Leslie Star's Review On "Home"

PS3 Game "Home" Countdown

Have you ever been so excited to have a movie come out and you actually feel like you can't wait any longer?

Well that is how I feel about the new game that Playstation 3 put out called "Home."  It is a virtual reality game that I think you could very easily get addicted to.

The release date was originally suppose to be late last year but now it has been pushed to November or early in the New Year.

This game better be damn good if they are making me wait this long!

New Song by Rihanna and "The Dream"

Rihanna's new song - "Live your life"

I just listened to this song for the first time on www.youtube.com and my first impression was that I totally loved it!!!  The beginning is my favorite as strange as that sounds.

It is exactly what I wanted to hear as her new song.  She sings it with T.I. and it is called "Live your Life."

I really like T.I. too.  I love how he's so ruff and he thinks hes so gangsta.  Confidence is so hot!

This is not the official video obviously which would have made it better but it's all I got folks. This song was originally sang by "O-Zone" and was named "Numa Numa" in 2004.  They even made a "South Park" episode about it.

The original song will be put underneath's Rihanna's version and tell me which one you like the best.

This song is a bit repetitive but what song isn't these days?

It seems like this song is a song about striving for your dreams and just live you life and succeed.

Hell yes!  Love this song!

What do you think?  She's such the "IT" girl.

Casey Anthony arrested again!

Casey taken out in handcuffs tonight

There was a protest going on at Casey Anthony's parent's house in East Orange County, Florida tonight by people that think that Casey is guilty of killing her three year old daughter, Caylee Marie.

All of a sudden at 8:30 p.m EDT there were under covered cops that even drove up on her grass and arrested her.


When Casey came out in handcuffs wearing a Caylee Marie shirt and there were protesters, media and police surrounding her house, she wasn't even upset.  Now if that isn't a sign of some sort of guilt I don't know what is.

Casey is being charged with writing bad cheques and stealing lots of money from her friend and her grandmother who is 80 years old.  Now that's bad karma.

While Casey has been home the past couple of days after being bailed out of jail for 500,000, she has made a friend with a 12-year-old girl named Dakota Skii.  They have been sending many emails back and forth and sending each other presents.  Here is an email that Casey sent to the little girl.

"Hey Sweetie! I can't thank you enough for everything you have done for my family. I am really looking forward to seeing you. We will schedule something very soon, I promise. I would love to have you spend the night, and spend time getting to know each other. You are such an amazing girl and already a true friend. We are so blessed to have you and your Mom in our lives. I love you. Thank you for my gift (a stuffed animal), I named him after you. I will see you soon. Love, Casey."

Why is this little girls parents letting her talk to someone like this.  Are they cRaZy??

There have been death threats against the family and they are constantly being watched by authorites and bodyguards.  They are also saying that they are putting her back in jail for her safety too.

Screw her safety.. What about Caylee's safety??  It might be too late for her.

Journal Time

Looooong Weekend

Today was a great day at work.  I had a ton of stuff to do and I pretty much stayed busy the whole day. 

My boyfriend came and met me for lunch, which was just so awesome!

Not much is new except for two of my really close friends from work left today to go back to school. 

It was so sad. 

We had a goodbye lunch for them yesterday where we all went for an hour while we were on our breaks. 

They also had fruit cake for them today which was so goooood.

It is the long weekend (Labor Day on Monday) starting in about 25 minutes (when I will be off) and I don't have anything particularly exciting planned.  I am however going over to my best friend's house (the one that just got married) with my boyfriend, Rob and we are going to watch some movies or something and have a few drinks.

Any of you have any plans for the weekend?  And if so tell me about them..

Hope you all have fun!!! Be safe!!!

Leslie Star

Casey Anthony's Forensic Test Results are in!


The moment Cindy Anthony (mother of Casey Anothony and  grandmother of Caylee Anthony) called the cops and told them that her granddaughter was missing I knew it was going to be Casey that probably killed her.

She was even recorded saying that it smelt like a dead body in her daughter's car.

They tested the back of Casey's car and dogs sniff out dead flesh. The forensic tests now came back to show that there was a dead human body found in the back of her car.

Now the police maybe granting Casey Antony limited immunity to in exchange for her telling them where Caylee is.   Why on earth are they doing that?

That damn bitch..

I knew she was guilty all along.

Britney will not be performing at VMA's

Britney Spears Not Singing at VMA's

This whole statement is such a shame. On Sept 7th 2008, the MTV's Video Music Awards is going to be on and Britney will not be performing.

Doesn't she know that if she would have performed she would have got her career back?

