How was my weekend you ask?

The Weekend Of Love

I had such a blast this weekend. I went to my best friend's wedding on Saturday. I have never been to a wedding that was more fun than this one. I haven't been to a lot of weddings mind you but this one topped them all. I must have cried over 20 times during the day.

Her colors were turquoise and silver and our dresses all looked awesome.

They played the best music to dance too and the location of the wedding and the reception was just beautiful.

Her gift opening was on Sunday at her parent's house and we watched the video tape of the wedding because her grandpa recorded it and I thought I was going to start crying all over again. :)

I have been busy and not updating lately because now I am planning another stagette for my other best friend. So far I have planned a lot and I just started on Friday. It is this Friday and her shower is on Saturday.

I can't tell you however what we are doing because I know that she checks this site and it will give it away. I will let you know how it goes afterwards too. Along with pictures as well.

I hope that all of you are doing great and aren't too mad at me for not updating very much.

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  1. Who's that pretty blond girl in the blue dress? She's absolutely gorgeous.