Britney's New Song

Britney Spears - Womanizer

Have you heard the new Britney song called "Womanizer?"

Well I have, and I love it!  It's really repetitive and the beat sounds a bit like every other song she has ever done, but I love her! 

It sounds the most like "Radar" and "Gimme More" and I like those songs. 

Were you wishing for more?

What do you think???

Kelly Osbourne engaged?

Kelly Osboune - A Wifey?

Kelly Osbourne has recently been spotted with a huge diamond rock on her left hand.  Well of course that means that she is possibly getting married.  She is 23-years-old and she has been dating and 18-year-old model named Luke Worrall for 4 months or so.

They were having a romantic evening in London when she began flashing her ring to paparazzi.  They were at a Japanese restaurant called Nobu in London's exclusive Mayfair district.  She has been denying the fact that she is getting married. 

Her spokesperson has said that she got her ring from her father Ozzy as a present.

I think it's all for press.  If your a star you must know that if you wear a ring on your left hand that everyone is going to speculate that your engaged so she must be wearing it to get attention if she isn't going to get married.

I can't really see her getting married because she seems so dark still and it seems as if she is still a party girl at heart.

But if she is, I wish them all the best because marriage is going to be one rough road but especially rocky in Hollywood.

Update on George

George Michael Flees The Country

George Michael, 45, has left for the UK after being arrested last week for having pot and cocaine on him in a public washroom. 

He left with his partner Kenny Goss to go to a retreat in the South of France.  Hopefully he will go to rehab too and not just on a vacation where he can access as much dope as he wants. 

He needs help and I hope he gets some before he ends up looking like Amy Winehouse.. Poor Girl.

It is believed that he will be going away for a long time as they both had a lot of luggage with them.

Get Better Michael.. "You just gotta have faith."


New Couple Alert!!

Drew and Ed caught makin' out

I have always thought that Drew Barrymore was one of the most attractive people in the whole world so why in the hell would she be caught making out with Ed Westwick from "Gossip Girl?" 

Although she hasnt like the most attrative men... ex.. Tom Green, Justin Long and Fabrizio Moretti.  It seems as if she likes the dark and dirrrrty looking boys..

They were caught making out at the Kings of Leon after-party concert in New York City on Tuesday night.

If you would like to see their picture click here..

Here are a few pictures of Drew and her past lovers..


          Drew and Fabrizio Moretti (The Strokes)

Drew and Justin Long (ew.. his lips look so gross)

Drew and Tom Green (they were almost as gross together as Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett as shown below)

Clay Aiken came out of his closet

Clay Aiken Is Gay & A New Daddy

Did you ever wonder if Clay Aiken was gay? 

Of course you did..

He has come out in the October issue of People magazine.  I get so excited when homosexual people come out and tell everyone the truth.

It's not like everyone hasn't known for years that you were gay.. It would be so much better if they would just come out with it right away.  There is nothing wrong with being gay.  Be proud of yourself for whatever you are!

Keep your head high Clay because I am sure that the media will be hounding you for a while about that.

His son, Parker Foster Aiken looks so precious.  So small and cute. 

Good for you Clay and Congrats on being ok with who you are and standing up for what you believe in.  More people should be like you!!


Sharon Stone lost custody of her kid

She's Crazy Anyways

Sharon Stone has lost custody of her 8 year old son RoanHer ex-husband, Phil Bronstein lives in San Francisco and so does Roan. 

I guess Sharon wanted him to move and go to a different school but the Superior Court judge found that it wouldnt be in the boys best interest so in order for Sharon to still have custody of her child she would have to move to San Francisco.

Sharon still will have access to Roan and her number will be programmed into her son's home phone.

Bronstein who is 57 and Stone who is 50 married each other in 1998 and they adopted Roan and they divorced in 2004.

Bronstein filed for joint custody right after the divorce.  In October of 2004 the court stated that Stone and Bronstein would share legal and physical custody of their child.

That's what she gets for showing her crotch to the whole world in "Basic Instinct."

What I've Missed

Another weekend Gone

Hello everyone!!!  I know I haven't been blogging much lately but I am really going to try from this day forward.. What did you all get up to this weekend?  On Friday I went out to an Irish Pub that didnt play and had a couple Stella's. 

What have I missed that happened this weekend?  Well...

