help out when times get rough. 

1.Never go to bed angry.  There is no chance of waking up on the right side of the bed and trying to work things out in the morning is almost impossible.  Nothing good can come from waking up frustrated.  Mornings are busy enough without fighting the whole time.

2.Always keep the other person in mind when you are out doing your own thing.  Call them when they are least expecting it and you will get major points.

3.Buy flowers when it’s not a special occasion.  It really makes the other person feel special for the day.

4.Write a letter and send it off in the mail if you don't live together.  If you do live in the same house write them notes and leave them around the house or send them an email.

5.When you are in an argument keep in mind that you will make up eventually and try and keep your cool.  Prove your point and then try and drop it.

6.Tell your loved one that they are appreciated and that you are proud of them.  Everyone wants to hear that someone is proud of what they do.

7.Always tell them that you love them.  It's a wonderful thing to say and to hear.

8.Try to be forgiving when they screw up.  Forgiveness is key to a great long lasting relationship.  But don't be too forgiving because you will be walked all over. 

9.If you have enough money for it, go to counselling.  It's not just for people who have big problems and who are trying to save their marriage.  It can help before things get to that point.  They might tell you both a way of thinking that might have never thought of before.

10.Be honest no matter what happens.  Honesty is the best policy.  No one wants to be with a liar.

11.When she asks if she looks fat in this.. SAY NO, WITHOUT HESITATION!!!!

12.Stay home and watch movies on the days that you have nothing to do.  Just curl up on the couch and relax and eat some popcorn.  It is good to have just time to relax with one another.  Try unplugging the phone too so you don't get bothered in the good parts.

13.Make your partner feel like they are first priority.  No one wants to feel like they are second best. 

14.When you say you are going to be somewhere at a certain time be there.. They are probably waiting for you and growing angrier by the second cause you didn’t show up or call to say you were going to be late.

15.Give each other hugs and kisses all the time.  But not too much is public because no one wants to see people making out on the street.. It's disgusting for some reason.

16.Go out for a walk when you both have a little spare time.  Those who get fit together usually stay together.  Go enjoy some sunshine.

17.Try not to say things to the other that you don't mean. It is easy to forgive but not easy to forget.

18.The key to a man's heart is through sex and food so try to learn how to cook and if you have a hard time being sexy take a pole dancing class or something to get sexy back..J It is necessary to keep yourself in shape so that you feel sexy enough to make love your better half.

19.It is important to remember special days like your anniversary or Valentine's Day.  Even if you have no money try and make something for the other or give a back massage.  It's not difficult to try and make the other person feel wanted.

20.Be confident in yourself and your partner.  Your relationship with a bit of work can be the thing in life that you are the most proud of.




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Another round of Talent on

This girl is amazing. I discovered her originally on the Ellen show. She just amazed me with her powerful voice. Her name is Charice Pempengo and she is just 11 years old. Ever since she was on the show she has became very popular. She is just the cutest thing you've ever seen.

Video of the day

This is Lil' Waynes new video "Lollipop".  Its definatly different for him but the song is good.  Hope you can get jiggy with it when you are listening.  It is filmed in Las Vegas.  What ever happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  It looks like they are having a great time in the party bus, hope they eat too many lollipops or they might get cavities.. hehehe..

Woman hottie of the day!!

This is New york city girl Scarlett Johansson.  She has been in quite a few movies including "Lost in

Translation", "The horse whisperer", "The other Boylen girl" and many more.  She was born on

November, 22 1984 in New York.  She has a hot new cd coming out at the end April '08 and her beauty

is just breath taking.  I love the ways she keep her class and she is an incredible actress..  She has

been nomiated for 4 Golden Globes and has had more than 22 nomations for different awards.  She

also made out with Justin Timberlake in his video "What goes around".  Please give it up for the

beautiful Miss Scarlett.


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How to plan a great party!!!

I always try and be the best hostess at the parties that I throw and ways that I do that are easy.

  1. Make sure you have enough food for everybody to last all night because everyone wants something to munch on while they are drinking.  Also have food with variety.  Not everyone likes the same thing.

  2. Invite people to the party that you think will go good together.  There is nothing worse then showing up to a party where you walk in and everyone gives you the evil stares and whispers.. "Who is that girl??".  Introduce everyone right away so they don't feel awkward not knowing everybody half way through the party.