Oh well.. at least she's going to be a presenter or something because of the commercials that they keep playing on tv with Russell Brand.

May I just say that Britney is looking so great lately and her body is back.  If she would only get rid of those damn hair extensions.  Who knows, maybe she's going bald in some spots and she can't taken them out like Naomi Campbell.

Well I am so proud of her and I am so glad that she is finally back.

I love Britney!!!

Casey Anthony is a liar

Casey Anthony.. Adoption and Cheating

Casey Anthony has been out of jail now since last week when celebrity bail bondsman, Tony Padila bailed her out for 500,000 dollars because he thought if she was released she would openly talk about the disappearance of her daughter Caylee Marie who is just 3 years old.

But that has definitely not happened yet.

It was revealed recently that Casey wanted to give the baby up for adoption when she found out she was pregnant at the young age of 19 but her mother wouldn't let her.

She wanted to still party and have fun and now she couldn't with a baby on the way.

She told many that she was tired of being a mother and 8 days before her daughter went missing Casey wrote a poem..

"What is given, can be taken away. Everyone lies. Everyone dies."

Now that is some deep shit...

It has also been revealed that Casey was having an affair with a police officer and he has now been fired because he lied about the whole thing and didn't report any of it to authorities.

Casey has been caught in many lies and continues to lie today.

"If I really wanted to just get rid of her I would've left her with my parents and I would've left," she said, according to the transcript. "I would've moved out. I would've given my mom custody."

Tony Padila - Bondsman who bailed out Casey Anthony

Sweet little Caylee Anthony - Just 3 years old

Casey Anthony - A couple days after her child went missing

Dr. Dre's son found dead

Andre Young died at age 20

Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his 20 year old son, Andre Young Jr.

Andre's mother, Nicole Young, went and checked on him on Saturday morning at 10:24 am and discovered him unconscious.

Andre went out with his friends all night and got home at 5:30 am that morning.

Nicole immediately called the police and when they arrived they pronounced him dead at the scene. No foul play has been discovered as of yet.

Dre's publicist released this statement.. “Dr. Dre is mourning the loss of his son Andre Young Jr. Please respect his family’s grief and privacy at this time."

Dr. Dre is also named Andre Young. This is so sad and I pray for his family.

This is Dr. Dre with his family in Hawaii. Andre Young is not seen here.

Update:  Andre died of an overdose of heroin and morphine.

American Idol - 4 Judges now

And Then There Were Four

American Idol's ratings have gone down the gutter this season.  I personally think it's because of the judges saying the same thing over and over.

Randy saying "Dogg" and all the time is really annoying and the talent hasn't been that great this season or the past couple of seasons for that matter. 

They need some drama too!

Everyone this year was pretty cookie cutter. I want to see fights back stage and such.  I want to see them struggle to make it to the top.

But now they have brought in Kara Dioguardi, a grammy award winning songwriter.  I think that they want to have more "girl power" and maybe Kara can interpret what Paula is trying to say most of the time. 

Kara has wrote songs for Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion and Pink.  I hope she actually says what she is thinking like Simon does cause this sugar coating it isn't very interesting.

Be mean damn it.. Nice people finish last :)

The ponytail "poof"

Leslie Star on Youtube

I really enjoy doing youtube videos so I thought I would try and do another one.

I only could only do one take because of the rollers in my hair and I couldn't exactly take them out and roll them up again.

So this was the best that I could do. I forgot my brush and my comb so I had to use my hands to rat my hair but besides that the video went alright.

I hope you like it and I hope that it helps you if you ever wanted to do this hair style.

How to keep your relationship sizzling

Are you in a relationship that is boring and you don't know what to do to spice it up?

  • Send frequent (but not too frequent otherwise you look desperate) text messages that say "Your number 1 in my life" or just say something sweet.

  • Go out on dates more often.  Call them up and ask if they are free for dinner on Friday or whatever you both love to do together.

  • Always say I love you and always mean it.

  • Buy each other little gifts just to say I love you and that you were thinking about the other.

  • Fight for each other and not against each other.  It's always sexy when your boyfriend or girlfriend sticks up for you.

  • Send them flowers or put them on their doorstep, ring the door bell and run. (the trick is to keep it as exciting as when you both first met cause those were the best times)

  • Have a picnic at the park or beach planned with little sandwiches and cookies or something.

  • Give the other a massage if they had a bad day at work or you just feel like giving a free one.

  • Always kiss and hug each other and hold hands to stay connected physically.  Sometimes life throws you curves and you don't have very much time together but when you do have time, make it wonderful.

  • Call each other unexpectedly.