  • Travis Barker and DJ AM (Nicole Ritchie's Ex who's real name is Adam goldstienwere) were in a fatal plane crash that killed 4 people and they survived but they are covered in 2nd and 3rd degree burns.  Travis is burned from the waist down and DJ AM is burned on mostly on his head and arms. They are both being treated at Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia.  They are both suppose to make a full recovery.  Unfortunaly their assistants, their bodyguards, the pilot and co-pilot were killed in the accident.



  • George Michael was busted for drug possesion this weekend in a London toilet.  Does he spend his life in washrooms or what?  He was caught with pot and crack cocaine.  He put out this statement to the media,..."I want to apologise to my fans for screwing up again, and to promise them I'll sort myself out. And to say sorry to everybody else, just for boring them."   He was also arrested on April 7, 1998, for exposing himself in a public washroom to an undercover police officer.  He again was arrested in Feb 2006 for drug possession.  Get a hold of yourself!!!


  • Jamie-Lynn Spears's lovely babies daddy, Casey Aldridge, took a picture of Jaime breast feeding and took it to Walmart to develop it off his memory card of his digital camera and the person in the Photo Department made extra copies and now is trying to sell the picture.. How gross is that??  Why in the hell didn't Casey Aldridge just print out the pictures.. I am sure they are rich enough to buy a printer.. or even their own Walmart in their backyard. 


  • Did you watch the Emmy's last night?  If you didn't you were not the only one.  The ratings may be the worst they have ever been.  Only 12.24 million people tuned in and I heard that the show totally sucks.  They had reality stars hosting it and they were horrible.  They didn't have funny jokes and there was a lot of dead air.  The fashion was great though.  Jennifer Love Hewitt looked amazing in a black and white dress while Heidi Klum, Olivia Wilde, Teri Hatcher, Christina Applegate, Brooke Shields also looked stunning.

Brooke Shields

Movie Review

What A Great Movie

Yesterday I went to see the new movie "My Best Friend's Girl" with Kate Hudson and Dane Cook.  I won the tickets at work and I am so glad that I did because it was such a cute movie.  It's all about Dane Cook who plays the character "Tank" and his job is acting like an asshole so that men will hire him to go out with their ex-girlfriend's and treat them badly so the men will look better and then their girlfriends will want to come back to them. 

Kate Hudson, Jason Biggs and Alec Baldwin also star in this film.  Kate Hudson plays "Alexis" and she is a total knock out in this movie.  Her hair is to die for.  I don't know how they made it look like that during the film but I totally want her hair on my head.

Alexis is a fun loving party girl that doesn't think she's ready for a committed relationship.  Jason Biggs who plays "Dustin" wants Alexis to be his girlfriend but he tells her that he loves her 5 weeks into their relationship and it freaks Alexis out so she tells him that she wants to be just friends. 

Dustin loves her more than anything so he sends Tank out to bomb their date so she will come crawling back to him.  But that fails horribly because she starts to fall for Tank instead.

May I just say that Alec Baldwin did a fantastic job playing an old rich pervert.  He plays "Professor Turner" and he's Tanks Father so all Tank's bad qualities come from him. 

He did such a great job in the movie and I thought that he was hilarious.

There was a lot of nudity which was surprising to me, but the movie was quite good.  I recommend this movie to anyone that likes a bit of chick flick comedy. 

Dane Cook complained when the movie first came out that the movie poster didn't look at all like the movie and he was right.  They should have done a better job when they made the poster.  Dane also said that it wasn't even his hair in the shot. 

Poem of the Day

Tuesdays are usually boring

Today I have really done nothing. 

Yesterday I went to Jazzercise for the very first time and it was a lot of fun.  I went with my neice, Stephanie Kay and we are both trying to get into shape. 

It was a hard work out but it was fun at the same time. 

After that I came home and watched TV for awhile and "Intervention" was on.

I love that show.

I hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the great weather.

You never knew what you did to me

And that is why we aren't together

When things were good it was the best

And I always felt light as a feather

When things were bad, which they usually were

My heart never hurt so much

You think I would learn after years gone by

That I would never fully feel your touch

Your too into yourself... you always were

To ever think of me

Why didn't I ever see it before?

How stupid could I be?

I'm trying to get myself back

Back to what I was before you came along

I know I tried my hardest at us

So why does it still feel like I was in the wrong?

My days go by much slower now

I don't know what to do with myself

But I'm not like you, I say what I mean

And don't try and hold it in, you should have asked for my help

Why didn't you ever tell me what I did so badly

For you to treat me this way?

