Best Song Covers I Found On Youtube

Remakes of Good Songs

Are you ever searching for a song you want on and you come across someone that could be a star? 

That happens to me all the time so I have found some incredible singers.

I love  It can make a star out of anyone.  It puts yourself out there so you can share your talents with the world. 

Of course you come across some doozies while your at but that's the whole fun of it.  I'll post the bad ones later :)

Here are some of the ones I have found.


Do you know of any that you could share with me?

Realize by Colbie Cailat - Remake by Hilary

Break Away by Kelly Clarkson - Remake By Mila

Let Me Love You By Mario - Remake By Dan

Listen By Beyonce - Remake by Angelica

Hero By Mariah Carey - Remake By Jessa Love

Unfaithful By Rihanna - Remake By Michelle Rukney

Beautiful By Christina Aguilera -Remake by Savannah

Be Mine By Robyn - Remake By Jesus Crest

Apologize by One Republic - Remake by Tamara

No One By Alicia Keys - Punk Remake by Paul Days

Sasha Fierce

Beyonce's New Songs

Have you heard the new Beyonce songs from her new CD called " I am Sasha Fierce?" Sasha Fierce totally confuses me. 

I mean.. your not Sasha Fierce.. Your name is Beyonce..

Get over it!

I hate when artists try and have an alter ego just to prolong their career.  It almost never works, but I think it will for Beyonce because she is a fabulous singer. 

Her songs are great but the title of her album bothers me.

Which song is your fav?

Video Phone




Broken Hearted Girl


Sweet Dreams


That's Why Your Beautiful

Smash Into You


Scared Of Lonely


If you would like to see the official music video from Beyonce called "Halo" please click here

Hot Flash Of The Day!

Pam Anderson Needs a makeover

I understand that Pamela Anderson was the hottest blonde on TV in her skimpy little red bathing suit from Baywatch and everyone use to tune in to watch her run, but it's been like 15 years. 


Get your clothes back on!

Your hair is scraggly and you are way too tan.  You need to go to your natural color hair girl and remember to wear your pants.  Maybe she forgets to wear her pants because of all the champagne she drinks. 


Tone down your makeup too.

Remember when she use to look like this?


Sure she still has a hot body but she needs to get her face in check.  She looks so haggard and like an old drunk.

You are a mother don't forget.


Pamela Anderson has recently been "forgetting" to wear her pants lately and has been going out in public with just a top and underwear.  I know that no press is bad press, but when you look like a truck ran over you, you should know better.

What's with the toque anyways?  It's warm enough to go out of the house with no pants on, but you have to wear a toque?

WTF?  And what is with the Campbell's soup person?  Girl needs a huge makeover..

Your from Canada.. Show us Canadians that you aren't a has been and that you have a bit of class.  If you don't.. then please fake it for our sake.





Nelly Getting Ready to POP

Nelly reading to marry

Remember Nelly the rapper? 

I know we haven't heard much from him in a long time but Ashanti and him have been a couple for a while now and Nelly has been thinking about asking her to be his wife.

However Ashanti's mom is a strict and Nelly is afraid to ask Ashanti because of what her mother might say.  Her mother is her manager as well and it is important to her that her daughter focus on her career and the way she looks to take her career to the next level.

I don't know about you but Ashanti has never been that big of a star anyways.  She has had a couple hit songs but she has never been a SUPERSTAR or anything. 

'Before he makes her his wife,' adds the source, 'Nelly wants to know that Ashanti can make decisions on her own.'"

I think they should just get married and have a happy life.  People in life are too concerned with what everyone else thinks.  It is their life and they should do whatever feels right for them:)

Go and get hitched you too!




Crackie has gone more wackie?

Amy - Getting Better?

Amy McCrack Winehouse was spotted in St. Lucia hanging all her shit out.  She was in the ocean with her titties hanging out and all.  She was even on her balcony dancing away to non-existent music, looking like a crazy woman.  She  seemed to have no care in the world.

On a positive note ... she looked like she had put on weight, which usually means that she has stopped doing drugs and is eating healthier.

Amy and her family are in the Caribbean having Christmas away from England.

