Fire At Renfrew Skytrain Station In Vancouver

East Vancouver Fire A Blazin'

Breaking News!!!

There is a huge fire at Renfew skytrain station right now!

There is helicopters over head.

It hasn't even been on the news yet.

I was on the skytrain heading East when I smelled fire and then saw the blaze underneath us.  When I got off the train I ran and tried to get as much video as possible.

No reports of any one being hurt.  The East Vancouver fire was on the corner of Kaslo and Grandview Highway and is right at Renfrew Skytrain Station.

It is just across the street from Vancouver Technical Secondary School and The Italian Cultural Center.

Watch below to get exclusive video footage by Leslie Star!

Update:  Video 1 is still not finished uploading from  Tune in a little later to watch part 1.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

How To Attract The Opposite Sex

Tips On How To Get The Opposite Sex Noticing You


Ever wonder why no one ever asks you out?

It might seem like you will never get a date but I am absolutely positive that if you just change a few things about yourself you won't be alone for very much longer.

Here are a few tips that might help you snag a boyfriend/girlfriend.

1. Always look and act your very best.

2. Keep your nails and hair manicured.  It is so unattractive when some one's nails are dirty or their hair is shaggy.  Always keep in mind that if you think no one notices that sort of thing you are wrong.

3. Always wear clean or new shoes.  If I see a really cute guy and his shoes are nasty it is automatically a turn off.  It shoes me that he doesn't really care about his appearance and trust me.. If they already look bad and you start to go out with them it only gets worse.

4. If your a girl and you wear open toed shoes in the summer please dear god paint your toe nails.  No one likes to look at dirty unkept feet.  So gross.  Keep new nail polish on them or just put a clear coat.  Same goes for the guys.. Make sure your toe nails aren't long and you don't have any foot fungus...

5. Make sure to frequently moisturize.  It is very noticeable when you don't take care of your skin.  Exfoliate too.  It makes you look so much older if you don't apply lotion regularly.  Also wear sunblock too!

6. Always smell your best.  Wear fresh deodorant, cologne and perfume.  Don't put on too much perfume either because that could repel your match too. Make sure you brush your teeth all the time.  Nothing is worse than bad breath, so floss every day and carry mints or gum with you.

7. Walk with confidence even if you don't have any.  If you don't have any.. you should get some.  You are a unique person and you deserve for everyone to know that.  There is a huge difference in confidence and and being conceited, so check yourself when you start to get a swollen head.

8. Don't brag about yourself or name drop if you know someone that's important.  That is a total turn off.  Make sure that you reveal that sort of thing once you have gone out with someone a couple of times.  There is nothing worse than someone who thinks they are way cooler than they are.

9. Be the best person that you can be.   Always be patient, kind and honest.

10. Try doing something new.  If you get stuck into a rut and do everything the same everyday than of course you will never meet anyone new.  Join a new sport team or volunteer at the nearest hospital (doctors.. hello!) or animal shelter.  Everyone loves someone that helps others.

11. Try new hang outs.  If you want to meet someone wealthy go to where to doctors go for lunch or go to a park and sit in the rich side of town.  Depending on who you want for a mate is where you will have to start hanging out.

12. Ask your friends what is wrong with you and why you can't get a date.  Tell them to be completely honest with you.. Desperate times call for desperate measures.  It could be you have a really bad fashion sense or you drink way too much and make a fool out of yourself.  Whatever it is don't take offense cause they are trying to help you.  It is called constructive criticism.  Use it and keep it in mind when you completely overhaul yourself.  When you get a complete makeover.. Mind and body.. keep in mind that you still want to be yourself but you just want to be a better you.

13. Keep yourself shaved or plucked.  If you have mustache hair and your a girl then please keep that under control.  Use wax or depilatory cream and always keep your legs and armpits shaved as it also helps you have more confidence.  If your a guy and you look like Santa Clause no one is going to want to date you if they can't even see your face.  Keep minimal to no facial hair and after you snag a girl feel free to show her your true colors after she falls head over heals for you.

