Rihanna Gets A New Gun Tattoo

Are These New Guns Protecting Her From Chris Brown?

What is Rihanna thinking?

 I know that she loves tattoos but guns right after she is dealing with the whole world knowing that she got beat up by her boyfriend, Chris Brown?

I guess it is a statement to show that she is in control of herself and won't let anyone harm her ever again.

Rihanna is a beautiful woman and she deserves the best so whatever she feels is the best in her recovery process then so be it.  This must be a very hard time for her.  

She got the guns positioned so they were on her rib cage pointing at someone which tells me that she needs protection.

She always wears gun pendants around her neck so I guess she wanted a permanent gun to watch over her.

I personally think that Rihanna was beautiful before she got all these tattoos but whatever makes her happy.  A tattoo artist named "Bang Bang" from Los Angeles initially drew the guns just above her arm pits which they thought wouldn't be good for Rihanna's Cover Girl contract so they moved them to her rib cage.

Rihanna's new tattoo above arm pits of gun

I think if you are going to get a tattoo then it should be something you really love and something that you makes you grow and I think that these will do just that for Rihanna. 

Rihanna has 12 tattoos in total.. I think she should slow down pretty soon..  :)

Bless her little heart.Rihanna with New Gun Tattoos

Why Kelly Osbourne Was In Rehab

Kelly Osbourne - Addicted to Pills

I have always loved how free and wild Kelly Osbourne is ever since she was in her families reality show on MTV called "The Osbournes," but I guess being wild is what has lead her to her pill addiction.


Kelly says she has been addicted to Vicodin since she was just 14 years old and now she is 24.  She has also revealed that she was taking up to 100 pills a day and she was also an alcoholic.

She has been to rehab twice before in 2004 and 2005 but for once she says that now she is actually clean.

She uses these downer pills to get through the days by sleeping all of it away.  She said.. "I knew if I didn't get help, I would die."

Kelly Osbourne is newly engaged to Luke Worrell, 19 and he is said to be a great positive role model in Kelly's life.

I am proud that Kelly has come forth with her pain killer addiction because many people have this addiction and tend to think they are alone.

Kelly must have had a rough year because she was arrested for slapping a journalist and had to spend some time in jail.  I personally think that the paparazzi should be slapped now and then.. so good job Kelly :)

Good luck with your happiness Kelly as I know the pressures of fame and a famous family must get to you sometimes.


Lady Gaga's Fame Ball Tour!

Lady Gaga's Concert Last Night In Vancouver

Wow.. Wow.. Wow.. She sure can perform live.

Lady Gaga was amazing last night at the Commadore Ballroom for her Fame Ball Tour

Her opening acts sucked though and there was so much waiting around for her to start and also during her songs. 

If it were my concert I would have wanted it to flow a bit better.

She sure has an amazing voice and quite a good dancer too.

She had some back up on the vocals but when she played the piano for her new song "Future Love" and a rendition of "Poker Face" she seriously kicked some ass.

She can play the piano so well.

Her costumes were really great and the way she got the audience all fired up was great too. 

I was so close to her I could have almost touched her.

The sound quality was a bit off for the 3 opening acts, WHITE TIE AFFAIR, CHESTER FRENCH and CINEMA BIZARRE.  Cinema Bizzare was definatly the worst.  I couldn't hear their vocals and the microphone kept on having loads of feedback.

The 2nd opening act, Chester French was alright..   White Tie Affair was my favorite although their vocals weren' t turned up loud enough either.

Other than that the show was excellent.  I went to bed at 2 and got up at 6 and it was well worth the lack of sleep.

The only thing that sucked about her concert is that I had seen everything that was going to happen on YouTube.  I guess that was my fault for wanting to find out everything about her before she came.

My advice to you if you are going to her concerts is don't get there too early because you will be waiting around a long while and wear some comfy shoes because I wore my stiletto boots and I could hardly walk after it was over because I was standing in the mosh pit the whole night.

Fabulous concert Lady Gaga!  Great job in Vancouver..

She is so beautiful in person and she wasn't really wearing that much makeup.  I was so close to her so I got lots of pics.  I will post them a bit later today.

Hope you guys had a great Wednesday!

Oh.. and Britney Spears is still "The Princess of Pop."  Gaga is more like the Art of Pop.  Britney doesn't really sing live but she has more of a concert and more stuff to look at.  