  • If you do have some extra money take them out shopping and let them pick something they will enjoy.

  • Always stick up for them if they are telling you a story about work or their friends.  They like to hear that they were right even if they weren't.

  • Always keep your promises because that goes a long way.

  • Secretly plan a trip somewhere they have never been to before, but make sure they are free for a couple of days and DON'T TELL THEM WHERE THEY ARE GOING.  That makes it so exciting.  Bring along a blindfold to make it even better.

  • Always be yourself but be the best self you can be.  Let them be themselves too and try to learn more about the other.  No matter how long you two have been together, there will always be things you never knew about them.

  • Most importantly, make your partner laugh because laughter makes everything better.

  • Be naughty in the bedroom.  Do something completely different like dressing up, blindfolds, fuzzy handcuffs or a nice friendly whip.  Decorate the room with flowers over the bed with candlelight.  Role play and pretend your another person.  That's always fun.  At first its quite awkward but I'm sure you both will get use to it quickly.

  • Have fun with each other.  You picked one another for a reason so relax and just enjoy life together.

If you have any other suggestions or ideas please feel free to email me at lesliestar@lesliestar.ca or post a comment.

Leslie Star

Britney and Justin together again!!

My prayers have been answered

Oh my god.. My dreams have finally come true.  Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake have finally confirmed that they will be doing a duet together on her next CD that will supposidely come out before Christmas of this year.

Wow.. I know I am a super geek for thinking this, but I wish that they would get back together and make sweet music and babies together. hehehe..

They made such a cute couple when they first got together in 1998.  Justin has been reported saying that he was "infatuated" with Britney..

Which is so damn cute.  That is what they should name the new song!

I hope that the song rocks everybody's world and I really wish they would start bumping uglies with each other and push that bitch Jessica Biel out of the picture.

Update Their new song is called "Quicksand." 

Update #2 I am so sad to say that this was all a horrible lie.  Apparently they will not be reuniting for a duet.. *sniff sniff..  

They were recently spotted at the same night club together and Justin didn't even say hi to Britney.. BASTARD!!!! 

Then he gave Jessica Biel a long kiss and shoved it in Britney's face. 

I should kick his little ass.. :)

Mel C is pregnant

Sporty Spice is going to be a mommy

I swear I thought that Melanie Chisholm, 34 aka "Sporty Spice" was gay but I guess not.  Unless it's just a cover up.. but that would be a huge cover up. :)

She is pregant with her first little baby!

Mel and her boyfriend, Thomas Starr have been together for 6 years and they are very thrilled about the news.

All the other Spice Girls have children so she is the last one to be a mom.  The other Spice Girls say that they are only a phone call away if she needs help with any parenting advice.

Aww.. I am so excited for her. 

Congratualtions you too..


New Band.. "Be Arthurs"

Be Arthurs rock my ukulele world

Are you looking for something completely different? Well this band might be what you are looking for. They are called "Be Arthurs" and they take songs and remake them into ukulele songs.

They are totally original which makes them way better because they aren't something that you hear everyday.

They remake songs like "Rock your body", "Toxic", and "Sweet child of mine."

They all have good voices and they are kick ass dancers when they play their instruments. ..

I especially like it when they sing "Toxic" cause I love Britney and I think their version is so funny.

They are kind of like Bare Naked Ladies cause they are funny.. Well besides the cocaine possession. :)

I hope that you enjoy them. Their web page ishttp://www.thebearthurs.com.

Good job guys.. My friend told me about this band and they have been wanting Justin Timberlake to watch it so they will make it big.

Hopefully this will help you!

Gwen Stefani had her baby

Gwen and Gavin have 2 sons now

Gwen Stefani finally gave birth to her and Gavin's new baby today.  She had him via C-Section at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in LA.

Unfortunately for the little boy they named him Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale.

What in the hell?

I know that they let their first son, Kingston name the new little boy but come on.  Couldn't they have coaxed him into something better than that?  It sounds like he grew up in the little town of Bedrock where the Flintstones live.

"Gwen and Gavin feel it is important that Kingston does not feel left out before or after his new baby brother or sister is born. They want him to help them choose his sibling's name so they are asking him what he thinks. They have come up with a few suggestions so far."

Gavin also has a daughter, Daisey Lowe from a previous relationship where Gavin was actually the god father of Daisey. They had a paternity test and proved that he was in fact the father instead of Pearl Lowe's (Daisey's mother) ex-husband.  

Wow.. What a great hollywood love triangle!

Congrats to Gwen and Gavin!

Daisy Lowe

U want 2 smell like Christina Aguilera?

