Amy Winehouse at it again

Amy Winehouse's drugs again

Damn that Amy.. She needs to get her shit together fast.  I thought that the security team was suppose to be watching outside her house so she didn't snort, inject or smoke whatever she does.  They were suppose to watch who comes and goes, such as drug dealers or any visitors.  Well if I her security guard that she punched in the face  I would let anyone come in and sell her drugs too.

Amy Winehouse was caught on Thursday night leaving the Monarch Pub in London after she had just finished a gig there and stole a table lamp and she had white powder shoved up her nose and let me tell you thats not make up that you powder your nose with.

What are you thinking Amy???  I guess she's so messed up that she really isn't thinking anymore.  I was looking through videos on youtube and I came across videos from way back when and she was such a beautiful spirit and now she's been taken over by all the drugs.

Now her neighborhood wants her convicted cause she causes so much trouble.  Go HERE to see the rest of the story.

So sad.. Please, someone help her before it's too late!!!

To see the pics please Click Here!!

Unfortunately this is Amy Winehouse before and after

Amy Winehouse Before and After Drugs

Such a shame!

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