After all this I still love you

And that's all I have left to say.

Written by Leslie Star

Selena Gomez's New Song

Selena Gomez - Tell Me Something

I personally think that this song is so annoying but maybe for young teens it is a good song.

It just seems like she can't sing and it is really repetitive.  I think she is a really pretty young girl but the music video is really boring and she's just wearing a stupid maids outfit and then a black and white outfit with a crooked tie.

Whats with the tie by the way?  Is that her way of being edgy?

Not sure what that is suppose to be.  Also when she is wearing the black and white stripped jacket and colorful words are flying around her it is copying No Doubt's hey baby video.  She should be changing outfits or her hair or something but not enough stuff is going on.

She's like an Avril Lavigne dancer too.  She can't dance but they make the moves so simple that anyone can almost do it.  I just think she could have come up with something better.

I still like Miley Cyrus the best out of the Teen Disney Skanks.  At least her songs are good and she's controversial and not so cookie cutter.

What do you think about her new song called "Tell Me Something" ??

David Archuleta

Did you watch American Idol this season?

If you did you know who David Archuleta is.  I didn't really like him on the show cause he always sang such cheesy songs and I just liked David Cook better.

But his new song actually kicks ass and it's not just his dad kicking his ass.

Do you remember all that drama when the show was on that his dad was banned from the show because he use to harass his son like a terrible stage Dad would?

He is a really good singer and I think that this song stays cool but shows off his vocals too.  I think he looks cute in this video too.

Do you like the song?  Let me know..

Update of the weekend

Weekend Wedding

Sorry I haven't been posting folks.  My boyfriend and I had recently broke up and I was in the wedding party for my friends wedding on Friday.  The gift opening was on Saturday and I went shopping today with my niece Stephanie Kay.  I bought a black skirt and a white blouse today and some awesome leopard high heels.  Shopping makes me feel a little better about being single.. hehe

The wedding that I went to this weekend was so much fun!  I thought I would share pictures of it.  I don't have many since I didn't take my own camera.  They had a bird cage that we could all dance in and they gave out favors that were sketched by hand with the bride and grooms initials on them that my friend did herself.  The food was really great and the desserts were to die for.

They had a chocolate fountain as well. MMMMM

Everyone seemed like they had a lot of fun.  There was this one girl that was pretty drunk and made of fool out of herself by hitting on everyone.

She even hit on my mom.. Hehehe..

But it was hilarious to watch. She must have fell down dancing like 10 times and I must have saw her butt cheeks 2 or 3 times as well when she kept hiking up her skirt.  She was a mess but a funny mess.

My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years and it is so hard.  Its hard breaking up and feeling like you failed you know.  But we are staying friends for sure because I have known him since we were 13.

I am getting back on my feet and I intend on getting my life back in order so I can blog like crazy :)

Everyone has been through a break up of some kind and it takes a while to get back yourself without thinking so much about what the other one is doing.  Its something to get use to but I think it will be better for us.

If any of you are going through some hard times feel free to email me at or post a comment.

Thanks for coming to my site.  I really appreciate it!!

Diary for Monday

My Dress Nightmare Came True

How was everyone's night last night?  Mine was good.  I mostly watched T.V and surfed the net for a bit.  I cleaned up my room and played with my puppy.  I watched Intervention too.  It was all about past guests coming back and showing everyone that they were still sober.  They only have 5 guests on which wasnt very many and I wanted to see the really messed up ones damn it. 

I was upset yesterday though because I brought my bridesmaids dress to the tailor about 3 weeks ago and told them it was to be ready for last Friday.  When they didn't phone me on Friday to tell me the dress was ready I thought I would give them till Monday and I could pick it up then. 

I went back on Monday and the stupid lady said that it was still not ready and that I should come back in 2 hours and it would be done then. 

I was so mad..

I went back in an hour and a half and I tried the dress on.  Keep in mind that this cost me $120 to get done on top of paying $250 for the dress, $40 for the purse, $70 for the shoes and it's going to be $65 to get my hair done

I tried it on and it was still too big and the hemming she did on the bottom was totally crooked and the top part of the dress was now totally screwed up.  I was so angry at her and she said she still had to fix it and come back in 2 hours and it would be done. 

I told her not to touch the hem because I didn't want her to make it too short and then I would be screwed.  (I told her the dress was for that night for the rehearsal dinner but the wedding is actually this Friday because I wanted to make sure it was going to give me enough time just in case she messed it up.. WHICH SHE DID, BIG TIME!!)