  3. Have something fun to do.  Whether it be a video game, board games, a drinking contest or cards or something. 

  4. Make sure you have a variety of good music so everybody will know most of the songs. 

  5. Make room for a little dance floor.  When people get a little tipsy and they here "their song" they just want to get up and make a fool out of themselves.. So let them..

  6. Take lots of pictures.  Everyone probably wont remember what they did that night so take lots of embarassing photos and maybe post them on .

  7. Plan ahead to make room for people to stay over.  You don't want them driving home when they have had too much to drink.  Wash all your beddings and stuff so they will have some comfy blankets to sleep with.

  8. Make a little gift bag for them to take home with treats or make them all wear the same color or have a themed party.  Those are always the best.

  9. Have a surprise for them like lottery tickets for who dances the best or pass out treats periodically through the night that way no one gets bored.

  10. Ask people if they are having fun and always let the party be about them. Also try to keep them busy if you can because then they will come to another one of your fantastic events.

  11. Have lots of places for people to park when they come so they don't have to walk a mile to get to your destination.

  12. Have two bowl of punch perhaps.  One with Liquor in it and make one a virgin so everyone has something to drink.

  13. Make sure you decorate.  Have streamers, balloons and confetti if it's a birthday party or if you are going for a themed party you can go crazy and order things on line or go to dollar stores for your decor because its so cheap and you may only end up using it once.

  14. Have enough seats for everyone.  There is nothing worse than standing up the whole night or even sitting on the floor.

  15. Try and keep a few windows opened as well because with all those extra people the place might get hot and people might be too shy to tell you and then they will be suffering all night.

  16. Most of all just let people be themselves and try to relax as much as possible because if you are uptight everyone can pick up on it and will be nervous and not able to just chill and have a good time.

  17. Have lots of garbage bags or garbage cans available so that the mess in the morning won't be as bad.  Clean up periodically through the night so that it won't be a nightmare when you get up with a hangover.

  18. Make sure everyone drinks a lot of water.  If you drink equal amounts of water compared to booze you wont feel as bad in the morning.  Buy lots of bottles of water so everyone doesnt have to drink nasty tap water.

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Hottie of the Day

Guy hottie of the Month!!!

I thought I would start out with a bang. This is DAVID BECKHAM, the hottest guy on the planet. There will never be anyone hotter than him. Everything he does is perfect to me. I have worshiped Mr. Beckham ever since the first time I saw him. I'm kind of mad at Victoria for stealing him away from me.. But I'll be alright. If I could just meet him for one day I would do so many naughty things to him. :) On the beautiful day of May 3rd 1975 a little David Robert Joseph Beckham was born. God Bless his parents for doing me the favor of bringing him into this world for me to look at.  If only he wouldn't talk because he sounds like a chipmunk.

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Hottie of the Day

Hottest Girl of the Day

This hottie gets a 10. Her name is Megan Fox. She has been in "Transformers" costarring with another sexy thing Shia Leboff and "What I like about you" and many others. She was born on May 16th 1986 in Tennessee.. Well she is the only 10 I see.. hahaha.. She is for sure a hot commodity and she sparkles on the big screen. I picked her because she defiantly has an effect on men and women and her style is all her own.

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How to get a guy wanting you and only you.

  1. Act like you could care less about him.

  2. Always look your best and keep yourself manicured.

  3. Pay attention to detail.  Remember what he says because guys like to talk about themselves.

  4. Be as confident as you can be because confidence is SEXY

  5. Look them in the eye as much as you can even though you might be nervous.. But try not too look creepy when you are doing it.

  6. Always act busy.. People want what they can't have. (Always act available but never be)

  7. Just be yourself.. No one wants a faker..

  8. Pay attention to his likes and dislikes and find a common interest.. But don't fake an interest.. For example.. Don't say you like football if you really don't because when he asks you stuff about it and you don't know anything you will look like a dumb bitch.

  9. Don't lie about your age.  They will always find out.

  10. Get yourself established first and don't be clingy.  Men hate woman who cant handle being by themselves and want to spend every single day and minute with them.

  11. Try to be nurturing even if a guy acts macho and tough he really wants to be babied. He wants you to be like his mommy.