Lady Gaga said at the concert yesterday that she was broke because she spent all her money on her concert.  I thought that was awesome.  She seemed really cool and she also said " I smell something green in the audience" referring to Pot and said that it was her first time in Canada and she loved it.

Overall excellent performance from Lady Gaga in Vancouver for her Fame Ball Tour!

Leann Rimes Cheats on Husband!

Leann Rimes Caught Kissing Eddie Cibrian

Leann Rimes was caught cheating on her Husband Dean Sheremet.  I honestly thought he was gay to begin with because guys that pretty usually are.

Dean is a former backup dancer and apparently picks out all of Leann's clothes.

I am actually surprised by this and kind of sense that this rumor is false but who knows. 

Dean and Leann have been married since Feb. 23rd 2002.  They first announced their engagement at Elton John's AIDS Foundation concert in December of 2001.

Reportedly now Leann has been cheating on her husband Dean with her current co-star Eddie  from Northern Lights. 

You all remember Eddie Bryant Cibraian don't you? 

Eddie Cibrian

He played on Young and the Restless for a long time.  He was also voted at top 100 most beautiful people in 2006.

He's married too which can't be good.

Leann Rimes and Eddie Cibrian

There are pictures of Leann and Eddie at a restaurant where it looks as if they are kissing but I can't be sure..

If you would like to check them out click here.

Leann has already posted on her website with this message:

This is a difficult time for me and my loved ones, but I appreciate all your continued support.

I would like to assure all of you that this is a place for you to hear things directly from me and as you all know, not everything in our lives is always black and white.

Have faith,

Dean also posted on his twitter page; "I love my wife!!!"

So who really knows what is going on here.  They aren't being clear which is kind of suspicious but maybe they just want to stay in the headlines a little longer.

What do you think happened?

Leann Rimes and Dean Sheremet

Update:  Eddie is now denying that this affair ever took place with Leann Rimes. 

He said that Leann and him are just friends and that if he were to do it .. it wouldn't be in a public place.


Lee Anthony Is NOT The Father

Casey Anthony's Brother Lee Is Not The Father

Casey Anthony, Lee Anthony and Caylee Anthony

When I first heard that the authorities were testing Lee Anthony, Casey Anthony's brother I was completely shocked.  After I thought about it a bit I realized that it would make sense.

Before the DNA test of Lee Anthony came back negative and now proves that he was not the father of Caylee Anthony.

I thought that it could perhaps make sense.

I thought that Casey and Lee both could have thought up a plan together to kill little Caylee because they committed a sin and they wanted to get rid of the evidence before everyone found out.

I also thought that perhaps that is why Lee has believed everything that Casey has said all along because they committed the murder together.

Not to say that they still could have committed the murder of Caylee together but now it just proves that he is not the father.

Really twisted eh?

I wonder who the father of little Caylee is?

Will we ever know?

Are they testing George too?

He is Casey's father and Caylee's grandfather.

Hey you never know!

What do you think about the DNA test?

The police are also testing Casey's belongings in her home and the garbage bags and everything else that was found at the murder scene that matched what was found in the Anthony's home.

I wish this case would come to a rest and Casey was found guilty cause she is.

Caylee should be able to RIP and not have the whole world still wondering who took this precious little girls life.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

Are You Wearing Green Today?????

I am not Irish but I love to wear green on St. Patrick's Day

If you don't wear green and you get caught someone might just pinch you.

Pinch on St. Patrick's Day

I didn't have a green shirt.. well at least I couldn't find it... so I wore green accessories which isn't as good but it will do.

Does anyone know what St. Patrick's Day is all about?

If you think it's about a leprechaun and a pot of gold your wrong..

Click here  if you want to know what St. Patrick's Day is really about.

Stars Birthday's Today

Kurt Russell - 58

Kurt Russell

Billy Corgan - 42

Billy Corgan

Rob Lowe - 45


Patrick Duffy - 60

Patrick Duffy

Nat King Cole


Do any of you have plans to drink green beer tonight and go to a St. Patrick's Day party? 

If so tell me about it!

Lady Gaga Tomorrow!!!

Lady Gaga Concert Tomorrow

Lady Gaga in Blue

I am so excited about Lady Gaga's concert tomorrow!!!  Is anyone else going???

I will take pictures.. I promise. 

I think she is just the greatest.  Perez Hilton named her the new "Princess of Pop." 