I came back in two hours and I totally gave it to her.  I was so upset and told her where to shove it and told her I was not happy and she just didn't care. 

I wanted to shove a sewing machine up her ass!!!

Anyways.. I hope you all had a great Monday and stay tuned for pictures from the wedding this Friday, Sept 12th.


Leslie Star

Poem of the Day

I'm Just Crazy About Poems

I have been meaning to type out the poems that I wrote a long time ago but I keep coming up with new ones.

I just keep getting new ideas so I thought I would share them with you.

You should send me some that you guys have written too.

That would be the ULTIMATE!!!

Just post them in the comment section or write me an email to:

My heart is crumbling in your hands

Why can't you catch it fast enough?

How did we ever end up here?

You always act like your so tough

Can't we rewind all this

And go back to the way it use to be?

Back to the way were before

When we were together but still felt free

I don't want us to act this way

We are suppose to love one another

And now I question myself.. Was it all a lie?

Did we really love each other?

I can't ever catch my breath

Or rest my broken heart

I wish I would have known what I know now

Right from the the very start

Does it have to happen like this?

Can't we still be friends?

I've been sad since the moment this started

Now I can't control how it ends.

Written By Leslie Star on Sept 8 2008

VMA's Review


Did everyone watch the VMA's last night?  I am sure that not everyone is as big of fan of Britney Spears as I am, but did you all enjoy the show?

I thought that they seemed a bit desperate for performers considering that Rihanna sang twice and so did Lil Wayne.  I mean they both did a good job except Lil Wayne could have pulled up his pants.

Not everyone wants to see his sh*t stained underwear.

Rihanna sang "Disturbia" and her vocals weren't really that great and then she sang again with T.I. and sang the new song "Live ya Life" and I thought they both did a good job and she looked really hot.

I thought that Leona Lewis singing with Lil Wayne was really a strange mix too but maybe that was just me.

Kid Rock did a good job too as well as Christina Aguilera.  I know that she gave birth like 8 months ago but she looked a little thick in the mid section.  I realize that I'm not that skinny but I am not singing on the VMA's with a tight body suit on.  She should have picked something a bit more flattering on her.

I thought that Pink gave the best performance.  She sang her new song "So What." She even broke a rib during rehearsal the day before and she still did the whole "Tarzan" thing and slid down a rope and was blowing up buildings and everything.  She looked really hot when she took off that blue robe and her nipples would have shown if they weren't covered up with what looked like electrical tape.

Paris Hilton screwed up presenting when she was looking into the wrong camera.  

Kanye West also performed and I hated his new song "Love Lock down."  Although the lights and everything was entertaining to watch, the song sucked.

It does seem as if the show was for Britney which was awesome for me but probably not for most people.

They should start giving out more awards too because the show was a bit boring.  I wanted some drama and lots of different websites and commercials kept saying that there was going to be a "BIG Surprise."

There was no surprise.

I thought perhaps Britney would perform even though her manager said she wouldn't or Katy Perry would kiss Lindsay Lohan or something.  But nothing like that happened.  The biggest risky thing they did was having Miley Cyrus in the Limo with Katy Perry because Katy said she would like to make out with Miley.

Overall the show kind of sucked except for Britney.  She looked just awesome.  So proud of her..  She was a bit nervous but that is what made it so cute too.

I really thought that Russell Brand did a good job too.  He sure can talk fast.  I thought he was really funny although he seemed a bit like he was on speed or something.  Maybe that is how he talks normally?

Overall I think that they could have done a way better job this year and it was probably the most boring award shows I have ever seen besides like.. the Juno's or something like that.

Britney WON!!!!!

Britney Won and She Deserves It!

Hey everyone!!!

You watching the MTV MVA's?

Britney Spears just won the "BEST FEMALE VIDEO OF THE YEAR" against Mariah Carey for "Touch My Body", Rihanna "Take A Bow", Katy Perry "I Kissed A Girl" and Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown for "No Air".

Britney gave such a great acceptance speech and she thanked her boys and her fans.

She looked so nervous and it was so cute.  She looked so hot in her dress too!!

I screamed when she won!!!

Good luck to the rest of the nominees tonight!

Update: Britney Won again for "BEST POP VIDEO"!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Update #2: HOLY SHIT BALLS!!!! She won again for "Video of the Year".

What a great night.. She is on her way to a new start.


Is she or Isnt she?