Christina Aguilera's new perfume

Christina Aguilera, 26 has come out with her second perfume.  It is called, "Inspire."  I haven't smelt either of her perfumes before.  Her first one is called "Christina Aguilera" and it does have a pretty bottle. 

This time around Christina made the bottle pink and the fragrence  all about self confidence and sticking up for what you believe in and yada yada yada. 

I mean it's good for little girls to look up to Christina and be confident but she makes the ad a little chessy to say the least.

First of all it is so photo shopped and it barely looks like her.  She is not that skinny and it looks like she is made out of plastic.

This is what it says on the ad..

"Christina Aguilera INSPIRE brings a little of her self-assured confidence and sexiness to every woman’s life.  The fragrance will remind you not to drift along with the crowd, but will inspire you to stand up for what you believe in and strive for your dreams.  The fragrance celebrates being a woman, full of feminity and fun.  Be inspired, be sexy and be exactly what you want to be."

I am glad that she did do a perfume to "Inspire" girls to keep their head up high and achieve their goal and all that but it doesn't inspire girls when she appears to be less than a size zero with no imperfections.  It should have just been her on a stool or something with little to no makeup on in just jeans.

Christina already feels to me as if she thinks she is the greatest and it would have been nice to see her just relaxed with the bottle in her hands or something.

What do you think?

 Here is also an add of her last perfume "Christina Aguilera"


Casey Anthony released

Casey Anthony will get to go home

Casey Anthony has made bail of 500,000 dollars and will have to be hooked up to a electronic ankle device that will get plugged into her phone.  She will be living at her parent's house in East Orlando, Flordia. 

Casey has been in Orange County jail since mid July when she first reported her daughter missing on July 15th.  She had not seen her daughter, Caylee Marie since June 9th when she last dropped her off at her babysitters. 

Police went to the apartment but say that it had been vacant for months so Casey's story does not add up.

They released her because they say she will be more likely to talk and tell the whereabouts of her Caylee.  This poor little girl is 3 years old and has been missing for so long and her mother won't even tell the police where she thinks she is.

I really hope with her release that they do find Caylee Marie because she is so precious and time is wasting.

When Casey left the prison today the media was surrounding her trying to ask her questions and her laywer, Jose Baez  kept getting pushed out of the way. 

Casey is facing charges of child neglect, making false statements and obstructing an investigation in the disappearance of her little girl.

Her lawyer said that she whispered into his ear on her way out, "I'm innocent. I'm going to walk out of this place with my head held high."

Matt Damon's a daddy

Matt Damon welcomes another girl

Matt Damon and his wife, Luciana welcome a baby girl. 

This is the third girl for the couple.  The other little girls names are Isabella, 2, and Alexia, 10. 

They named their new baby Gia Zavala and she was born this morning.

The happily married couple met in Miami in 2003 while Matt was shooting "Stuck on You."  They have been married since 2005. 

That is pumping out a baby a year.. Good for you guys!

He plans to take the rest of the year off to spend with his family..

Awwww. How cute. 

If every Dad spent more time with their children the world would be way better off.


Ricki Martin is a daddy. Say What?

I thought he was gay? 

Ricki Martin's surrogate mother welcomed twin boys a couple of weeks ago. 

Ricki is just 36 and rumors have been suggesting that he was homosexual for years now. 

In 2005 he sat down for an interview with Barbara Walters and when she asked about his sexuality he said this.. "I think that sexuality is something that each individual should deal with in their own way."  

I am pretty sure that it means that he's gay.  

"Not that there's anything wrong with that!"

Now Ricki has decided that he will stay out of the spotlight to take care of his children full time as now they are in his care. 

Congrats Ricki on your new little babies!

Wow.. That sounds so weird!

LeRoi Moore died unexpectedly

 Dave Matthew's Band member dies

LeRoi Moore 46, died unexpectedly on Tuesday afternoon in the Presbyterian Medical Center in LA. 

He was in a terrible ATV accident on June 30th on his farm in Charlottesville, Virginia and suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung. 

I know someone that was in an ATV accident a couple of years ago and it fell on his face. 

He lost an eye and broke every bone in his face.  He was lucky to come out alive though and had his whole face reconstructed but he will never look the same.

LeRoi Moore was the saxophonist for Dave Matthews Band.  LeRoi along with the drummer, Carter Beauford started to form the band in 1991. 

That is so sad that he died so very young.

My thoughts go out to the band, his family and his friends.

Amy is going back to rehab..