Britney Spears must be so pissed. 

Perez Hilton was just in the Britney Spears concert tour for "Circus" so that's kind of bitchy of him.

I do agree that at least Lady Gaga brings something fresh to the table and she actually sings but come on.. "It's Britney Bitch."

Maybe it will make Britney step up her game.  Who knows.. Lately there have been a lot of Britney talking about her private parts but maybe that's so she can have more media attention surrounding her Circus tour.

I know every word to every song of Lady Gaga's and I am so excited to have the concert in such a small venue so I won't have to use my binoculars.

I hope the concert is great and can't wait to see what she wears.  I hope she doesn't wear the same things that I have seen her wear already on the internet cause that just spoils everything.


Will They Legalize Pot In California?

Legalize Mary-Jane???

Will Marijuana help rescue the economy in California?

tom ammianoTom Ammiano (Democratic State Assembly member) thinks that it could.. Including me...

They think that it will allow the state to start regulating the drug and then tax it like crazy..

Marijuana makes $14 billion dollars a year in California.  They think that with it making that much money that it could be of service to the state if they legalize it.

People are going to keep smoking it no matter what...  Just because it isnt talked about very much and most people don't approve of it people are still going to do it..

I betcha Snoop Dogg is happy about this :)

California has one of the highest unemployment rates and it doesn't look like its going to get any better.

California is even laying off Disneyland employees and Six Flags might even being going under..

So Please.. LEGALIZE POT cause I am going to Disneyland soon and it better be up and running by May.. Damn it.. :) 

Arnold Schwarzenegger better get his act together and get this idea in motion.

What do you think about it?

Legalize Marijuana in California

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer R Over!!

Ms. Aniston & Mr. Mayer Are So over!

Jennifer Aniston Thumbs Up

I am actually quite happy about this news.  John Mayer always looked like such a sleeze ball to me.

She always looks classy and vibrant and willing to take risks and always looks clean, while John on the other hand looks like he woke up and rushed out the door type of look

Turns out John Dumped Jennifer.  WTF???

Why didn't she get rid of that loser before he dumped her?  That is always my rule.. When you sense something is up.. BREAK UP WITH HIM FIRST!!!!! 

Didn't she learn that from what happened with Brad Pitt?

He's a big jerk though.. Damn Brad Pitt and Angelina.. Hate them.. Angelina always looks like she thinks she's better than everyone else.. And she needs to eat something.. LIKE NOW!

Poor Jen.. I feel sorry for her.  Not because of her split but it must be awful to have everything out in the open.

Especially when she looked so happy to bring John along to the Oscars. 

He on the other hand looked so awkward.

Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer

Oh well.. Time to move on hun..

How about someone hotter this time?  How about George Clooney? Owen Wilson? (although he might have too many issues)

Who do you think would be a good match for Jennifer Aniston?

Britney's "If U Seek Amy" Video!!!

IF U SEEK AMY - By Britney Spears

Britney Spears - If u seek Amy

I have loved this song from the very first moment I heard it.  I didn't know right from the start that it was F.U.C.K ME because the lyrics "If u seek Amy" didn't really make sense..

But now I get it and I love it.

There was a bit of controversy surrounding this song because little kids were listening to the song and their parents were outraged.

I understand that but Britney has always been raunchy and that is what makes her absolutely fabulous.

Her new video "If U Seek Amy" is out and watch it down below..

Tell me what you think about Britney's New Video...

I would have liked to see her change into a few more outfits.. But I love Britney's red shoes.. You only see them a couple of times. Overall the video is good but not great. 

Martha Stewarts Dog Died!

Genghis Khan - RIP

Genghis Khan

Martha Stewart's beautiful dog named Genghis Khan lost his life on Friday at a Pennsylvania Kennel called "Pazzazz".  Apparently a kennel worker named Timothy Kleinhagen was filling a propane tank and there was a spark and the propane exploded.  Timothy was a hero and tried to save as many dogs as he could by throwing them to safety.

Meanwhile now he is in the hospital for severe burns. 

Martha Stewart has posted on her blog about the kennel owner.

Karen lost twelve of her own dogs and five boarder dogs. Three of her chows are at the veterinarian’s in intensive care. Timothy Kleinhagen, the heroic driver of the propane truck, remains in critical condition and is facing lengthy hospital time. The cause of the blast has yet to be determined. 