14. Don't use too much product in your hair!  It looks so greasy and people will start to wonder if you ever take a shower.  Use minimal gel or mouse.  You don't want to look like a porcupine.  That is not attractive.

15. Take care of your belongings..

Example: Keep your car washed and detailed - You don't have to have a brand new car to get a mate.

Keep your shoes clean and polished, sunglasses wiped etc.  Girls are especially picky when it comes to these things.

Keep your clothes neat and pressed and never leave the house with wrinkles in your clothes.  Always look polished.

You may think that some of these tips are outrageous but the fact is you want a mate right?  Pay attention to detail because others notice everything.  You have about 2 seconds to really catch a potential dates eye, so be on your best behavior.  When you get home feel free to be a complete slob but when you out in public be the best you possible.

You'll have a date in no time!!!  Let me know how it goes.


Is Carmen Electra Pregnant?

Is Carmen Electra Knocked Up?

Carmen Electra has had her fair share of men.  Her new man Rob Patterson is from the rock group Korn.  I think he's ugly but she seems to like guys that are mysterious and like to paint their nails black.

Carmen turned 37on April 20th and her finale birthday party was in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Casino for a pool party.

She didn't wear a bathing suit.  Which is kind of weird considering that she always wears next to nothing.  You would think that she of all people would wear a bikini or something to her own pool party.  She was after all a Playboy centerfold. 

Carmen Electra Playmate

Now the speculation is that Carmen Electra is pregnant with her fiance's baby.  Rob proposed to her last year at her birthday party there as well.

She still looked pretty in a blue sundress with brown strappy sandals.  Her blonde locks were very straight and looked like the sun had kissed them.  She wore bangles and killer aviator sunglasses. 

Carmen Electra and Rob Patterson

Carmen has been married twice before.  She married Dennis Rodman first which of course was a huge mistake.  Then she married Dave Navarro from Jane's Addiction.  That marriage broke up after 3 years. 

Every time a famous couple does a reality show that is what ends up happening. 

Do you think that Carmen Electra is pregnant just because she didn't wear a bathing suit to her own pool party?

Time for the bump watch people!

How To Plan A Fun Outdoor Party!

R U Wanting to Know How To Plan A Great Party?

Summer is very soon and you should throw an amazing outdoor party that everyone will be taking about for years to come. 

You and your friends deserve a great time!

To plan a great outdoor summer party you need to have just a few things:

1.  Make sure you always plan for rain.  Example.. Have blankets or sweaters for your guests if it gets a little chilly and have either funky patterned tarps or patio umbrellas.  Even if it's really sunny you can have the umbrellas up for fair skinned people that might get burned easily like myself.

2.Always have ice buckets for when the sun gets to the pop you can just put some ice cubes in the vodka and 7up and your ready to go.  If you have a small kids pool then fill that up with ice so you can put everyone's drink in that.

3.  You don't have to buy the most expensive things to have a great party.  Use what you already have or go to the dollar store.  They always have amazing decor for themed parties or even for plastic cutlery to save a bit more money.  It depends really on how fancy your getting.

Summer Party Table Setting

4.  Have sunblock, sunglasses, bug spray and lots of water within reach.  You don't want your house guests to go home with lots of mosquito bites and dehydrated.

5. Have a great time yourself and try not to run around too much.  If the host is running around like a chicken with their head cut off then everyone will be very tense all night.  If you are going to have this party plan in advance so you can relax too.

6.In regards to food at your party cook a lot of appetizers.  Everyone loves finger food and usually they are already made or it will be as simple as a fruit or veggie tray.  Get foods that don't have mayo or anything that might go bad in the sunshine.  You don't want anyone to go home with food poisoning.  A good place to shop for appy's is Costco.  You can buy huge box to feed everyone and it doesn't cost very much.  Also clean out your fridge so that people have enough room to put their stuff in there.  You can also set up coolers outside or use barrels and put a liner in them and they are perfect for ice and every one's drinks.  You can also tell your guests to bring their own coolers if they have 'em. 

7. Make up a garnish tray with olives, cherries, toothpicks, celery, lemons, limes, oranges,  Tabasco sauce, cherry tomatoes and stir-sticks so it's easy for everyone to get at and they don't make a mess in your kitchen.