She's actually got her pretty cute body back.  I wish she would get better.  That would be a great Christmas present for me. 

To see her flaunt her shit.. Please Click Here and Here


Amy Winehouse in bikini


Remains found are Caylee's

Such Sad News

The skull that was found on December 11th by a meter maid named Roy Krunk is Caylee Anthony's.  They ran the DNA tests and it came back that it was Caylees unfortunatly.  I knew it would be though because no other child had been reported missing in that area.

Caylee Anthony has been missing for 6 months and f inally police and searchers can rest knowing that this mystery is almost solved. 

Casey is up against the charge of first degree murder.  She will not get the dealth penalty even though I think she should because prosecutors decided against it.

Something is very suspicious though because Roy Kronk ( the meter maid that found Caylee's remains) called the police 3 or 4 times in August and reported that he saw something suspicious.  

Why didn't the police go by there when they had been given a tip like that?  Why didn't Roy lead them there to show them instead of waiting since August for them to finally discover the body?

The whole situation doesn't make any sense to me.  

If you would like to see the video of Roy talking to the media about this.. please CLICK HERE. 

Also he is not the only one to give credible tips to the police.  KioMarie Cruz, a friend of Casey's, also told them that they use to hang out there all the time to get away from Casey's parents when they were driving her crazy.  They would stay there for hours.

It is such a shame that this had to happen.  Obviously Casey isn't a sane woman because no one who had all their marbles would do something like this to their own flesh and blood and not even feel any guilt.

Any theories on the story you would like to share with me?

How could she look so happy knowing that she killed her baby?Casey Anthony at club

Casey Anthony drunk

Casey Anthony in USA Flag

Little Caylee Anthony.  Such a little angel.


Marley & Me Movie Review

"At The End Of My Leash"

Marley and Me

Have you ever seen the show on the Slice Network called "At The End Of My Leash?"  Well Brad Pattison from that show was at the movie premier I went to last night.  I thought that was so cool.  He was more attractive in person.  I yelled out, "I love your show" as he was walking down the stairs in the theatre and he said.. "thank you very much."  He talked a bit into the mic on the stage and said that if you take your dog out for a walk in the snow.. make sure you put them in booties or wash their paws off as soon as they get home because people put salt on the ground and it eats away at your dogs paws.


They also gave out "doggie bags" filled with scented poop bags and some business cards of good trainers and all.  It was fabulous.

First off let me say that this movie was amazing.  It was a movie you could take your family too.  It was a whole-hearted movie and I just loved it.  I laughed, I cried and everything in between.  I am a sap when it comes to dogs though so someone that doesnt like dogs should maybe not see this movie.

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson were really good in this film.  The media keeps saying that Jennifer Aniston needed a movie to pick her career up again and this one was it. 

I found their acting to be great.  I could tell that they enjoyed making this movie.

Jennifer Aniston played a smart business woman named Jennifer Grogan who is in love with a down to earth guy named John Grogan played by Owen Wilson.  They get married and find that they want to start a family but John's friend Sebastian, played by Eric Dane tells him that he should buy Jennifer a dog first to see if that could prolong her from having a baby so soon.  So they buy a dog named Marley.

Marley turns out to be a fun loving dog but causes a lot of problems for the couple.  The couple grows and so does their family and you get to see a normal couple go through the problems of having a family that no one warns you about before you have one.

Also this cast consisted of Kathleen Turner who played a dog trainer named Ms. Kornblut and her character was hilarious.  The children were also great characters and added a great touch.  Alan Arkin was also in this movie.  You might recognize him from being in "Little Miss Sunshine."  He played John's boss and did a great job.

Some of the things I would change about this movie are that they tried to pull on your heart strings a bit too much and it should have moved along  a little quicker. 

Overall this movie is for someone who wants to feel great after leaving the theatre.  It doesn't have violence or swearing which was a refreshing change but it does have some sad parts so prepare yourself.  Take your family to this movie during Christmas and you won't be disappointed.

Go See "Marley and Me!"

Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson Marely and Me

Tisk Tisk Tisk Cisco

Cisco Adler Got Arrested

I guess since Cisco Adler has such a small penis and such huge balls he thinks he can punch anyone in the face.

