Lisa Marie Presley is having twins

Twins again.. What the hell??

Lisa Marie is having twins and is due at the end of August.  She has been married 4 times.  Her first marriage was to Danny Keough and she had two children with him.. Riley and Benjamin. 

Her second marriage was to MICHAEL JACKSON and that only lasted 18 months.  Thank god!!!!!! ( What the hell was she thinking????? )

She then married Nicolas Cage and that lasted a few months.  She is presently married to Michael Lockwood and they have been married since 2006.

Elvis Presley was also a twin but his twin died at birth.  That must be so neat for Lisa that she is having twins too.

Lisa Marie was made fun of for quite some time by different gossip blogs for her expanding waste size while she first found out she was pregnant.  They compared her to her father and him getting bigger and bigger each year because of his pill popping.  Lisa was of course very angry and posted this on her Myspace page...
"Ladies, you KNOW if you were pregnant and you felt you were expanding uncontrollably by the moment... you would be mortified as well."


Good luck Lisa and Michael!!!

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