Paris Hilton fights back

Paris Hilton for President

Paris Hilton is known for being a dumb blonde but I know differently.  Anyone that can promote herself like she does must not be dumb. 

She wears herself on her clothing people.. That's great advertising skills or she just loves herself that much..

Well that too I guess..

McCain in his running for president and made an ad that had Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in it and compared them to Barack Obama..

Which I think is so weird..

Obviously they are nothing like Obama since he probably wears underwear..

McCain used these celebrities in his commercial without them knowing it, so Paris Hilton is fighting back with her interpretation of the video. 

It starts off with her comparing McCain to "Tales from the Crypt" and "The Golden Girls" which kind of made me angry because Estelle Getty died on July 22nd. 

So that wasn't very nice..

Then she called him "wrinkly".. which is true.. 

She also says that she wants to run for president (jokingly of course) and talks about how she has a better energy plan than Obama or McCain.

Ok Paris..

We know you think you're hot and you claim to be so energy efficient but I don't actually see that be the truth.  You still drive around in your big SUV's.

Does anyone else believe what Paris has to say? 

What were your thoughts on the video?  I thought it was funny.  Good for you Paris for fighting back.. :)

Please CLICK HERE to view it as I cannot view it on

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