It better work this time

Here I thought that she was getting better but apparently not.  Amy Winehouse will be heading to rehab to get some necessary help before she croaks. 

She will be heading to Bury St Edmunds where a small rehabilitation center called Focus 12 Clinic is.  She will only be 15 miles from Highpoint prison where her husband Blake is serving time. 

This way she will be able to work on herself as well and seeing her husband and that will be good for her I think

Mitch Winehouse (her father) said, “This is a very good idea. If she can get clean and still see Blake it can only be good.”

I sure hope that this is the case because she is an incredible talent and will go down in history as being one of the best if she gets her life back in order.

Russell Brand (the guy that is hosting the VMA's year and in those Britney commercials) organized Amy going to rehab.  Russell also went to this rehab facility and it worked for him so he wanted to pass on the gift to Amy. 

Let's all pray that this will be the time where she says "Yes, Yes, Yes" to rehab and hopefully writes a song about the whole thing.

Update:  Unfortunately her rep has stated, "The recent stories about Amy going into rehab near Blake's prison are not true."

Damn.. That would have been such a good idea!

New song by Ace Hood

Ace Hood - Ride or Die

This new song by Ace Hood feat. Trey Songz is called "Ride or Die" and I love it.  It's R&B and the lyrics are about a man that wants his woman to be by his side while he makes a lot of money so they can move into a bigger house and make a better life for both of them.

He doesn't want to have to worry about her leaving him because he is trying to make enough money for both of them to live comfortably.  He also doesnt want a woman that is going to accuse him of cheating or anything like that because he is working so much.

I like the video cause it's colorful and its all about the rich and famous life.  The lyrics are hard to understand so please Click Here to get them.

Hope you all like the song too..


New Video By Estelle

Estelle - Pretty Please

Ever since Amy Winehouse came out with songs that sound like they are from the 50's and 60's everyone seems to be doing it.  This new song by Estelle is called "Pretty Please" and it's good. 

It's about her being in love with love and her waiting for a guy to like her as much as she could like him.

Cee-Lo is also in the song with her. 

Estelle was born in London on January 18th, 1980 as Fanta Estelle Swaray.  She has been a guest artist on many songs like "Drop me in the middle" (by Natasha Bedingfield) and Kanye West's single "American Boy."

Good luck to her because she is going to have a great career ahead of her if she keeps rocking these great songs!











Jade Goody has cancer

Jade Goody has Ovarian Cancer

If your like me, and you have no idea who Jade Goody is your not alone.  I did some detective work and apparently she was on Big Brother in 2002 and was known for being a racist when she appeared on the Celebrity Big Brother in 2007 where she bullied Shilpa Shetty a famous Indian actress.  

She has also been ranked 25 by Heat for being the most influential person in the world.  I am not sure I agree with that since I just found out who she was a couple of days ago.

She has also had a couple of perfumes out and they are called "Shhh.." and "Controversial" and she has said on numerous occations that she didn't even know how to spell Controversial. “I can’t spell this. I would have no idea. I don’t know. It’s ‘con’ C-O-N and then I’m lost. Is that even right? I wouldn’t have known.” 

On the Indian Big Brother "Big Boss" she was recently told that she had ovarian cancer on the show while the cameras were running but that will not be broadcasted in India.  She has been tested for cancer many times since 2004 and again in 2006 but everything was ok.  She had been collapsing a lot and then got tested again in Aug 2008 and was then tested positive for ovarian cancer.

Good luck to her and we all hope that everything turns out to be ok.

Donnie Wahlberg is getting a divorce

There is a divorce on the Block

Remember when you were little and your favorite song was "Step By Step" by New Kids on the Block?? Well maybe it wasn't your favorite but it sure was mine.  In elementary school we use to have this dance club and everyone would break out the ghetto blasters in the school basement and make up our own dances. 

I was a geek and never allowed to join in the fun.. I could only watch from the sidelines even though I was a dancer but they still wouldn't let me in.

Well now it's been 18 years and they are back with their new single "Summertime" off their new album "The Block" and everything should be fine and dandy but it isn't for Donnie.  He and his wife Kim Fey, 39 have filed for divorce on Aug. 13th citing irreconcilable differences and have been seperated since January.  They have been married since 1999 and have two kids, Xavier, 15 and Elijah, 7.

It's always so sad for the children too.  Especially since Kim is now wanting sole physical and legal custody of the children.  She also wants spousal support.

Hope the bitter custody battle doesn't get as heated as the KFED and BRITNEY divorce cause that was bad news.

Amy Winehouse at the V Festival

Amy getting better?

