New T.I. Song kicks ass

T.I.'s new video - Whatever You Like

I really like this video.   I like the concept of this girl who is working at a fast food joint and famous T.I. comes in and tells her that shes pretty and he gives her his number and the song is about him telling her you can have whatever you like cause hes rich.

I really like this song and the video and its so cute.  All girls wish that they would be just working and this fine rich guy would come and tell them that they never have to work again cause he would take care of her forever.

Ahhh.. that would be so nice!


1 comment:

  1. Yes but just remember, the whole thing was just a dream. If it did happen, the first time they got in a fight he would tell her to go back to where she came from and have his driver drop her at the cloest trailer park. As long as were dreaming though I would have no problem with Jessica Alba throwing me a $100 bill. Yes indeed!