Angelina's press conference

What happened at Angelina's Press Conference?

Dr. Michel Sussmann had the press conference this morning and he said that he couldn't give the birth date of the twins because it may be weeks away.  Angelina's doctor said that she was in the hospital because she is under doctor's supervision and not because of a emergency situation. 

Apparently 4 rooms in the hospital have been reserved for Brad, the body guards and the children.  Holy smokes.. What about sick people that need those rooms?

The pictures of the twins when they are born will be the most expensive pictures of famous babies in history.  I can totally understand why.  This birth has been the most anticipated ever I think.  I can't wait to know what the sex of the babies will be. 

After Angelina gives birth they will settle into their new house in Correns which is in France.  They picked France because the security is excellent so no one can sneak pictures here and there and also because it is one of the most beautiful places in the world.  Correns is about 60 miles from Nice.

I hope it's a boy and a girl.  So cute.. Can't wait..

Correns France

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