Another Online Dating Story - The "Strangler"

The story I am about to tell you tops my worst online date ever.

I met this guy named Joe.  He was super cute, had his own truck and looked well put together.  We went to a Sushi restaurant and as we were talking I asked him what he did for a living.  He said that he is currently not working as he was on sick leave.

I kept trying to dig a little further to find out what his profession was.  He eventually told me that he was an RCMP officer and was currently involved in a court case as he got into an argument with his boss.

I stopped talking about it for a little while as I saw it was making him super uncomfortable.  He paid the bill at the sushi place and we then decided to go to the beach.  We took separate vehicles as I didn't trust him enough to get into a car with him.

We met at the nearby beach and sat down on one of the benches and talked for a couple of hours. We found that we had lots in common.  After our conversation we decided to go and get a coffee to wrap up our date.  We met at Tim Horton's and he again paid the bill.  He then asked me to go home with him to see his barn. Yes, barn.. he lived in a barn.

I thought that was really weird and of course I declined.

After the date I went home and did some Google searching on him.  I found out that he was fired from the RCMP for violently attacking his boss and his fellow co-workers.  He allegedly attacked them because they called him a "fag" and he went ballistic.  He is literally known as "The Strangler".

I couldn't believe when I Googled his name the first image of him was him in court.   I would have never guessed he would have been so violent.

Needless to say, I have not had the best luck with online dating.  Learn from my mistake and try and get to know who you are going on a date with before you go.

Joe - Online Date
 Joe - My online date

Diary of My Online Dating

My online dating experiences are definitely worth writing about so I thought I would share another one with you.  This happened a couple of years ago, but it's still pretty funny.

My first online date seemed really nice. He was in the military and had a finance job.  We met at Starbucks for coffee in a rich part of town that he recommended.  We went inside and went to the till as I saw him pull out a $5 bill.  Needless to say, I paid for my own coffee.  I shrugged it off and  we walked around the neighbourhood.

We went to a popular restaurant/pub next and had lunch.  The bill came and again we paid separately.  When he excused himself and went to the bathroom, I text my friend and said that he again didn't pay for my meal.

My date came back to the table and awkwardly told me that I had text him and not my friend.

He took me out again about a week later to make up for not paying for the food and in the middle of the date his friend called and he suddenly had to leave.

Needless to say there wasn't a 3rd date and should not have had a 2nd date.

Have you ever had an awkward date that you wish would have never happened?!

Tips -- Online Dating for Women

Couple - Online Dating

I have a LOT of experience with online dating and below is one of my interesting stories and 10 tips that I would like to share with only you about online dating.

I once went on a date with a guy that I met online. We had dinner and a few drinks and got the bill. He paid which was nice. We then went to another restaurant up the street to get appetizers and drinks as we were having fun and it was still pretty early.

After what I thought was great conversation, the bill came. He then asked me if I wanted to go home with him. When I told him 'No,' he said, 'then you can pay the bill.'

Needless to say, that was a horrible date.  I have been on a lot of horrible dates, which is why I now have rules about online dating as I have learned from my mistakes.

You can find love online and with a few of my tips I hope to make it a little easier for you.


1.  Never lie to yourself or compromise in what you want in someone.

2.  Get to know the person you are about to go on an online date with before you meet in person. You never know who you are meeting just from a computer screen.

3.  Don't show much skin as you want there to be a second date. Make sure whatever you wear is clean and doesn't have holes in it. Wear a black cocktail dress or a nice skirt and shirt combo or wear dress pants and a nice shirt.

4.  Be comfortable and try and remain calm. Do some breathing exercises and know that your date is just as nervous.

5.  Meet in a popular area and take your own transportation to and from the date. Suggest that they pick the activities.

6.  Don't talk about anything too deep. Try and keep the conversation light and try not to talk about yourself too often. You are on a date to meet a new person so try and find out about their personality.

7.  Let your date take charge and let them pay for your food. You deserve to be treated like a Queen.

8.  If you felt you had chemistry, send them a quick message online the next day or follow up with a text/phone call in a couple of days.

9.  If they do not call you back within a couple of days - they are not interested. Give up and don't call them or message them. If they wanted to get to know you, they would contact you.

10.  There are plenty of potential partners out there so don't be afraid to go on a different date every night of the week.

Mariah Carey - $150,000 to look Beautiful

Leslie Star on TMZ

According to it seems that Mariah Carey is being sued for not paying a photographer for a no-show photo shoot.

He is suing for $150,000 claiming that Mariah never showed up to her photo shoot and that it costs a whole whack of money to even get her to look good. He claims that her beauty bill, obtained by TMZ, would have been:

Stylist -- $65,391
Hair stylist -- $9,600
Makeup artist -- $7,200
Manicurist -- $2,400

I appear on TMZ Live today and express my opinion about Mariah Carey and the situation she is in.

To get all the details about this story and others, tune in to TMZ on E! today at 3:00 (PST).