Blake gets 27 months

Blake Fielder-Civil in jail for a long time

Amy Winehouse's lover boy got sentenced to 27 months in prison today at London’s Snaresbrook Crown Court for perverting the course of justice after beating the shit out of a man that took care of a Macbeth Pub in Hoxton, London and then tried to pay him 400,000 dollars to keep him quiet. 

Apparently Blake was drunk and high on Cocaine when he committed this crime and said that he was really sorry.  I guess he wasn't sorry enough because he has been caught on numerous occasions for smoking Heroin in jail.

I hope that Amy doesn't get more messed up because now Blake will be in prison even longer.  That girl needs to find a nice cute boy to straighten her up before she kills herself. 

They have had a lot of drama together so I don't even know why they would still want to be together.  Everything from looking like crack faces out on the streets at 5 am or cutting each other with razor blades.  I guess that is the life of people that are addicted to drugs. 

So sad...

Also on July 9th Amy went to visit Blake in jail and she pulled her top down and stuck her boobs on the glass and acted like they were having sex.  On lookers said that it was a disgusting site and she seems so drugged up she didn't even know what was going on.

They would be a cute couple if they could get sober and treat one another with love and respect and had no razor blades in the picture :)

Amy and Blake

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