Carrie Underwood's new video

Carrie Underwood - Just A Dream

How much do you guys love Carrie Underwood?

I completely love her.. I think she is so beautiful and her voice is so angelic as well. This is her new video "Just A Dream" and it's about her getting married to a soldier and he dies later in the war and doesn't get to come home and get married to her.

She also goes to his funeral in a super posh black outfit that she looks gorgeous in.

Carrie Underwood stays out of the spot light and she never involves herself in a lot of drama and I just adore her..

Hope you like her video.. It made me cry.. I'm such a wuss..

Update:  This video is not working please CLICK HERE if you would like to see it..

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  1. Hey sunshine - video is bunk, which is a shame because it is a tear jerker...