Rockslide in Whistler BC

Sea-to-sky highway closed

The Sea-to-sky highway will be closed till Monday due to a huge rockslide that happened at 11pm on Tuesday.  Boulders the size of small houses crashed on the road and completely blocked the pathway for cars to get through.  The rocks cover 75 metres of the road and are 10 meters high.

Luckily no one was injured.  But they are still looking to see if anyone is trapped underneath the rocks. 

A bus heading to Whistler got caught up in the tiny rocks that hit the windows and broke them but the 38-year-old bus driver stepped on the gas and got the hell out of there. 

One time my boyfriend and I were travelling to Whistler and we heard a huge roar and we looked behind us and rocks were crumbling into the road.  I told him "Drive as fast as you can.. hurry!" but only a couple rocks fell and no one was injured.

The Sea-to-sky highway is very dangerous with all the curves in the road and all the construction going on right now to prepare for the Olympics in 2010.  They are spending 600 million dollars fixing the road so hopefully they survey the area completely before all those travelers get caught in another rockslide.

If you would like to see the picture of the Whistler rockslide please click here..


  1. It's impressive that they might actually have that cleared by Monday. I hope that guy that passed me on the shoulder of the highway today is trapped under there!

  2. Whoa.. hahaha.. thats a bit harsh!