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Can't they just leave Marilyn Monroe alone

She's been dead since August 5th 1962 and is still one of the most recognizable and influential people of all time but do think that would stop anyone from letting her RIP?? Now they are coming out with a sex tape of her that is 15-minute silent film of her giving oral sex to an unknown man. They think that it could be JFK or Robert Kennedy but that is not determined yet. The man that bought the tape purchased it for 1.5 million dollars and says that he is sceptical of releasing it because he doesn't want her to be another Paris Hilton. He wants to keep it out of the public eye to protect her image. “The gentleman who bought it said out of respect for Marilyn he’s not going to make a joke of it and put it on the Internet and try to exploit her,” said memorabilia collector Keya Morgan. “That’s not his intention and I would never get my name involved if that were to happen.” He bought it from a deceased FBI informant's son who then gave it to a rich businessman in Manhattan. Marilyn's ex-husband Joe DiMaggio tried to buy it off them way back when for $25,000 but they wouldn't sell it. Keya wants to keep Marilyn's privacy but why tell everyone about it if you wanted to keep her name clean. Poor Marilyn.... Leave her alone already.

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NBA star behind bars for DUI

Carmelo Anthony was arrested for DUI this morning at 4 am.  He was driving his silver Mercedes in Colorado and he failed to drive in a single lane cause he was swerving in and out of traffic and he didn't dim his lights.  He is only 23 and he plays the forward for the Denver Nuggets.  He has been named NBA player of the week twice and now he's behind bars for being a drunk.  When will these people learn not to drink and drive.. ERRR.. He could have killed someone.  Maybe he will learn his lesson and party hardy and then take a cab home.  The Nuggets just won the game against the Houston Rockets and I guess he celebrated a little too hard. 

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Britney Spears is a Wreck

Oh Britney.. Britney.. Britney.. Miss Wreck, Britney Spears piled her new 2008 white Mercedes into a car while she was supposedly putting on her makeup.  She rear-ended a 2006 Nissan and that caused him to ram into the back of someone else.  It all happened on Saturday night at 8pm while she was driving on the 101 freeway in LA.  The police officer then gave her the sobriety test and she passed with flying colors.  Apparently it was a standard test that they do at around that time everyday and they didn’t just administer it because she is Miss Spears.  Right after the accident she switched to the passenger side of the car.  Perhaps she was trying to make it look like she wasn’t the one driving.  Way to go Brit!!!  Just when we all started to think you were becoming "normal" again.. You prove us all wrong.

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U wanna sing like Rhianna?

This is "Please Don't Stop The Music" by Rhianna. Its nothing fancy. There is no pictures or anything but Rhianna isn't singing and there are back up vocals. Have fun!!

Sexy Can I?

This is Brandy's little brother Ray J singing "Sexy, Can I". I love this song. Its so catchy. Shake your booty to it ladies!!! Let it all hang out!

Gimme More Marie Digby

I found this girl and she does a good version of my favorite song "Gimme More" by Britney Spears. I thought her version was really creative and because of the fact that she changed it up a little bit and learned how to play it on guitar I thought I should pick her for todays Talent on Youtube. Her name is Marie Digby and she has lots of other songs that she plays as well.

Vanilla Ice Ice Ice BUSTED

So we all saw it coming when he had his little temper tantrums on VH1's "Surreal Life Fame Game". He went ballistic when Ron Jeremy voted him out of the house. He got arrested for beating the crap out of his wife. Poor little Rip Van Winkle or whatever the hell his real name is. Hes just so angry cause hes a one hit wonder. Ever since his shaved eyebrown things have gone downhill. I feel so sorry for his wife that she has to put up with his whining and now is hitting. Someone should beat the crap out of him:)

Christina Aguilera's "Save me from myself"

First off let me start by saying that I love Christina Aguilera.  I think she has a beautiful voice.  She seems a little cocky but she should be.  There is no one that can sing like her.  I came across this video and even though its not the official video because youtube wouldnt let me take it. But I like the song so I made it Video of the day anyways..Do you like it?

Talent on

I found this girl on her name is Adele.  She is really good and she is from Vancouver, British Columbia.  She sounds a bit like Amy Winehouse except shes not on drugs.. Well at least she looks like shes sober.  Her voice is really relaxing and her sounds are orginal.    I also found this girl when I was looking for Adele.  Her name is Chantelle and she is only 15.  She has a whole bunch of remakes of that she sings as well so check her out!

Something hilarious

Ok.. So I'm looking at some different sites and I stumble across this one on It is so funny cause its called 2 Chinese boys and they are lip syncing to Jessica Simpson's song "A Public Affair". I was laughing the whole time I was watching it. They are so into it and that is what makes it the Video of the day. It was so awesome. I cant believe that they have had more than 3 million hits. Crazy boys.. :) They have many videos so make sure to check the others out. Oh my god.. So funny

Poor little Mischa mooshy gooshy


Mischa Barton Got Probation

Mischa Barton Smoking While Driving

Little miss priss Mischa Barton got 3 years probation today for driving drunk and taking up both lanes of traffic on a highway.