Amy Winehouse still looks cracky but at least her voice is coming back a little. It is not even close to what it use to be but I do still believe in her.

She plays with her dress way too much in these performances at the V Festival because she is still on drugs obviously but at least she kind of knows what is going on. Doesn't she remember that if you hike up your dress to high or pull your pants down too low that this may happen again?

I definatly know that she does need a makeover though. I like the beehive and all because that does make her original but the rattyness of it is not attractive and she needs to get a good makeup artist and another person to dress her. If she wore stuff from the 50's that was classy she could change her whole image and she would be back on top again.

I have a feeling that her next album will be good too but we will see won't we.

Check out her performances at the V Festival this weekend.

Warning.. If you are not an Amy Winehouse fan to begin with you will probably think she is horrible. But if you are a fan and you have seen where she has come from then you would think that this performance is a miracle..

The videos have a bit of sound issues.. Sorry!

Christina Applegate is cancer free

Christina is healthy and happy now

Christina is breast cancer free!!!!

I was so worried about it for so long. I heard a rumor that she was going to have to get both her breasts removed so I am glad to hear that it was false. She told Robin Roberts of "Good Morning America" that she was totally cancer free.

That episode will air on Tuesday. She says in the interview, "They got everything out so I'm definitely not going to die from breast cancer."

That's just the best news ever because she has had a pretty rough year with her boyfriend dying of a reported drug overdose as well.

Breast Cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women and lung cancer is the most common.

"About 182,460 women in the US will be found to have breast cancer in 2008. About 40,480 women will die from the disease this year. Right now there are about two and a half million breast cancer survivors in the United States.

The chance of a woman having invasive breast cancer some time during her life is about 1 in 8. The chance of dying from breast cancer is about 1 in 35. Breast cancer death rates are going down. This is probably the result of finding the cancer earlier and improved treatment."

Those facts were taken from http://www.cancer.org

Congrats Christina for beating this horrible disease!!! Glad you are feeling better.

Update: Christina did in fact have a double mastectomy.  She watched her mother battle the disease and thought that this was the only way she would avoid it later in life.

“My decision, after looking at all the treatment plans that were possibilities for me, the only one that seemed the most logical and the one that was going to work for me was to have a bilateral mastectomy,” said Applegate. “So basically I had a prophylactic double mastectomies.”

She decided not to have radiation or chemotherapy because she some day wants children and those treatments can cause the stopping ovulation.  That just wasn't an option for her.

She also told Robin Roberts that she will undergo reconstructive surgery and have "cute little boobs till shes 90."

Ellen and Portia got married

Ellen finally ties the knot

Ellen Degeneres, 50,  and Portia De Rossi, 35, exchanged handwritten wedding vows on Saturday in their 33.5 million dollar home in Beverly Hills.  19 guests were there not including their two dogs. 

They have been dating each other since 2004 when Portia still worked on the series "Arrested Development."

Ellen wore a beautiful white suit with a pale pink-stripped shirt and Portia wore a pale pink gown.  Zac Posen designed both of their outfits.  Neil Lane designed their rings and Portia's engagement ring is a 3-carat diamond.

Holy crap!!  If I got that big of ring from Ellen I would marry her too.

Congrats to the new wonderful couple!!!


I'm Finally Back.. Did you miss me?

My weekend was a blast

I had my best friend's Stagette and shower this weekend. Let's call her "N."

What a gong show the night was!

The stagette started out with us getting a SUV limo to a kind of like a "Pussy Cat Doll" burlesque show. It turns out the waiter was my ex boyfriend..

EWWWWWWW.. How embarrassing!

Then we had dinner.. I had some french fries and I bought the bride a couple of Corona's. It was fun there. The bridesmaids and I bought everyone flashing rings (those were the best and they were only a buck a piece) boas (purple, yellow and a white one for the bride) and everyone got either glow and the dark necklaces, bracelets or earrings.

We all looked so pretty. I will post some pictures as soon as I get them.

Then we got the limo driver, "Kelly" to pick us up and take us to a popular strip joint. We had VIP seating and everything. We stayed there for a couple of hours while my friend got her shirt that says "Advice for the bachelorette" signed by all the strippers and everyone else.

She had a blast and so did everyone else. I got dropped off at home afterwards and the limo continued on with all these drunk girls.. hehehe.. I heard one even puked out the window.. :) I wont mention any names..

Saturday was her shower. It was really nicely decorated and she got a lot of neat presents but it was so hot in the hall I actually had to dunk my head into the tap with freezing cold water. It was so worth not having pretty hair anymore. It was a white glove tea party. We bought crazy hats and white gloves and we bought there a nice white hat with a veil coming down the back. It was a bit tacky but all of ours were. :)

After the shower was over we all decided to go to the river and sit all day cause it was beautiful out. We brought our lawn chairs and just relaxed for a few hours.