On Wednesday Cisco had a show at The Hub in Fargo, North Dakota and after his show he got into a fight with some guy.  The bouncers were about to kick his ass out but he punched the guy in the face instead.

This is a case of a celebrity that thinks he's  a bit more famous than he actually is.  Could you even name one of his songs.. cause I can't. Come on.. You went out with Mischa Barton-who is famous for her cellulite ,weed smokin' and her DUI.  She certainly isn't famous because she's a good actress.

Mischa Barton cellulite

mischa-barton smoking

Mischa Barton DUI

Cisco Adler and Mischa Barton

Cisco was arrested and booked in the Cass County jail and spent some time in the slammer.

His ball.. i mean his bail was a measly $500 for being arrested for "simple assault."

Your welcome.


If you would like to see his not so big package.. CLICK HERE!!


Is the marriage over?

Jennifer & Mark Call it Quits?

Looks like JLo might be kicking Mark Anthony off her block.  She was caught at the premier of Benjamin Button and she wasnt wearing her wedding ring. 

Ok.. sometimes I find that I just don't want to wear certain rings, but then again I'm not married.  If I had a huge rock, your damn sure I would be wearing it everyday and making sure that it was in every photo opportunity..

I bet you that spoiled little rich girl took this opportunity to make a statement or just get her picture taken because she is a has been now.  It seems that once young Hollywood ladies have babies (except for Britney) their careers are over.  They are used goods now. :)

Ben Affleck must be laughing.

Ben Affleck Laughs

Why are they together anyways?  I never saw what she must have saw in him.   He always follows her creepily and he always has his hands on her back so he can keep control.  Apparently he tells her what to wear.  If any guy ever told me what to wear I would tell him to shove it up his ass.  Maybe that is what she is doing.  Who knows really.  I think she she go for George Clooney next.  The rumor is that Mark is falling for Eva Longoria Parker but I doubt she would go for him.


Hollywood is crazy!

Jennifer Lopez No Ring on US Weekly


Mark and JLo

Babies always test relationships


So Wrong!

Seclusion Rooms In Schools

In 2004, Jonathan King was a special needs child that was diagnosed in kindergarten as having severe depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.  Jonathan hung himself at the young age of 13 with a cord that his teacher gave him to hold up his pants.

The school that Jonathan attended was in Murreyville, Georgia and they had a room where they would put kids that weren't behaving.  It was called the "time out room" and many kids were sent there that came out severely injured. 

Students of this school and many others were tortured in these rooms but were only to be left in there for no more than 15 minutes.  They were concrete rooms that usually had padded walls and had very small windows that were covered up.  The rooms had restraints for the children when they apparently acted out of line.  These rooms were only used if the child could not be handled inside the classroom. 

It's not just Jonathan King that was injured in these rooms.  Many autistic and special needs children were tortured and confined in these small spaces.

Jonathan's parents are now suing because they say their child was a "hugger" and would never harm anyone.  He use to sing in the school choir and go fishing with his father, Don.

This situation is similar to what is happening in care homes for the elderly all across the nation.  When you think you have left your loved one in special care and come to find out they have been abused all along.

I hope they sue the hell out of those bastards and get all the money that they deserve!

The shack where Jonathan King hanged himself is shown after his death. It is no individual used, a edifice authorised said.

This is the actual room that he was sent to at his school

Thank yous

Hi everyone..

I have been blogging for about a year now and I really couldnt have kept going without the people that come to my site on a regular basis.  I know that I dont have thousands of hits a day but I am just starting out and its hard to compete against sites like,, and others because they actually know the stars. 

I find blogging to be a lot of fun.  I enjoy writing and finding out information about the stars.  It is my favorite thing to do actually... well besides shopping :)

I just wanted to write a quick article on how much I appreciate everyone that comes to my site.  I couldnt do it without your support... well I mean I could do it.. it just wouldn't be as much fun.

