Brooke Hogan's reality show

Brooke Hogan Knows Best

The Hogan's sure have had a rough road for a while now with Nick Hogan getting in that terrible accident while he was drinking and caused his best friend John Graziano to be in a coma. Especially since Nick is a whiny little bitch and asked to be put into a cell that had other cellmates in it because he was too lonely.

With Brooke's dad sleeping with her friends and her mother Linda, sleeping with her high school classmates, Brooke decided to move out on her own. Now she has a new reality show called "Brooke Knows Best" and it's all about her moving out, her career, family and friends. I think that the Hogan's are trying to get their name cleared up and have people feel sorry for them instead of hating them for being so dysfunctional.

I actually want to watch it myself.

Sure Brooke doesn't have the best voice or the best clothing choices but that is what makes her interesting to watch. She does have a bangin' body though. I hope that her new show on VH1 turns out to be a hit so that she can move on with her life and escape the madness of the rest of her family.

If you would like to see a clip from the new show.. CLICK HERE!!!!

Brooke Hogan

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