The VMA's Are Tonight

The MTV VMA's are tonight and I am so excited.  I mostly want to see Britney Spears perform but I don't know if that is going to happen.

Larry Rudolph, Britney's manager put out a statement saying that she is just presenting but not performing.  But sites everywhere are saying that there will be a surprise tonight so I am so hoping that she will perform.

If you would like to see her dancing to her new song with her dancers click here..

Another person that I am excited to see is Katy Perry.  I want to see her kiss Lindsay Lohan but that sounds a little good to be true.

What would really be hot is if Britney, Christina and Lindsay all kissed her.  Now that would be worth watching.

Everyone watch the VMA's tonight and pray that Britney comes back with a vengeance.

Poem of the Day

Angry Poem

I had a happy poem yesterday so I thought I would switch it up a bit.

When you talk to me like I'm an idiot

You make me feel like shit

What do you expect after only a year

That I am going to put up with it?

No more sneaking around on me

No more lying to my face

I sometimes see your eyes wander

And just know that cheating is the case

It turns out it was

My world came crashing down upon my broken heart

You said it happened so fast and you didn't have fun

You were suppose to be my best friend

Till the end,

But now were done

No more tears, they have all dried up

But I still think of you

Holding my heart in your hands

There is nothing else left to do

I will never be the same now that you slept with my friend

I was such a fool to think

That both of you were so true

And now I am the one that got screwed in the end .. FUCK YOU!

Written by Leslie Star on May 24th 2004

Poem of the Day

Leslie Star's Poems

I have always really loved writing poetry and songs ever since I was a little girl.

I have books and books of poems and songs that aren't organized so I thought if I were to write them all on my blog, that people would maybe enjoy them instead of just sitting in messy books on my messy shelf.

I have most of them written on paper, but the others are on napkins or anything else I could find at the time.

I will try and make an beautifully organized book to showcase them all, but I'm not very crafty :)

I hope that they will cheer you up!

Do you ever feel like the world is against you

And nothing is going your way?

All you want to do is scream in a pillow

Or go far, far away?

Does it help to know that you are not the only

One who feels like this?

When all you want is to be rescued

Or given a hug or a kiss.

Today is the day to remember

Not to sweat the small stuff

And don't get your spirits down

Just cause these moments are rough

Brush it off cause life's too short

Tomorrow is a new day

Always try and think positive

And life will start going your way

Those who make you unhappy

Are not truly your friends

Those who really love you

Will be there till the bitter end.

Written By Leslie Star on Sept. 3. 2008.


Mr. Jackon and Ms. Anderson doing it?

The Perfect Love Match

This is totally bizzare!

Michael Jackson and Pamela Anderson are apparently interested in bumping each others uglies. 


How could anyone be attracted to MJ?  Totally sick. 

Maybe Pam's interested in taking Mike's nose off and doing a porn about it or something.

MJ who is 50 and Pam, 41 have been on two dates recently.  The first date was at Shutters Hotel and they arrived separately so no one would see them together ( I wouldn't want to be scene with him either).  They had a few drinks at the back of the bar so that they could have their privacy.

Their second date was at the Country Mart in Malibu to have a coffee together. 

Doesn't she have kids??  Isn't she scared that while she is sleeping Papa Jackson will crawl into bed with them and "kiss" them goodnight?

Sure MJ was popular way back when but now there are much better artists like Usher, Chris Brown and many others that try and sound just like he did so why do we keep coming back to him? He hasn't had a good song for years.  I guess Pam thinks that they will make sweet music together in the sack. 

Who knows with her. 

She does drink lots of champagne so maybe she's drunk all the time and she has her beer goggles on and thinks he's hot or something.

Hey.. He likes monkeys and she loves animals so maybe they can be animal lovers together.

This whole thing really disturbs me and Kid Rock and Tommy Lee are probably laughing until they piss their pants about it somewhere. 

I never thought there would be worse than those two. 

Boy.. was I ever wrong.


Review on the New 90210 TV Show

Leslie Star's Youtube Review on the 90210

Well what did everyone think?  I personally thought it was hot.  I loved all the characters and they were pretty easy to understand who they were if you payed close attention.

I have been looking forward to this show starting ever since I heard about it, but it was only because I had planned to make fun of it when it bombed.

But it didn't, and I have to congratulate the writers on this one because it was a huge success in my eyes.