Thanks  to all of you

Laura, Daniel, Ashley and Mikey :) (thanks for being such a great family and such loyal fans)

Bri (thank you for taking such good care of my best friend)

Ian (thank you for being such a true friend through all these years)

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Steve (thanks for working on my site too)

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Arika (thanks for all great talks we've had at lunch and being such a good friend)

Virgina (thanks for being a great neighbor and loving gossip as much as me)

Vitina (thanks for being so supportive and fashionable)

Carm (thanks for being there whenever I have needed you)

Mike (you are truly the brother I never had)

Dan ( your a superstar)

Norma ( your infamous)

Kewan (thanks for being such a loyal fan to, especially with the Casey Anthony story)

Also to all the readers that dont leave comments.. Thank you so much for reading my blog. 

It really means the world to me!!!

Amy A Nurse?

Amy Getting Better?

How many times is it going to take for doctors to perscribe Amy the right medicine?  I mean come on..

Amy Winehouse is in the hospital because she was perscribed the wrong medicine (Crack) again.. Yeah right.. But whatever helps her get off drugs I guess.

Not only is Amy in the hospital to help herself, but she has been helping the nurses too by assisting them in their daily duties.  She has been giving out food and helping them with their tasks because she was in trouble when soon to be ex husband Blake snuck into the hospital and gave her drugs and apparently they romped in her bed too one last time.


I am just happy that Amy is getting better.  Hopefully it will be for good this time.

Would you want her taking care of you in the hospital?

Guys R Gold Diggers Too!

Guy Ritchie and Madonna are So Over

Remember when Guy Ritchie said that he didn't want a dime from Madonna because he had enough of his own?  Well now Madonna and Guy have come to an agreement in their divorce settlement and Madonna will give Guy anywhere from 76 million dollars to 92 million.


The soon to be x's have a estate in Wiltshire and depending on how much that home is worth that is how much Guy will get.

I don't know how I feel about this break up.  I don't think they ever made a good couple to begin with because he always looked like he was being whipped by Madonna or something. 

She is a very strong woman and you can't blame her for liking what she likes and not taking sh*t from anyone, so I am not surprised that this whole divorce happened.  She needs someone a lot tougher but not as tough as her because she is the one that needs to be in charge.

It also seems a little funny that now A-Rod (Alex Rodriguez) and Madonna are chummy chummy and hanging out all the time.  Of course his reps deny it all and say that they are just good friends.

Guys and gals cannot be friends so they must be doing the nasty and that is why Guy and Madonna broke up.

I just feel sorry for their kids.

Apparently Madonna is moving out of London and moving back to New York City. 

Now she can get rid of that fake British accent.

Bush Has Great Reflexes

Mr. Bush - Quick to duck

Do you like President George Bush?  Well at this point it doesn't really matter.  All that matters is that you have a sense of humor.

A journalist in Baghdad named Mr. Zaidi threw his shoes at Mr. Bush at a conference, which is a total insult in the Arab world.  In the Muslim religion it is considered a huge insult to show the soles of your shoes because they are so unclean.

It is considered very rude to keep your shoes on in houses or even cross your legs and show the sole of your shoe to the person sitting next to you.  So it is a horrible insult to actually throw your shoes at someone.

Luckily or unluckily depending on how you look at it, Mr. President ducked and had excellent reflexes two times.

I think the whole situation is actually quite funny but I guess Mr. Zaidi really didn't like Mr. Bush and that is the only weapon that he could sneak into the conference. 

Watch this youtube video to check it out!!

Update:  Looks like Mr. Zaidi may get up to 15 years in the slammer for trying to hit the president with his shoes.. I think it's ridiculous.  Some rapists don't even get that long.  Damn justice system.

They Found Caylee's Body

Casey Anthony... ROT IN HELL

I never thought this day would come.  They finally found a little girls skull that is assumed to be Caylee Anthony's. 

The skull was found just a few hundred meters away from the Anthony's house.  A meter maid found the skull wrapped in a black garbage bag and when they picked up the bag the skull fell out.

The reason why the searches didn't check the wooded area close to the Anthony's home is because the area was flooded at the time of search.  I would think that it would be the perfect opportunity to hide a body there if it was flooded but everything comes together once you see the big picture.

The police are not saying for sure that it is Caylee but they are not aware of any other missing children in the area.

The Anthony's house has now been sealed off and is now presumed a crime scene. 

