New Song by Rihanna and "The Dream"

Rihanna's new song - "Live your life"

I just listened to this song for the first time on and my first impression was that I totally loved it!!!  The beginning is my favorite as strange as that sounds.

It is exactly what I wanted to hear as her new song.  She sings it with T.I. and it is called "Live your Life."

I really like T.I. too.  I love how he's so ruff and he thinks hes so gangsta.  Confidence is so hot!

This is not the official video obviously which would have made it better but it's all I got folks. This song was originally sang by "O-Zone" and was named "Numa Numa" in 2004.  They even made a "South Park" episode about it.

The original song will be put underneath's Rihanna's version and tell me which one you like the best.

This song is a bit repetitive but what song isn't these days?

It seems like this song is a song about striving for your dreams and just live you life and succeed.

Hell yes!  Love this song!

What do you think?  She's such the "IT" girl.

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