Ellen and Portia got married

Ellen finally ties the knot

Ellen Degeneres, 50,  and Portia De Rossi, 35, exchanged handwritten wedding vows on Saturday in their 33.5 million dollar home in Beverly Hills.  19 guests were there not including their two dogs. 

They have been dating each other since 2004 when Portia still worked on the series "Arrested Development."

Ellen wore a beautiful white suit with a pale pink-stripped shirt and Portia wore a pale pink gown.  Zac Posen designed both of their outfits.  Neil Lane designed their rings and Portia's engagement ring is a 3-carat diamond.

Holy crap!!  If I got that big of ring from Ellen I would marry her too.

Congrats to the new wonderful couple!!!



  1. I love seeing 2 girls kiss, but this is kind of gross. :(

  2. I think they are so cute together. They make a great couple!

  3. Ellen is nasty.. funny tv show. I think I would woof my cookies if I woke up next to her in the morning.

  4. Ellen is not nasty. I love her. And what type of cookies would you be woofing?

  5. Ellen is not nasty?! Your saying shes good looking? I think shes a funny woman and has a good show. However she is by no means a above-average looking woman.

    And the cookies would be macadamia nut.. the ones starbucks sells.

  6. I like the macadamia nut ones that subway sells. Now those puppies are amazing. I only like the ginger cookies from startbucks. Now those are good.. and yes I think that Ellen is pretty.. Damn it.. now leave her alone.. Heheheh