Diana O'Brien found dead

Model died in Shanghai

Diana, 22 was from B.C and was a model that recently went to Shanghai through her modeling agency, JH.  She was on a 3-month contract but had only gotten through 10 days of it and was so home sick that she had planned on coming home on July 24th or 25th after her contract was complete. 

Diana had supposidley thought (according to her friends and family) that the jobs they were giving her were a litte too riskay because she was sent to dance half naked at bars and such.  This is not uncommon for China modeling agencies to send models on jobs like these. 

But her boyfriend says that she wasn't too concerned with having to do it because her dream was to be a model and she would do anything for that to come true.

She had a roommate that the agency had set up in a safe neighborhood for them.  Her name is Charlotte Wood and she's 21and the two girls had not met before they lived together.  She is the one that found Diana on the stairwell of their apartment on Sunday evening. 

Both of the girls had bodyguards that went on jobs with them but it was after shift hours so the body guard was not available to escort her.

Apparently the agency is now under suspicion because when investigators went to the building where the supposed agency was, a man answered the door and said that he was just a wedding photographer and that there was no agency there.  Also on the Agencies webpage there is a picture of Daria Werbowy, a model that has never worked for that particular company and says that the picture is used without her permission.

It's such a shame that Diana left behind her boyfriend, Berry of 5 years.  He loved her so much and called each other every day and talked about how they wanted to grow old together.  Her parents are also grieving the loss of their daughter and can't wait to get her home.  Her mother has been living in Mexico and her father in Saskatchewan.  They are now in Salt Spring, B.C.

So sad that this young woman lost her life when it was just getting started :(



  1. Your right Becca,it is so sad. When anyone dies so young it is such a tragedy. I feel so sorry for her family and her boyfriend. I can't imagine losing my boyfriend. I would be so heart broken.

  2. But just imagine how happy you'd be once you found a new one? =O

  3. that guy will get the death penalty. and rightly so...
    this is how things should be handled everywhere

  4. I totally agree with you. I dont understand why these people who kill others still get to breathe and the ones that were victims of it all are now gone and they will never come back. So sad for the families..
    Thanks for commenting John.. :)