On Sunday my friend came over and we sat in my pool all day. Then it started to rain on us so we got the hell outta there... I cleaned my house up a bit and watched some tv then went to bed.

Nothing else is new in my life really... My boyfriend has a terrible cold, which has been around for a week. Poor guy.. and now I have it.. :(

Hope all of you are doing well and refresh your page a lot today because LESLIE STAR IS BACK and I will be updating lots.

Leslie Star


A husband held his family hostage

How could someone live this way

Raymond Daniel Thurmond from Lavonia, South Carolina, held his wife and 4 kids hostage for 3 years in a filthy mobile home.  The stench was so bad that investigators puked when they entered the house and one had to wear a gas mask.

He used padlocks on all the doors and locked them inside and none of their neighbors even knew his family existed.  This town only has about 2,000 people in it so it isn't very easy to keep a secret there.

There were maggots all over the house and anthills under all of their sleeping areas and garbage piled so high that you couldn't even walk through it.

I watched this video at http://www.cnn.com/2008/CRIME/08/14/captive.family/index.html#cnnSTCVideo and it seriously made me wanna vomit.  There are spiders everywhere; bug shit on the counters and the toilet is ew. 

Apparently all his neighbors really liked Raymond and never really noticed anything wrong until Raymond's family went to the authorities and "They said they had a mother and four kids, and apparently they'd been kept at home, and there was some abuse allegations and the dad wouldn't let them leave."

The mother claims that her kids were home schooled but when investigators went to the mobile home all they found were a couple of kids books and some dictionaries.  It shows the cart of books in that video.  One of the daughters is 14 and she has never been to school before.

So sad.. :(

The landlord said that she will have to rip out the floors and paint it all again but I think she should just tear it down because it is disgusting.  I have seen some pretty dirty places before on Oprah when they try and help hoarders but this definatly tops it all.

Authorities have been cleaning it for a solid week and still need a lot more time.

Ew.. How could someone live like that??? How could someone treat their family like that?

He should be padlocked away for the rest of his life. 

If you would like to see what he looks like .. CLICK HERE

My prayers have been answered

Britney Spears 2nd Chance

Britney Spears will be taking part in MTV Music Awards this year.  I am so happy because it is time for her to redeem herself from her embarrassing performance last year.

She has done a bit of a commercial with Russell Brand with an elephant in the background to promote the award show.  She looks surprisingly pretty in these shots.  I am glad to see that she is getting back to normal.

I hope you are as excited as I am.  I hope she performs. 

Dear God.. Let her be performing.  That would be so awesome!!!

How was my weekend you ask?

The Weekend Of Love

I had such a blast this weekend. I went to my best friend's wedding on Saturday. I have never been to a wedding that was more fun than this one. I haven't been to a lot of weddings mind you but this one topped them all. I must have cried over 20 times during the day.

Her colors were turquoise and silver and our dresses all looked awesome.

They played the best music to dance too and the location of the wedding and the reception was just beautiful.

Her gift opening was on Sunday at her parent's house and we watched the video tape of the wedding because her grandpa recorded it and I thought I was going to start crying all over again. :)

I have been busy and not updating lately because now I am planning another stagette for my other best friend. So far I have planned a lot and I just started on Friday. It is this Friday and her shower is on Saturday.

I can't tell you however what we are doing because I know that she checks this site and it will give it away. I will let you know how it goes afterwards too. Along with pictures as well.

I hope that all of you are doing great and aren't too mad at me for not updating very much.

New T.I. Song kicks ass

T.I.'s new video - Whatever You Like

I really like this video.   I like the concept of this girl who is working at a fast food joint and famous T.I. comes in and tells her that shes pretty and he gives her his number and the song is about him telling her you can have whatever you like cause hes rich.

I really like this song and the video and its so cute.  All girls wish that they would be just working and this fine rich guy would come and tell them that they never have to work again cause he would take care of her forever.

Ahhh.. that would be so nice!


Kanye West's new video

Kanye West - Champion

Kanye West sure thinks he is the shit.  His new video is called "Champion" and I am not sure why he is using a puppet in the video. 

I guess he is trying to be different but what he doesn't realize is that it has been done already..

The song is alright.. I don't really like it that much actually.  I like songs that you can dance too and I dont really see myself shaking it to this track.

I think he could have done much better..

What do you all think?


Wedding tomorrow

Hello all!