Garnish Tray

8.  If your backyard or deck is big enough, set up a kids pool and either fill it with ice and put every one's drinks in there or fill it up with some water so everyone can put their cute pedicured feet in it when they have had a few drinks and need to cool off.

9.   Look up some great summer drink recipes and cut then out and put them on colored paper that matches your theme and put them on the kitchen counter.  That makes it fun to make the drinks as well.

10.  Make it simple!  Don't go to crazy otherwise it will look like you tried way too hard.  You want to make it elegant than keep it elegant and simple. "Use the KISS method.. -Keep it simple stupid!

11. If you want to make it romantic and beautiful at night time use some candles.   Make sure you don't burn the place down.  They make these new candles that run on battery and you can buy those at the dollar store and they are completely safe.  You can get them in many different colors too.  Also those white Christmas lights look good and brighten up the outside.  Use pretty lanterns from IKEA or home decor stores.

Candles that have batteries

12.  Most importantly don't go over budget.  Stick with your price range because everything will be cute when you see it in the store.  No one will remember the little details so get the cheaper versions.

13.Make the seating arrangements cozy but not too cozy and on top of each other because it is easier to talk to someone in a more open area.  Seating at a picnic table is great or under a cabana.  Make sure that they are lots of throws and pillows so it makes your guests feel more at home.  Most importantly make sure there are enough chairs for everyone!!!!!

14. Music.. Oh the music... I think it is the most important part of a party .. even before the alcohol.  If the music isn't right it will throw the whole party off.  Try and pick popular songs that everyone will know.  Don't pick slow songs cause it makes people sleepy, unless you want them to go home early.  Pick a range of songs so that everyone will be able to hum to a song or two.

15. Send out an email to everyone telling them that they have to either take a cab home if they have had a bit too many or make sure that they have a designated driver.  It is important that everyone leaves your party safe and sound.

16. Have a lot of garbage cans around or separate bags around the area for recycling of the cans and bottles.  If you have the bins set up before the party then there shouldn't be much clean up at the end.  Hopefully some guests will stay a bit after the party to help you but don't expect it and be prepared to clean up on your own.  That is why plastic table cloths come in handy because you can just throw everything away.

17. If you have a BBQ.. use it.. Tell people that you have one so they can bring their own meat to cook in case they didn't have dinner or they are picky about their food.  Also if you have a fire pit put some graham crackers, chocolate, marshmallows and wieners around it for a perfect end to a perhaps chilly evening.


18. If your guests do like to drink then why not get some flavored Vodka and inject it into a watermelon and let it sit over night in the refrigerator.  It will be something to cool everyone down and get them tipsy as well :)

Vodka Watermelon 

19.   Also maybe set up croquet or bocce ball so that people can get involved and get to know each other a bit better.  It's always a downer when you go to a party and you don't know anyone and you don't put yourself out there to meet people and you just sit in the corner and look around.   Get your guests involved so they aren't bored.  Don't have too many games or people might get annoyed.  Try and have a happy medium.

20. Lastly.... HAVE FUN AND DON'T  STRESS OUT!!!!!  You have worked hard to make this party great and spent your hard earned money.  Enjoy it and have a great time.. Don't forget to take lots of pictures and send them to me at

Paula Abdul Never Been Drunk?

Who Is She Trying To Fool?

Paula Abdul has gone on record to say that "Never.  I've never been drunk in my life.  I don't like it.  It's not my thing... Will not take those drugs.  And you can check my medical records - there is nothing like that." 

Then what was with the interview that she gave a couple of years ago on "Q13 Fox", a Seattle based News show?

She was completely drunk or high off her ass.  See for yourself!

Just because she says that we all can check her medical records doesn't mean anything.  If you take drugs or get drunk it wouldn't be in your medical records dear.  

She just tried to set the record straight in a Nightline Interview.  They asked about her acting strange and that is what she says and she's sticking to it.

Do you think she was on something?

Want the Expensive Look for Cheap?

Where To Buy Cheap But Chic Fashion Accessories

I have always said that if you don't have a lot of money you can still look divine but you just have to find out where to shop.