She got busted for possession of pot too. Oh jeez. ..

Next time she will learn to hide it a bit better I guess.

She is forced to go to alcohol abuse classes and her pot charges were dropped cause she was a first time offender.

I don't understand why people get away with drinking and driving. Why can't she get driver to come in her million dollar car and pick her up or get a limo??... or.. do do do...a taxi.

I hope she learns her lesson this time and doesn't get caught smoking weed and driving again.

Don't "stars" understand that we see everything and they can't deny things just like Paris Hilton when she said on Larry King that she has never did any drugs but she has been videotaped and there's pictures of her doing drugs.

If you are going to do drugs DO THEM IN YOUR HOME LIKE AMY WINEHOUSE!!!!

 Mischa Barton Caught Smoking Weed



 Paris Hilton Smoking A Pipe

Paris Hilton Smoking Weed

New Avril Video, "Best Damn Thing"

I have loved Avril Lavigne ever since she came out. She has been getting a lot of slack lately for people not coming to her concerts and having to sell tickets for cheaper or even give them away. But I still think shes a very pretty girl who can write catchy music and sing her lungs out. This song is alright and in my opinion is not as good as her others but it might be a song I have to hear a couple of times before I like it. It is a very colorful video and I hope you all enjoy it.

Ashlee Simpson getting married?

Are Pete and Ashlee Tying the Knot?

Pete Wentz, 28 and Ashlee Simpson, 23 are in fact tying the knot. They announced it to their fans on

Well I wish them well but is she pregnant???

There has been speculation since last February that she was pregnant when she was seen with a giant diamond on her finger. But at that time they just said it was a promise ring and the pregnancy rumors were false. They always say that at first and then you come to find out that they are pregnant and getting married shortly afterwards. Everyone first thought that Ashlee was pregnant when they announced that they were making something that couldn't be illegally downloaded :a baby.

She has also had a lot of controversy surrounding her lately on a radio appearance where she was supposedly drunk as a skunk because she couldn't remember the words to a song of hers. But honestly when you are doing that much press all the time and hardly sleeping I can under stand why you might stumble on your words a little.

The couple has been together since 2006 so congrats to them and hopefully they make it past a year. In Hollywood that is forever.

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Paolo Nutini

I started listening to Paul when I found out he was opening for Amy Winehouse when I bought tickets to her concert. Unfortunately that is when Amy was going through her first break out of crack and couldn't perform so she cancelled all her concerts. I would have rather gone and listened to her drunken mutter than have her cancel on me. GRRRRRRRR..

Hope she comes back all clean and sober cause she is so talented and so is Paulo Nutini. Check this video out and he has so many more good chill songs on as well.

 This one is called "These Streets".

Fashion advice for noobs.

First and foremost don't be afraid to go into a store and try on things that you would normally not even look at. You might be be pleasantly surprised.

  1. Its a great idea to go to second hand stores and look around a little. You can find great vintage stuff. I know that most of the stores stink and so do the clothes when you bring them home but its nothing a little laundry soap wont fix.

  2. Save up and purchase clothes that are a bit more expensive. It is not always the case but usually you get what you pay for. The quality will be finer and the clothing will usually last longer and you wont get mysterious holes in your armpits when you wash it once or twice. Also the stitching is stronger and your buttons wont pop off and your zippers wont break as fast.

  3. You can shop at expensive stores too if you don't have any money. Just look on the sale rack. I bought a shirt today that was $50 and I paid $9 for it.
    It helps to bring a friend with you too so they can judge you when you come out of the dressing room. Just say to them.. "Do you think this is worth 30$" if they say no it would be a wise decision to quickly get rid of it before your shopping addiction takes over and you buy it anyway.

  4. Look through magazines or watch the fashion channel and see what colors are in style. You don't even have to wear what is in style. If you like what you are wearing and you feel good in it.. you never know, you may start your own fashion trend.

  5. Always have a black dress hanging in your closet for when you need to go to a holiday party or a fancy dinner. I have had nothing to wear to parties before and I have panicked and that little black dress saved my ass. They always come in handy.

