Mariah Carey's new video

Mariah Carey - "I'll Be Lovin' U Long Time"

Mariah Carey's new video called "I'll be lovin' u long time" is alright.  The video is super cheezmo just like they always are with her and the short shorts, small t's and swimming suits. 

I don't get it.. Is she in love with the dolphins?  Has she loved the dolphins for a long time?  With all her money you would think she could switch up her image for something a bit more appropriate for her age.  But maybe she's ok with being out dated. Sure she still looks hot but just calm it down a bit just like Pamela Anderson needs to.

T.I. makes a cameo too and it looks like he is stuck on the same deserted island that Mariah is on except he's stuck in the tropical forest and doesn't get to swim with the dolphins. 

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