Le Chateau always has jewelry on sale or WalMart has some pretty cute bangles and earrings for under $10.  Also check out The Bay, Zellers or Sears for some fun and funky accessories.


If you want to have a leather purse and you don't have the funds, hit up Value Village or some 2nd hand stores because they always have funky purses that are good quality.

If you don't want leather, ALDO Accessories usually has cute purses for about $30 or under.  Also check out Ebay because sometimes people buy purses and then they don't like them after awhile and sell them for cheap.


Army and Navy always has cheap shoes.   You don't want to go too cheap on your shoes because it will catch up to you and then your feet will always hurt.  So spent a little more for your cute little feet.

Hair Accesories

Hit up stores like Claire's, Walmart, London Drugs, Icing or even dollar stores.  No one is going to guess that you paid only a couple of bucks for what is in your hair.  If they ask where you got it.. Lie.. :)  Tell them you got it from some other country..

You can always make cute accessories too.  Go to your local dollar store and buy some hair bands.  They don't have to be pretty cause you can wrap some fabric around them and use your handy little glue gun and make it all your own.  Don't be afraid of sequins either.  They can make an outfit amazing.


Why not make your own with some extra fabric you've got laying around.  You can also go to teen stores and you don't have to be a size 0 to wear a scarf because they fit all sizes.  2nd hand stores are also great for scarves too because people often get sick of them and they are easy to give away.  Don't be afraid to go into a 2nd hand store.  Rich girls shop there too to get unique things that they just don't sell anymore.


Sunglasses are very hard for me to find.  However I usually end up finding them either at Le Chateau, ALDO or 2nd hand stores.  They usually keep their stock up to date and they are cheap enough that if they do break cause you sit on them it's ok.


I have always found it kind of difficult to find a cute belt for less because they usually rip or just look plain ol' ghetto so I have always spent a little more.  You don't want to look like you always shop at the dollar store so don't buy everything from there.

You can also use ties for a belt.  That looks cute too.  Or use that long scarf you just bought and weave it into your belt loops.

If you want good belts I do suggest that you do buy leather or a veggie leather because you want it to last you a while.  If you always buy cheap things then you will never have anything that is worth something so do try and buy some quality pieces along the way too.

If you have any more questions or tips email me at

Leslie Star Begins To Take It All OFF!!!

You Wanna To Take It Off With Me????


Do u feel a little chunky or your just not satisfied with the way you look?

Then join me and start your diet tomorrow.

I am going to try and lose weight but at the same time gain more self confidence, change my diet into more healthy eating and just feel better about myself.

If you would like to start with me tomorrow, let me know so I know I have a buddy and let's do this together.

You can email me at or get to know me on Twitter, Myspace, Facebook or Ustream.

Join me in taking it all off!

Good luck everyone..

Pig out tonight cause tomorrow is going to suck real bad :)

Did you watch Ashton Beat CNN?

Ashton Hit 1 Million Followers On Twitter!


Yesterday I spent an hour on watching Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Soleil Moon Frye aka Punky Brewster and some other people I don't know, celebrate when they beat CNN's Ted Turner to see who could get the most followers on twitter the fastest.

Ashton got to a million followers first and CNN was just tailing behind them about a half an hour before they reached their goal. 

Ashton donated $100,000 in search of the cure of Malaria. 

He was so happy when he won over CNN and popped a bottle of champagne to celebrate. 

Meanwhile Demi Moore put on Kool and The Gang's "Celebration" and danced around and even gave each other knuckles.

Ashton and Demi

He kept saying that he wanted something cool to say when he was on the Oprah show today.. His wish came true.

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have a face to face relationship and they also have a twitter relationship according to Ashton. 

They have made Twitter much more popular and I think it is super cute.

To think that no one thought they would last eh..

Ashton and Demi Moore

Add Me on &

Angelina Jolie is Pregnant Again!!!

Angelina and Brad With Baby #7?

Star Cover With Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will be having another baby popping out again soon.   I can't believe that Angelina is pregnant again!!! 