  6. No one can have too many white t shirts or too many pairs of jeans. You can always dress jeans up or down.

  7. Get a funky colored bag that you can wear with a lot of things. Everyone loves purses and colors that pop.

  8. Wear some unique and big jewelery but remember.. Simple is better. Don't go too crazy with too many accessories because you will end up looking like a fool instead of the DIVA that you are. Just pick one accessory and wear it to its fullest.

  9. Buy cute little black or brown pumps or flats that are comfortable. Wear them around the store for a good 5 minutes before you buy them because you never know when that shoe can start rubbing and you will get blisters. Those are the worst let me tell ya. A good pair of flats you can dress up for work or wear with a pair of jeans and it will look super cute.

  10. Buy a pair of nylons that has print or some design on it because it attracts attention and a simple outfit can turn into a stylish one with just a pair of stockings.

  11. Buy some universal colors that will go with anything so you can mix and match your outfits.

  12. Black might be the best shade that goes with everything but try and stay away from a lot of black unless you like the goth look. It might make you look skinnier but if you are wearing clothes that properly fit you they will make you look that way no matter what color the clothes are.

  13. If the size that you try on scares you because it is a much higher number than you would like.. DON'T PANIC!!! You have to buy clothes that fit you and not buy them because you still want to be a size 8 but now your actually a size 11. Everyone can tell that that its too tight so just suck it up and buy stuff that fits you.

  14. Don't put too many of the same designers together. If you can afford Louis Vuitton don't wear it all at the same time because it will look like you are trying to hard. A little bit of LV goes a looooooong way.

  15. Please don't wear pink and red together. That never ends up going well. And last but not least.. Don't mix up patterns either. Stripes, flowers and polka dots were not meant to meet each other.


Wine and Cheese Party

My work had a wine and cheese tasting event yesterday and I have never been to one before. It was so amazing and I learned so much about the different kinds of wine. They taught us that you don't have to spend a lot on a wine for it to taste good. They covered the bottles with paper bags and we did a blind tasting.

There were two ladies, Michelle Bouffard and Michaela Morris that hosted the event from They were so lovely and they had a lot of useful information. Even the expert wine tasters learned some new things.

From what I can remember the party was excellent but I AM NEVER DRINKING AGAIN!!!.. hehehe.. I was so sick this morning that I never wanted to hear about alcohol ever again. I had a really good time and I recommend either hosting your own wine and cheese party if you cant afford to hire hosts or if you have lots of dough look up your local wine connoisseur and book them the next time you have a special occasion.

Image taken from

For the Britney wannabe's

I loved this song when Britney Spears came out with it.  The song is from just after Justin and her called it quits.  It is also before she turned into a complete mess.  It's called "Everytime".

4 Minutes to airbrush my face..

Sure I think that Madonna is still in really good shape for being almost 50 but give me a break.

They must have airbrushed her face because not even on a good day could she look that good.

Justin looks as scruffy as always.  I like him better when you can actually see his face and its not covered in fur.

We also all know that Madonna is flexible.. get over it. The video is OK but we get it, "4 minutes to save the world" yeah yeah.

Next single now please.

New Robyn..

Robyn has been fantasitc and original since I was a little girl and use to listen to her CD for hours and hours and now she has a new video called "Who's that Girl".   It is awesome and I hope you all like it..

Jay Z and Beyonce humped a little too much

So it turns out that not only do they not want to talk about their marriage or their relationship but now it seems that little miss Beyonce might be perhaps preggers.

That would ruin her career as it does to so many other stars, but if they are happy that is great I guess. 

It is good for them that they don't talk about their relationship because it will last longer but for us it totally sucks.

Talented Kids on

This is Justin Drew Bieber and I found him on  He is incredible and he has even met Esmee Denters that I posted on earlier.  I found her on Youtube as well.  He sang for Usher and he is just the cutest thing and he can sure belt those tunes out.  He can play the drums and the guitar.  I could listen to him for hours. Here is my favorite video of him and check him out on

No Doubt Baby!!

This video is by No Doubt and its called "New."  I have never seen this video before and I love her makeup so I thought I would post it.  Check it out!!

Incest is Best!!!!

Father daughter love

In Sydney Austraila a woman found her father after being seperated from him for 30 years.  Shortly after they had reunited they both fell in love with each other and started a romantic relationship... SICKOS!!!  Like.. who wants to do it with their dad.. gross me out.. Anyways.. So they embark on this romantic rollercoaster ride and then whoops.. she gets pregnant.  They have a baby but the first baby died of heart disease.  Then soon after they had a baby girl named Celeste.  I feel so sorry for this little girl that has to explain to all her friends that her dad is her grandpa and her father.  They were both consenting adults so they just want to be accepted apparently.  Jenny Deaves is the mother and half sister to this child and John Deaves is the grandpa and the father.