I knew all along that Casey Anthony was a killer and I hope she rots in hell for killing that beautiful little girl.

Casey Anthony is still in protective custody and remains in no contact with the other inmates.  I hope she gets to mingle with the other inmates so they can do to her what she did to her daughter.

Caylee has been missing since June.  Finally there is a break in the case.

I want to personally thank all the searchers and police for their help in trying to find this helpless little girl.

If you CLICK HERE you can see the Google map of where her body was found.

Where Caylee's possible remains were found



Russian Roulette Gone Bad

Scott Ruffalo Shot Himself In The Head

Scott Ruffalo apparently pulled the trigger on himself.  He reportedly use to get really high and then play with firearms quite frequently.

Shaha Mishaal Adham (the woman that turned herself in on Tuesday), 27 was just released after her lawyer put out this statement...

"We expect the coroners report to show the shooting was a result of the victim's chronic playing of Russian Roulette and his dangerous playing with firearms while under the use of controlled substances."

Apprently Shaha left the scene after Scott shot himself in the head.  I am not sure why she left but her lawyer did say that she was sorry for leaving and it was a stupid move on her part.  She was there retrieving her keys from his apartment and saw the whole incident taking place.

Brian B. Scofield has also been released and cleared of all charges.

It's a shame that these kinds of tragedies happen everyday and people never learn from other peoples mistakes.

The Ruffalo family started a fund in Scott's memory.  Hopefully this fund will help other families get over the loss of their family members when they are in similar situations.

Scott Ruffalo Has Passed Away

Scott Ruffalo - RIP


Mark Ruffalo's brother, Scott died last night after he had been in critical condition for about a week now after being shot in the head in his Beverly Hills condo.  The shooting happened on Monday, December 1st. 

 It will be a sad Xmas for the Ruffalo family.

  R.I.P Scott...

Brian and Shaha

Scott Ruffalo ( in the middle)

Brian Scofield and Shaha Mishaal Adham, 26 turned themselves in to the Beverly Hills Police yesterday.  They are believed to be the suspects in the killing of Scott Ruffalo.

In 2002 Scott was charged with being in possession of a controlled substance with the intent to sell it.  Perhaps he was heavily involved with drugs and was in the wrong place at the wrong time?

Four Christmas's Movie Review

Four Christmases - A Must See

I went to the movies on Sunday and there really wasn't much playing. There was only "Australia", which was so awful,  "Punisher: War Zone", which was going to be a guy movie that us girls didn't want to watch,  "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa", and "Bolt" which were both cartoons and I wasn't in the mood for those.

I thought that Four Christmas's was going to be a funny movie because Reese Witherspoon and Vince Vaughn were in it.

I was so right!  It was hilarious!  I usually don't laugh out loud in movies but I was laughing quite a bit.  Not as much as I laughed in "Role Model" but it was still funny.

I found the acting to be really great and I really believed that Reese (Kate) and Vince (Brad) were really in a relationship.  I even thought they made such a cute couple.

It was all about a new couple that were planning to forget Christmas with their families and go on a vacation.  When they got to the airport all of their flights had been cancelled and both of their families caught them on the news when reporters came up to them while they were waiting in line and asked them where they were going for Christmas. 

Now they had to spend Christmas with their families.  Both of their parents are divorced so they had to have 4 separate Christmas's.  As the movie progressed their families started to get to the couple and they start to bicker. 

They thought they knew everything about the other until their families start to tell family secrets and begin to ruin thier relationship.

I want to tell you more but I dont want to ruin the hilarity of it.  But trust me.. You need to go see it.

If you like comedies and you feel the need to get in the mood for Christmas it's a must see.  This Warner Brothers comedy made 16.8 million dollars over the 3 day weekend.

Have you seen any great movies lately?  If so.. Tell me about them.


Stars Transform

Which Star Changed The Most?

It is a necessity that when you are rich and famous you need to switch up your look often to keep your fan base entertained.

Do you ever feel like if you chopped off your hair or dyed it another color it would make you feel so liberated.  Well think about how many times these stars try new do's.

Which star's are the best at changing their looks frequently and keep us from getting bored?



 Christina Aguilera


Brad Pitt

David Beckham