Turns out that although they wanted to keep it quiet for as long as possible someone opened up their big mouth and now it is all over the cover of STAR.

I know that STAR magazine can be a huge crock of sh*t sometimes but it usually turns out to be true when they are speculating that someone is pregnant. 

They are really great at those bump watches.

I am so glad that I am not a celebrity because they would just think that my fat belly was pregnant all the time :)

This will be Angelina and Brad's 7th child. 

When are they going to stop?

If I was Angelina I would want Brad's kids too.  I would be popping them out like there was no tomorrow.  He's just so cute :)

STAR Magazine says that she is 2.5 months pregnant and that she will be taking a year off.

There is a huge rumor going around of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's Nanny doing the nasty, so I hope this will settle those rumors. 

Karma is a bitch though Angelina and you did steal Brad from Jennifer Aniston... 

Once a cheater.. Always a cheater..


If it is true about Brad cheating on Angelina then Jennifer must be laughing somewhere..  :)

LotusLand Vineyard... You should go!

Wanna Taste The Best Wine Ever?

lotusland wine

Are you a wine drinker and you want something natural and completely organic? 

LotusLand in Abbotsford is the right vineyard for you then.

I went there last week.  I won a tour with 12 of my friends to go and tour their place and see how all LOTUSLAND wine is made.

It was actually a lot of fun.  It turns out that only 4 of my friends came because everyone else was either sick or busy, but it actually made it more intimate.

It was a great night and I do recommend their wine completely.  Their wine tastes fresher and you can tell they put their whole heart and soul into their wine business.

The two people that own Lotus Land are David and Liz Avery and they were really amazing people.  Turns out it was also David's birthday which I felt bad about because we were there almost two hours.

Liz stayed back in the house and made us yummy appetizers while we got the tour with her husband David.  You could tell that they really loved what they did.

It is so much work.  They package their own bottles, put the stickers on them and only 5 people are working on the vineyards during the year and they are obviously working their butts off because everything was very clean and organized.

David let us have a taste straight from the barrel.  He used a wine thief and that was pretty cool.  It was kind of like a turkey baster. winethiefshadowimage

We even got to meet their cat and dog.  SO cute!

I bought some wine at the end of the tour and it is called "Girls R Meaner" and it is the best white wine I have seriously ever tasted.  My friend can even drink it and she's allergic to everything :(  We are going to both drink it this Friday and we will take some pictures and post them.

Overall the experience was great.  If you want an intimate setting and some good fun and great tasting wine then visit Lotus Land Vineyards in Abbotsford British Columbia.

I didn't know much about wine making before and now I do so thank you so much Liz and David for the wonderful night.


If you go .. tell them Leslie Star sent you.. :)


Lotus Land

This is the pic from our night.  We had so much fun!!!

What Happened 2 Me Moments B4 Britney Spears Concert

What Leslie Star Did Moments Before Britney Came On Stage!

I was at the Britney Spears concert yesterday that was in Vancouver... What The F*ck?

What a waste of money.. However I love my shirt that I bought.. Although I am sad that I spent $35.00 on it after everything that happened, but I have always been a Britney Fan.

I'm not gonna lie.. I am excited that I was there to witness such a disastrous performance and I was some how involved with her daily drama but other than that the concert sucked.

I was looking sooooo forward to Britney and seeing all her costumes but she didn't even wear anything outstanding which was kind of upsetting.

There is a huge rumor going around Vancouver that apparently Britney tore her panty hose in between sets and they had to calm her down because she is such a diva for 30 minutes and it really had nothing to do with it being smokey in there..  I didn't even smell smoke at all when I was in there except for the stupid chick in front of us that decided it was the perfect time to light up.  Damn her..

Oh Britney.. What a mess!

She did look fabulous though.

I just wanted to share with you all on what I was doing moments after the Pussy Cats were over and Britney started.  I was so excited..

Little did I know what I would be in for. :)

Vancouver is not happy with you Britney..

Britney's Circus Tour in Vancouver Review

Britney Spears Circus Tour In Vancouver Review

I just now got home from the Britney Spears concert tour in Vancouver, British Columbia.  Let me tell you... Drama, Drama, Drama...