I liked everything about it except for it was a bit cheesy and the fashion could have been a little better like more on the "Sex and The City" side but more for teenagers.

I hope that those of you who watched it will leave a comment and check out my youtube video and tell me what you think.

I loved how Jennie Garth and Shannon Doherty are friends in the show.  That makes me laugh.  Apparently Tori Spelling has been lying about their feud and everything about these two for years.  Who would have thought that Tori was the bitch all along??

I WOULD HAVE!!!  Except I actually like Tori and Dean's reality show so I won't be that mean.

Oh and I found out that Annie's last name is Mills.  They originally wrote her as being Annie Wilson but that has been changed.  Sorry 'bout that!! That also means that Dixon's last name is Mills as well as their parents, Harry and Debbie.

The New 90210 Review

Leslie Star's Review on the New 90210

I am a solid 90210 fan and I have probably watched all the episodes.  I once bought the Brian Austin Green CD just for his picture inside.. Oh, it was a bad CD but I worshiped that picture.

I watched the new 90210 tonight and it seems like it will be a good show.  It is a bit cheesy and I don't believe for one second that any of these kids are the age that they pretend to be on the show, but other than that everyone seems to have good chemistry and pretty good acting so far.

I understand who the characters bye the very good writing in the show and I understand who the characters are but their names are still a little rough but I know this much...

  • Annie Mills (Shenae Grimes) (the main character) is the daughter of the principal of the school, Harry Mills.

  • Harry is married to Deborah (a photographer) and they also adopted a teenage son named Dixon Mills (Tristan Wild) who is African American that spent some time in foster care.  Him and his sister are both 16.

  • Naomi Clark (AnnaLynne McCord) (the rich girl that has blonde hair who had the birthday party) that is dating Ethan Ward.  After she caught Ethan cheating they broke up and she started making out with this guy named George.

  • Adriana ( who is in the girls band with the short brunette bob that has the drug problem).

  • Ethan Ward (Dustin Milligan) is Naomi's boyfriend who is cheating on her.  Ethan also met Annie a couple years ago.  I think he still has a thing for her.

  • Ryan Matthews (Ryan Eggold) is one of the teachers.  He also likes Kelly Tayler.

  • Kelly Tayler (Jennie Garth) plays the schools guidance counselor

  • Brenda Walsh (Shannon Doherty) is Kellie Tayler's friend.

  • Tabitha Mills (Jessica Walter) plays the Wilson's family matriarch (Annie and Dixon's grandma)

  • Navid (Michael Steger) is like the new Andrea Zuckerman.  Hes the schools journalist and his dad is a pornography director.

  • Erin Silver  who only responds when you call her 'Silver' (Jessica Stroup) is also Annie's friend.  She is a blogger that gets half a million views a day and she gossips about the high school kids.  Kelly Tayler is also her half sister and David Silver (Brian Austin Green) is her half brother.

  • Nat (Joe E. Tata)is the owner of The Peach Pit and I am so excited that they used that restaurant in the new show so the new characters can go and make new memories there.

I can see myself waiting until I get off work on Tuesday to go home and watch the show.  The fashion could use a bit of a pick me up for kids that live in Beverly Hills but then again it is the first show.

I like how they play up to date music in the show as well.  I also like how they used the old 90210 theme song but they just jazzed it up a bit.  It makes me feel like the old cast and the new cast do connect.

I think that the sex talk is a bit much for a teenage show but for me I think it's damn funny.

The plot of the show was really good too.  I am actually surprised how much I like it so far.

Please let this be one of my new favorite shows cause I am sick of all the rest.

The New 90210 Cast

The Old 90210 Cast

James Gandolfini got married

The Mobster Got Hitched

James Gandolfini,46, aka Tony Soprano got married on Saturday at Central Union Church in Honolulu, Hawaii to Deborah Lin, 40.  Deborah is a former model and Honolulu is her home town. 

She wore a white gown made of Italian lace and he wore a nice black tuxedo.

The ceremony lasted 20 minutes and his best man was James's son Micheal, 8, from his first marriage to Marcy Wudarsk.  That is so freakin' cute.  

His marriage to Marcy ended in 2002. 

After the wedding was over the couple got whisked away in a white limosine going to the near by reception at a resort.

Congrats to the newlyweds!

Josh Hartnett was caught


When will the stars learn? 

Josh Hartnett was caught having sex with a unknown woman in Soho hotel library by closed circuit TV.