"I was looking at him, sort of going, oh, he's not too bad," she said.  "Like you might look at a man across the bar at a nightclub."  That is what Jenny Deaves said when being interviewed.  They both knew it was illegal but continued humping each other.  They were both placed on 3 year good behavior bonds that started on March 20th 20008 after they were both convicted of two counts of incest each.. This should have been on the Jerry Springer show... "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry." 

John (R) and Jenny Deaves on 60 Minutes
Image taken from

New videos

This song is alright I guess.. I just wanted to put up new songs that everyone could watch that they maybe have never seen before.. This one is called "Bounce with me" by Kreesha Turner.  Hope you like it.. :)

Three children found murdered in Merritt, B.C.

On the night of April 5th 2008 a young woman came home to see her three children slashed to death. Apparently her new boyfriend that just moved in with the family brutally stabbed the daughter with blonde hair who was just 10 years old and her two brothers who where 7 and 4. After he killed the children he placed them on the couch and then wrote "Forever Young" on the walls and then killed himself. The mother found her children in the mobile home. Soon after she found her kids ambulances rushed to the home and the neighbors said she was very frantic when the ambulance took her away. I have never heard of such a horrible crime and I feel so sorry for the mother who has to bury her children.

Police tape surrounded the home on Telemon Place in Merritt, B.C. on Sunday, April 6, 2008.

Update: Schoenborn who is the father of the 3 children that he killed is now being hunted. The childrens names are Kaitlynne, Max and Cordon. The news said yesterday that the womans boyfriend had killed himself after he had stabbed the 3 children but that is not the case at all. Schoenborn has a mental illness apparently and he was arrested last week and charged by Merritt RCMP on two counts of "uttering threats to cause bodily harm" at an elementary school near by. He was also charged last year after sexually assaulting a woman in Vancouver and he has also been convicted of impaired driving in Chilliwack. He is considered very dangerous and if anyone sees him please contact the police immediately.  He is still running in the hills of Merritt and apparently the conditions aren't the best thankfully.  If he keeps on running he will have a hard time finding food and shelter and conditions drop below zero most nights.  If he runs in the mountains he will run into snow and ice and hopefully he wont be found alive.

Another update:  Schoenborn was finally captured after nine days in the mountains by a hunter named Kim Robinson.  What a hero...  Mr. Robinson had been looking for the suspect in the hills for 2-3 hours every morning to see if he could track him down because others had said that they had seen a man in the hills before.  Once he found him he told him not to move and considered him to be no threat because he was just skin and bones and looked very scared.  He also suffered injuries to his arm were self-inflicted wounds. He first denied who he was but after Kim being persistant he finally admitted that he was in fact Allan Scoenborn.

Now he is in police custody in the Kamloops hospital being treated for dehydration that he suffered after not eating or drinking for nine days. Today he has been charged with three counts of first degree murder.  There was a private funeral for the 3 young children last week.

Weekend of Sickness

Lazy Bones

I pretty much did absolutely nothing this weekend cause I was so sick with a cold. I caught it from my boyfriend.. Too much kissy, kissy I guess.

I basically just layed on the couch and watched TV and movies. I watched "Bee Movie", which was really cute for a cartoon because usually I hate cartoons. I also watched "No Country for Old men" That was really twisted but good too. Both of those movies I fell asleep at the end of them. Oh I watched "Balls of Fury" too.  That one was a really stupid movie about ping pong competitions.

 I am just about to go to sleep now but felt guilty for not writing something new for a while. I will leave with a great video that will cheer people up if they are sick. It's Jim Carey as Fire Marshall Bill.. Hilarious... :)

Plastic surgery for Dummies

Before and the not so great afters

With all the bad things that could go wrong with plastic surgery you would think that people would stop getting their faces with bad car oil and botox but they keep on getting skin removed, getting their boobs bigger, vaginas tighter and penises larger.  Its not like everyone cant tell that your face has been cut on both sides and pulled back behind your head, stapled and then put back on. When they are getting their surgery the doctor should put more brains in their head too.  Here are some pictures of some bad before and after shots of people that were better looking before they got sliced...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Lara Flynn Boyle.. Is she sick with a terminal illness because that is the only excuse good enough for this mess.. She was so pretty before.. What happened???


Jocelyn Wildenstein.. aka.. the cat woman