I Met Gene Simmons and Family!!

This weekend was exciting as I met Gene, Shannon, Sophie and Nick Simmons at the Boulevard Casino in Coquitlam, BC.

It was a "Show & Shine" car show with old beautiful cars and music and fun stuff to eat & buy.

There was a huge line up to get a picture with Gene and his family when I got there.  I probably would have had to wait for about 4 hours in the rain to get a quick picture with them and then be pushed out of the way for the next person.

So instead I waited in the crowd and eventually got to the front row to take some pics.  When I got to the front and was holding my chihuahua in my hands Sophie and Shannon saw my dog and said, "That looks exactly like our dog!" then Gene and Nick looked and smiled and laughed a bit. 

[caption id="attachment_3496" align="alignnone" width="300" caption="My Chihuahua"][/caption]

That was so awesome for me as I seemed to get more attention that the people that stood in line forever.

Gene gave his usual "rock on" with his left hand for all the pics while Shannon and Sophie posed in their beautiful shoes and smiles.

Nick seemed to be having fun although he seemed a little awkward with his picture being taken.  It must be so weird to be a celebrity and everyone wants to take your picture 24/7 when you think you are just "normal".

Gene and Shannon seemed to be very happy in their "marriage" as I studied their body language a bit and there didn't seem to be any problems in their relationship.    Perhaps it is all for their reality show, "Gene Simmons Family Jewels".  They seemed to be in love which was very cute.

The only thing that was a downer at this event was that this security guy kept standing in the way of my camera (the one with the "Ping" hat on in my pics) and every time I went to take a picture he would stand in front of my perfect shot.  Also I only had my iPhone on me so the quality of pictures wasn't too great either.


The Simmons family was awesome and I hope to meet them again in the future..


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What You Should Keep In Your Trunk

Have you ever been stranded in your car because you forgot to renew your AAA or your gas tank?

Make sure you're prepared the next time your car breaks down, an natural disaster occurs or someone else needs your first-aid kit.

You can buy a small suitcase or gym bag and fill your trunk up.
 34 Emergency Items to fill Your Vehicle With:
  1. A flashlight
  2. Extra batteries
  3. Matches/lighter
  4. Candles
  5. Pillow
  6. Emergency Blanket
  7. Umbrella
  8. Fruit snacks
  9. Canned food
  10. Filled water bottles
  11. First Aid Kit
  12. Contact solution (if you wear contacts)
  13. Tools
  14. A knife
  15. Scissors
  16. Can opener
  17. Flares
  18. Wet naps
  19. Hand Sanitizer
  20. Extra cloths
  21. Map
  22. Warm Hat
  23. An extra outfit to change into
  24. Gloves
  25. Various size Ziploc bags
  26. Jumper Cables
  27. A jack in case your tire goes flat
  28. A spare tire
  29. A drop cloth
  30. A toothbrush/paste (in case you have an unexpected sleepover :P)
  31. A portable radio (extra batteries for this as well)
  32. Tape
  33. Bungee cords
  34. Rope

 You never know when you will get stranded somewhere so always be prepared!

What should you know before you marry?

Feel like you know everything about the person you are about to marry? 

You probably don't know enough and should be asking more questions. 

Top 11 questions you should ask your soon to be husband/wife.

  1.  Do you want kids? 
  2. What religion would you like our kids to grow up as? 
  3. Is there anything that you wouldn't consider doing in bed? (got that question from a friend of mine.) 
  4. Who is going to stay at home and raise the kids? Nanny? 
  5. Do you have a criminal record? 
  6. How is your financial background? 
  7. Are we combining money or will we have separate accounts? 
  8. Do both you want a prenuptial agreement? 
  9. What is your family history? 
  10. Where do you see us in 30 years from now? 
  11. Are you going to take my last name? Do you know the answer to all of these questions?  If so, you are set to tie the knot.  If not, you better get started.

The Defense won for Casey Anthony

Casey Found Not Guilty

Casey Anthony - Not Guilty

Today was a sad day for me and for most of the world.

Casey Anthony was aquitted of capital murder. She was found not guilty in the murder of her little girl, Caylee Marie Anthony.

The court room was silent as the the verdict was read over every popular tv channel in the world. There was silence except for Casey who faked some tears like she has during the whole trial.

It pays to have good lawyers doesn't it Casey?

It's sad that no justice has been served for that little girl. It was never confirmed as to who was her biological father or her killer is.

Everyone from "Zanny the nanny" (who doesn't exist) to George and Cindee Anthony was brought up in court as suspects to try and down play what Casey did and to try and distract the jury from the fact that Casey did kill that precious little girl.

I frankly don't care what the jury concluded and I know that Casey is guilty.

Going after Casey with a 1st degree pre-meditated charge might have been a strech considering that there was hardly any evidence. That is probably why the jury couldn't prove beyond a resonable doubt that Casey isn't a murderer.

I think that the José Baez, Casey's defense lawyer did a fantastic job of pointing the finger at anyone but her. They knew that there was hardly any strong evidence for the procecution to run with and did whatever was necessary to prove that casey was 100% innocent.From everything that was written in Casey's diary, from how her car smelled like decaying body to chloroform searches on this one website that she visited 84 times, you would think that it would be enough evidence to catch the "tot" mom in the ac but apparently not.

George and Cindy are probably broken now that Casey has gotten off and now they have not only lost their little grand child, Caylee but their own daughter for her web of lies that she has told for 3 years.

The defense made her father out to be a molesting monster as well as her brother so that she could play the victim?  Not to say that those things didn't happen but unless your guilty you don't usually bring it the victim card of abuse.

Where is justice for Caylee?  Do you believe that justice has been served?