He tried to close all the curtains so no one could see in but I guess he didn't know that there was a camera pointed right at them and all the staff saw the whole thing. 

It doesn't really seem like he cared if anyone came in because it was a library and there wasn't a lock on the door so anyone could come in at any time.

After he and the woman were caught there were asked to take it somewhere else and were kicked out of that hotel. :)  He quietly left and didn't make a scene.

That must have been so embarrrassing.  Now the whole world knows.. hehehehe

Quick Update

Long weekend Review

This weekend has been really great!  On Friday I hung out with my boyfriend and he got me these awesome things called Nail Jazz.  They are art decorating nail polishes and they are just amazing.  I will review them a little bit later as I need to catch up on the gossip since I haven't really updated since Friday.

On Saturday my boyfriend and I went to my friend's house that just got married.  We watched some TV and played on the new Nintendo Wii that she bought her husband for a wedding present.

Thanks for that by the way because I played Tennis and now I'm addicted to it :)

On Sunday I went to a soccer game.  I have no idea who actually won though cause I just went to talk to my friends and catch up.  I also went to Blockbuster and got two movies.  I watched "Shutter" with Joshua Jackson.  It was really bad and terrible acting.  I fell asleep in the end too and my boyfriend was left watching it.. HAHAHA

Today I just stayed in bed for a bit, played with my puppy and took her for a walk.  Rob (my boyfriend) is coming over later so we can watch the new movie, "The Bank Job" with Jason Statham.

I will tell you how that goes.

These are the things in the celeb world that I have missed...

  • Amy Winehouse is suffering from brain damage after doing all the drugs she has done. (duh)  Apparently she overdosed from weed after she smoked it for 36 hours straight and they are saying that it is in human how much she smoked.  "She had smoked an inhuman amount of hash which resulted in acute cannabis poisoning. You have to take a shitload of pot to suffer that severe a reaction."

Also she was voted the worst guest in hotel rooms cause she trashes them all the puts out her cigarettes in the furniture.

Amy is also getting sued because she canceled another concert in Paris called "Rock En Seine Festival" because she was sick. “It’s just a normal illness – she hasn’t visited a hospital or anything like that. She’s at home in bed, just unable to sing.” You actually mean that she was at home doing drugs and that is why she couldn't sing perhaps.

  • Kevin Spacey smokes weed (what celeb doesn't) and he might be gay cause he was seen holding his friends bare ass in Croatia.

  • Helen Mirrens (the actress that played "The Queen") admitted that she use to do a lot of coke but never liked smoking weed cause it made her in a bad mood and paranoid.  She also believe that woman shouldn't taken men to court for raping them as it is their fault tooWhat a stupid thing to say!

  • Halle Berry finally showed everyone what her baby looks like (what a cutie).  Her name is Nahla Ariela.

  • Horrible Hurricane Gustav hit New Orleans after they have been trying to rebuild after Hurricane Catrina did so much damage in 2005.  It hasn't done as much damage as Catrina but the hurricane isn't over yet either.  Everyone had to be shipped out by the bus loads, trains, airplanes and every way they could.  7 people have died so far.

  • Kelly Osbourne slapped a reporter in the face for making fun of her boyfriend because he doesn't know what an earthquake is (dumb ass). Kelly also suffers from a black eye cause her kitchen cupboard fell on her face. Ouch! and yeah right!  Click Here to see it!

  • You wanna see Tyson Beckford's man meat pie???  Click Here

  • David Duchovny has checked into rehab for being addicted to SEX.  "I have voluntarily entered a facility for the treatment of sex addiction. I ask for respect and privacy for my wife and children as we deal with this situation as a family."  Ew.. he's gross.

  • Mackenzie Phillips got arrested for drug possession at Los Angeles Int'l Airport for carrying balloons of heroin and cocaine.  What a dumb ass!  Shes the daughter of "The Mamas and the Papas" lead singer John Phillips.  She also stared in long time TV series "One day at a time."

  • The weirdest news that that happened all weekend is that John McCain picked Sarah Palin, 44, a new governor from Alaska to be the next Vice President if he is chosen to be President.  Hopefully that doesn't happen cause she has no experience at all.  She can't even keep her 17 year old kid, Bristol's legs closed.  She is 5 months preggers with her first child.  She has been off of school for a long time cause she was saying she had MONO but no.. She is pregnant.  Sarah Palin is also anti-gay, pro life and she is ok with the war in Iraq.

God help us all if John McCain is picked to be the next president!