I haven't been updating very much lately because my best friend is getting married tomorrow and I have been really busy with wedding things..

She is getting married tomorrow to the most awesome guy in the world. They have been going out for 8 years and the whole time he has been nothing but the best to her and to me which makes him so awesome.

They are both so lucky to have one another.

I will be busy all this weekend but I will make sure to have a lot of updates next week.

Have a great weekend everyone and I'll be reporting more gossip next week!

Thanks for your support..

Leslie Star

Finger Licking Good

Murderer Gets To Eat KFC

Apparently, Tremayne Durham, 33, of New York City, thinks that "Life tastes better with KFC" cause he just pleaded guilty in exchange for KFC while he will be in prison for 30 years after killing Adam Calbreath, 39, of Gresham with a gun.

He killed him because Durham wanted to sell ice cream and ordered an $18,000 truck from an Oregon company. Then Tremayne changed his mind about selling the ice cream out of a vehicle and decided that he wanted his money back. 

When the company refused to give him his money back he went to Oregon and killed one of it's employees while he was trying to find the owner of the company.

What in the hell?????

Paris Hilton fights back

Paris Hilton for President

Paris Hilton is known for being a dumb blonde but I know differently.  Anyone that can promote herself like she does must not be dumb. 

She wears herself on her clothing people.. That's great advertising skills or she just loves herself that much..

Well that too I guess..

McCain in his running for president and made an ad that had Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in it and compared them to Barack Obama..

Which I think is so weird..

Obviously they are nothing like Obama since he probably wears underwear..

McCain used these celebrities in his commercial without them knowing it, so Paris Hilton is fighting back with her interpretation of the video. 

It starts off with her comparing McCain to "Tales from the Crypt" and "The Golden Girls" which kind of made me angry because Estelle Getty died on July 22nd. 

So that wasn't very nice..

Then she called him "wrinkly".. which is true.. 

She also says that she wants to run for president (jokingly of course) and talks about how she has a better energy plan than Obama or McCain.

Ok Paris..

We know you think you're hot and you claim to be so energy efficient but I don't actually see that be the truth.  You still drive around in your big SUV's.

Does anyone else believe what Paris has to say? 

What were your thoughts on the video?  I thought it was funny.  Good for you Paris for fighting back.. :)

Please CLICK HERE to view it as I cannot view it on www.youtube.com

Jenna Jameson is preggers

Jenna and Tito are having a baby

Jenna Jameson is pregnant with her first child.  She shares this joy with her long time boyfriend Tito Ortiz who is an Ultimate Fighting Champion. 

Jenna had a miscarriage a couple of year ago and also tried in vitro fertilisation but that was a failed attempt too.

Poor kid.. Having to go to school when all your classmates have already seen every part of your mother.

School is hard enough..

Hope they are happy and I am proud of Jenna that she quit porn to start a real career=raising a family.

I bet not too many guys are happy about it though.. :P Or girls for that matter..

Congrats to them both!

Carrie Underwood's new video

Carrie Underwood - Just A Dream

How much do you guys love Carrie Underwood?

I completely love her.. I think she is so beautiful and her voice is so angelic as well. This is her new video "Just A Dream" and it's about her getting married to a soldier and he dies later in the war and doesn't get to come home and get married to her.

She also goes to his funeral in a super posh black outfit that she looks gorgeous in.

Carrie Underwood stays out of the spot light and she never involves herself in a lot of drama and I just adore her..

Hope you like her video.. It made me cry.. I'm such a wuss..

Update:  This video is not working please CLICK HERE if you would like to see it..

Lisa Marie Presley is having twins

Twins again.. What the hell??

Lisa Marie is having twins and is due at the end of August.  She has been married 4 times.  Her first marriage was to Danny Keough and she had two children with him.. Riley and Benjamin. 

Her second marriage was to MICHAEL JACKSON and that only lasted 18 months.  Thank god!!!!!! ( What the hell was she thinking????? )

She then married Nicolas Cage and that lasted a few months.  She is presently married to Michael Lockwood and they have been married since 2006.

Elvis Presley was also a twin but his twin died at birth.  That must be so neat for Lisa that she is having twins too.

Lisa Marie was made fun of for quite some time by different gossip blogs for her expanding waste size while she first found out she was pregnant.  They compared her to her father and him getting bigger and bigger each year because of his pill popping.  Lisa was of course very angry and posted this on her Myspace page...
"Ladies, you KNOW if you were pregnant and you felt you were expanding uncontrollably by the moment... you would be mortified as well."


Good luck Lisa and Michael!!!