Leslie Star on Youtube once again

Leslie Star's Hairdo Response from Youtube.com

Hi again.. I decided to do a youtube video on a clip that I saw where a girl posted herself doing a pin up girl hair do. I thought I would try it cause she tells exactly how to do it.. Let's just say it didnt turn out the way I had hoped.

It was a disaster to say the least but very hilarious.

I showed my friend the video of myself and in between her crying cause we both were laughing so much she went into the bathroom and tried the hairstyle herself and it turned out so much better than mine ever thought of looking. Her first try too..

Hope you like the videos and I hope you laugh as hard as her and I did.. hehehehe

My friend who just tried the hairstyle once. Damn her :)

What a good job you did:)

*Here is the original video I was trying to copy*


  1. I'm glad you tried it! The first night I did it, I totally ended up looking like I had been attacked by 5 year olds armed with rabid squirrels. However, my subsequent tried were better. I did the "rosie the riveter" hair do with bandana the next day and it turned out pretty good. I posted a few pics here, at the bottom of this post: http://jelaina.blogspot.com/2008/05/good-spring-cleaning.html

  2. Hi Jelaina.. your hair turned out really good. I wish mine looked half as good as yours.. Way to go for trying something different and actually doing it right.. hehehe :)