American Idol - 4 Judges now

And Then There Were Four

American Idol's ratings have gone down the gutter this season.  I personally think it's because of the judges saying the same thing over and over.

Randy saying "Dogg" and all the time is really annoying and the talent hasn't been that great this season or the past couple of seasons for that matter. 

They need some drama too!

Everyone this year was pretty cookie cutter. I want to see fights back stage and such.  I want to see them struggle to make it to the top.

But now they have brought in Kara Dioguardi, a grammy award winning songwriter.  I think that they want to have more "girl power" and maybe Kara can interpret what Paula is trying to say most of the time. 

Kara has wrote songs for Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani, Celine Dion and Pink.  I hope she actually says what she is thinking like Simon does cause this sugar coating it isn't very interesting.

Be mean damn it.. Nice people finish last :)


  1. Good advice, i'm tired of being nice :o

  2. very funny robert. im sure that leslie didnt think so tho.

  3. The problem is that Simon made American Idol. If it weren’t for Simon the show would have flopped in the first season. Now that we've seen him for years and years we've developed a certain expectation. They need to spice it up like Leslie said. I would suggest allowing the judges to curse and boo the idols. Perhaps throw in the Americas got talent "X" button. Some good ol'fashion nudity never hurt ratings either.

  4. I think that nudity would definatly help. I dont really want to see certain people naked but I guess it would help the ratings. I want to see cat fights. Now that would be great!!!
    Very funny Laura.. hahaha