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The Wedding Weekend

My parents got back on Friday after being gone for 3 weeks so that was good. We just visited and they brought me back some clothes so that was really nice of them. On Saturday morning I got up at 9:30 and we went shopping at the nearest mall so that I could buy a dress for the wedding that I was going to later in the afternoon. The first dress that I tried on was the winner. It is black and at the waist line has black sparkle thingys. My Dad bought that one and 2 others that I can wear for work. The whole trip took less than 45 minutes which was amazing. I got home, got ready and headed out with my boyfriend to my cousin's wedding that started at 1:30. With the amazing driving of my boyfriend we got there with only 1 minute to spare.

The wedding was short and sweet and only lasted 10 minutes. Rob and I went back to my cousin's house and hung out there for a few hours before the reception began. Rob had to leave to go to work so my uncle and my niece came and got me and drove me to the reception.

The reception was set up beautifully. White lights and white flowers everywhere. It looked like a majestic room like a dream or something. The food was a buffet style and we all got 3 drink tickets each plus there was white and red wine on every table. The bride and groom looked outstanding. I must have cried at least 10 times. My niece Stephanie Kay also came with me which made the night so much better. My boyfriend came and picked me up at around 10:30 and Stephanie still wanted to stay there and party a bit more.

We came home watched TV and fell asleep. This morning I got up and Rob and I made breakfast and watched TV all day. It was so relaxing today.

I hope that everyone had a great weekend.

Leslie Star

Stephanie Kay and Leslie Star

Leslie Star and Stephanie Kay

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