This is what the Associated Press Had To Say :

The kennel was getting a propane delivery when the tank ignited, setting the pens on fire and injuring the driver, Timothy Kleinhagen, of Summit Hill.

Though badly burned, Kleinhagen managed to toss a cairn terrier over the kennel fence to safety. He was listed in critical condition Monday at Lehigh Valley Hospital.

"That man is a hero," said the kennel's co-owner, Karen Tracy. "My heart goes out to his family."

Genghis Khan was a grandson of Stewart's previous chow, Paw Paw, which died last April at age 12.

I know that Martha really loved her dog Ghenghis Khan and always referred to him on her show.


Here is a video of what happened to the surviving puppies. 

Vancouver BC Now Allows Chickens

Vancouver Bylaw Passed - Chickens Allowed


If I hear some damn rooster at 4 in the morning squawking it's ass off I will kill someone..

Vancouver City Council passed a bylaw just yesterday, March 5th 2009 and now Vancouver, British Columbia along with New York City, Seattle, Portland, Victoria, Burnaby and Richmond are all allowed chickens in their backyards.

Chickens in Vancouver's Backyards?  This isn't farm country!!!

This is the strangest thing I have heard in quite sometime.  These chickens are going to be messy, loud, stinky, attract flies and so obnoxious.  My neighbours already have old mattresses, old junky cards, old tires and illegally set up satellites.. Let me just pray to god for one moment that they don't know bring chickens into the mix.

What about the raccoons and other animals that are going to try and eat those chickens?  They better not touch my chihuahua!!!!

I guess it's better that the chickens are free range and not abused in their cages before they get horribly slaughtered.

Let's just hope we don't all get some sort of chicken virus like Avian Influenza

I've read the book "Skinny Bitch" by Rory Freedman and Kim Barnouin and it describes animal cruelty so much that I have given up meat now, so I am kind of happy that Vancouver has embraced this so that chickens can roam free in the back yards of good caretakers. 

Skinny Bitch

I am kind of on the fence about it..

I just hope people aren't going to try and illegally sell their chickens eggs or abuse them.

What do you think about this new bylaw? 

Will you raise some good old fashion chickens in Vancouver?

Vancouver British Columbia

How 2 Do The Best Hollywood Curls

Wanna Look Super Hot???

I can teach you how just by watching this video.

I just posted it on youtube.com.

I hope it helps you get the Hollywood curls that you deserve and want.

If you want to know how to do other hairstyles,  just ask me and I'll do a youtube video on it.

Thanks for your support and good luck with your curls!!!!

Leslie Star

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Casey Anthony Escapes Death Penalty

Prosecutors Confirm No Death Penalty for Casey Anthony

Casey and Caylee Anthony

Casey Anthony escapes execution.  Casey Anthony again slips right under the radar and avoids getting prosecuted for the death penalty.


Casey Anthony has everything pointing at her that proves that she killed poor little Caylee Anthony who was just 2 years old.

Why does she get away with this?

All the evidence and Casey Anthony doesn't get the death penalty?

The stickers, chloroform, garbage bags, duct tape,  searches on her lap top, text message history and her partying ways right after her daughter Caylee went missing.  All this evidence...

What more did they need?

Casey Anthony has never had any prior arrests in Florida and that is probably why she avoided the death penalty.

There have been 52 men already executed because of the killing and torturing of small children.

397 people sit on death row right now that killed little children.

Why did she get away so easily?

There are some people that don't believe in the death penalty and if you can believe it ... there are still some people in the world that believe that Casey Anthony is innocent.

Some people say that she was accidentally killed because Casey had post-partum depression or some say it was an accident.  Whatever it was..

Casey did something wrong and should be prosecuted.

Casey Anthony's Highschool Picture

This is Casey Anthony's high school picture.  To know that Caylee Anthony will never get to go to high school or have a family of her own and to know that her own mother took her life, should be enough for prosecutors to give her the death penalty.

Casey Anthony didn't seem to sad in court today and even had the guts to smile again and be friendly with everyone and acknowledge her parents.
Does anyone else think that Lee Anthony, Casey's brother had something to do with the murder of Caylee Anthony? He just seems so suspicious and the way that he could laugh in his examination seemed really weird and f*cked up..

He believes everything that his sister has said even though he said that she lied to the police about the kidnapping of Caylee.

What is your thoughts about this case?

Lee Anthony's Examination