The Pussycat Dolls opened for Britney and they were ok.  Nothing special..

I don't know why the rest of the dolls even had a microphone because only Nicole sang.

They all looked good with my binoculars but they didn't really get the crowd pumped or anything.

On to the Britney part.. She only sang three songs and then the stage went black and Brit Brit made someone make an announcement over the PA saying that it was too smokey and that it was unsafe for Britney and they would not continue the concert if people didn't quit smoking.

This one woman in front of me kept smoking and I told her if she didn't put it out that I would personally kick her ass.. She got upset and said that she wanted to fight and I told her that she would have to take on the whole auditorium and then she put it out... My cousin spotted the lit cigarette and my boyfriend and everyone else backed me up.  GO Team GO!!

Then Britney proceeded to make the whole GM PLACE wait for 30 minutes until the smoke cleared.  When she came back everyone was so mad and didn't seem as pumped up anymore because we all had to wait so long.


I found the concert kind of boring.

I didn't go to see other performers dance... I went there to see Britney and actually hear her sing.. WHICH SHE NEVER DID!!! LIP SYNCHER!!!

She only pretty much sang her new songs and I wasn't that blown away by her performance.  I think that Lady Gaga is a way better performer and I would pay to go see her again.  Perez was right when he made her the new "Princess of Pop" cause Britney is losing it for sure.  I never thought I could be mad at Brit Brit but her Vancouver concert tonight kind of blew.

I also saw Britney's new boyfriend, Chase Benz her 21-year-old back up dancer.  He looked pretty hot through my binoculars.  They didn't seem to flirt or anything during the concert.  That would have been awesome if she would have told everyone that they were going out.

Overall.... BRITNEY wasn't the best in her concert and it was kind of a let down.  She looked really pretty though.

At the end of her concert she screamed 0ut "Drive Safe, Don't smoke weed, Rock out with your cocks out, mother truckers"

She even put on that they had to stop the concert because of the stage guys above were having ventilation issues.

Whatever.. She smokes.. WTF?  Like she has never smoked weed either.. GIMME A BREAK!

Here's the video.. Hope you enjoy!!!

Brooke Hogan's New Song - Falling

Falling - By Brooke Hogan

Brooke Hogan

I have always loved Brooke Hogan and I always wanted her to catch a break and actually have a good song.  She really does have a great voice without all the background vocals.

I think she didn't make it very big initially because of what her brother Nick did in regards to that terrible crash and her parents going through their divorce so publicly.

She has a new song and it reminds me of kind of a Old School Janet Jackson song or a Tatyana Ali song.   

It is has a chill vibe and it reminds of the summer and you would just kick back and work on your tan.

What do you think?  It's called "Fallen" by Brooke Hogan.

Let's just thank our lucky stars that she got off that pole..

Pavel Bure Returns To The Canucks

Pavel Bure Is Back In Vancouver Bitches!!!!

Pavel Bure

Pavel Bure is one of the best hockey players in world. 

He is known for his speed, that's why they call him the "Russian Rocket" and also for his excellent accuracy with his goals.

The Vancouver Canucks have been given the gift of Pavel Bure returning to their team.    That's right.. They have settled on a contract and Pavel Bure will be hitting the ice in Vancouver before we know it.

He has been retired since an injury to his right knee in March 2003.  He has made many unsuccessful attempts to return to the NHL before but this time it is for sure. 

He was 34 years old when he retired from the NHL for the first time and now he's 38 and stronger than ever. 


He once said.. "When I played I only strived to be the best," so let's just hope he does just that.

What do you all think about Pavel Bure returning to the Canucks? 

Do you think it will help them win more games or hinder them?

Let me know!

Pavel Bure's Jersey

UPDATE: DAMN IT!!! According to Wikipedia:
  • "April 1, 2009 - Announced by Vancouver Radio Station Team 1040 as returning from retirement to play for the Vancouver Canucks for the remainder of the current season and playoffs. The radio station later revealed the announcement, which was believed genuine by many Vancouver Canucks fans, was part of an April Fools Day hoax."

  • They sure fooled me..