U want 2 smell like Christina Aguilera?

Christina Aguilera's new perfume

Christina Aguilera, 26 has come out with her second perfume.  It is called, "Inspire."  I haven't smelt either of her perfumes before.  Her first one is called "Christina Aguilera" and it does have a pretty bottle. 

This time around Christina made the bottle pink and the fragrence  all about self confidence and sticking up for what you believe in and yada yada yada. 

I mean it's good for little girls to look up to Christina and be confident but she makes the ad a little chessy to say the least.

First of all it is so photo shopped and it barely looks like her.  She is not that skinny and it looks like she is made out of plastic.

This is what it says on the ad..

"Christina Aguilera INSPIRE brings a little of her self-assured confidence and sexiness to every woman’s life.  The fragrance will remind you not to drift along with the crowd, but will inspire you to stand up for what you believe in and strive for your dreams.  The fragrance celebrates being a woman, full of feminity and fun.  Be inspired, be sexy and be exactly what you want to be."

I am glad that she did do a perfume to "Inspire" girls to keep their head up high and achieve their goal and all that but it doesn't inspire girls when she appears to be less than a size zero with no imperfections.  It should have just been her on a stool or something with little to no makeup on in just jeans.

Christina already feels to me as if she thinks she is the greatest and it would have been nice to see her just relaxed with the bottle in her hands or something.

What do you think?

 Here is also an add of her last perfume "Christina Aguilera"


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